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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Increasingly Violent Protesting

People, all over the world, are turning violent against their governments.  It is kind of amazing to see.  In the past, these types of violent demonstrations tended to be localized - limited to a single country or state.

Now, it seems, everyone is getting into the act.

As I noted in Civil Unrest, people all over the world are not pleased, to say the least.  The "gravy train" has pulled out of the station - big social programs - and the recipients of those programs are showing their displeasure.

We've seen it here in America with our Day Of Action riots.  Europe has been having these riots since 2005!  The European press understands the cause-and-effects going on here and how these government "band aids" won't fix these problems:
It won't stop Greeks from rioting, however. Just as in the UK, US and everywhere else, ordinary workers can't see why they have to swallow pay cuts, tax rises and cuts in services as a result of incompetent politicians and mendacious bankers.
What has been somewhat alarming, though, is that the demonstrations have begun to morph from large groups demonstrating in unison, to individuals targeting specific government departments or officials.  Here are just a few of them:
March 2010 Man Opens fire on Pentagon
February 2010 Plane flown into IRS building
January 2010 Man opens fire on Federal building in Las Vegas
January 2010  Ohio police officer ambushed
December 2009 Pope attacked on Christmas Eve
December 2009 Two Washington State officers ambushed
December 2009 Italian Prime Minister Assaulted
November 2009 Four police officers killed at Washington State diner
October 2009 Two Police officers in Seattle shot in their car
May 2009 LA City council Attack
And these don't include the Islamic terrorist attacks at the recruiting depot in Arkansas, the mass murder at Fort Hood, and the Panty Bomber from Nigeria. These types of things used to happen very rarely.  Now, it's (almost, but not quite) becoming commonplace.  I would not want to be a government official right now. 

Another thing to consider is that the large-scale demonstrations tend to be more frequent and boisterous in the summer.  If you think about the things our government has told us they will be doing in the very near term - raising interest rates, for one - and combine that with things they most certainly will have to continue - cut more services, especially at the state level - it could be a very violent summer.

Accept The Challenge

Expect trouble.  If nothing violent happens, you're no worse off.  If you go in without a plan, you could be in some serious trouble.

I will be attending as many "Tea Party" events as I possibly can this year.  I will not allow these violent protesters take away my right to speak my mind.

I also hope to attend some Open Carry protests in my area.  Again, simply because the exercise of my Constitutional rights might make someone "uneasy" is not a valid reason for me to give them up.  I simply won't do that.

Still, I won't be foolish.  At every event I attend, I will pre-plan at least two, but more likely three escape routes.  I will make sure that the number of people that are behind me and at my sides is as limited as possible - I won't be front row, center, at the rallies!

At the Tea Party rallies, I will have multiple pepper spray canisters with me.  This is the best I can legally do in this state - at this time.

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Marine 83 said...

One observation and one prediction.
Observation, in the western world almost all of the civil disturbance/riots are at the behest of the communists. Predicition, if the Tea Parties continue with the same gusto as last summer you will begin to see violence directed at them from the communists (or democrats if you prefer).

Chief Instructor said...

Marine, I don't know if you've heard about them yet, but there is a liberal "reply" to the Tea Parties - Coffee Parties.

Without exception, every article I've read about them has been glowing and positive, and they always manage to take a jab at the Tea Parties.

I think you're very right. I agree that the tea parties are going to be attacked - probably by thugs in purple tee shirts. If they try to push the tea partiers, they're going to get pushed back.

The ones I attended last year were attended by individuals and families that will not be silenced by thugs.

GunRights4US said...

I know this much! Any demonstration that I attend, I will be prepared to defend myself. And generally being one of the "good guys" all my life, I will also defend anyone around me who appears unable to defend themselves. And lastly, being absolutely hardhearted towards my enemies, I'm prepared to stand over their corpses and eat a sandwich with a clear conscience.

PS: Ya got some broken links there Chief.

Chief Instructor said...

Guns, yep, many of us will "push back" if others try to silence us. I truly believe there are going to be provocateurs this coming summer to give the press the chance to say, "See?! Those Tea Partiers are nothing but a bunch of violent bigots!"

They found that the empty claims of "racist" and "haters" were ineffective last year, so they'll need to up the ante.

Thanks about the heads-up on the links. They've been fixed.