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Monday, March 8, 2010

Useful Links

I've been doing a ton of research on a number of topics, and I thought I'd share some of the sources with you.  I've got posts in the pipeline for most of these, but if you want to dig a bit deeper, jump right in!

Home Distillation

Home Distiller - go to the forums in particular.  There is information on virtually every topic associated with home distillation (which is illegal in the US without a permit from the government).  From malting your own grains to building stills.  Great stuff.

DIY Solar

The great Instructables site has an entire section on DIY solar, from whole-house systems to small portable units.  They also have quite a few entries for building systems to track the movement of the sun to optimize the performance of the system.

Small Shelters

I've noted that I'm looking for a large piece of property to move to.  It will most likely be an unimproved piece of land that will be upgraded slowly (like on weekends).  While we're doing the preparation and building, living in a tent will get very old, very quickly!

This is a very cool Plainsman Cabin that supposedly can be built in a day.  It looks to be well within my skill-set.  Here's another inexpensive log cabin.

What is nice about these types of structures is that after we've got our main building finished, these can act as over-flow housing for family and friends that come to visit.

Homemade Butter

I've been working on a post on storing long-term fats.  I stumbled on this, and have got to give it a try.  Who knew it was so easy to make your own butter.... well, at least it reads like it's easy!


This is actually a link to a page full of links, but it has some very good stuff.  From caching guns and money, to safe rooms, and "hiding in plain site" ideas.

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