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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Leaches and The Band of Thieves

Holy crap, folks, it's been a while.  I have had so much I've wanted to write about, but life and business keep getting into the way!

So, today, I got my now-annual email from the CPA that does the books for my precious metals store.  Was it full of, "Way to go" or "Fix this now" or "You're right on track" missives for the business?


It was yet another email telling me I've got to, "pay my fair share" of the outstanding debt the asswipes in Sacramento encumbered the state.

Back when the economy crashed in 2008, California decided it was a good idea to extend the unemployment insurance payments.  Normally, you get 26 weeks of payments.  The spendthrifts in Sacramento decided to extend that to 99 week.  Yeah, roughly 2 years of unemployment payments.

Just one little problem:  They didn't have the cash.  No problem!  They just borrowed it from the federal government.  All they had to do was pay it back in a couple of years out of the General Fund, and it's all good!

I know this will shock you to your core, but Sacramento didn't pay its bill.  When Cali decided not to pay it, the burden fell to business owners.  Shocking, right?

Last year, I had to pay an extra lump sum $126 per employee.  This year, it's $145 each.  Merry Christmas to one and all!

There's still an outstanding balance of over $600,000,000 (that's six-hundred-million dollars, boys and girls).   I'm guessing I'll be getting another similar email around Christmas next year, too.

And Sacramento wonders why businesses are fleeing the state....

My perspective on taxes is quite straight-forward.  And shockingly, it follows the Constitution:

State and local government is responsible for the following:  The legal system, Infrastructure, and public safety  In all of these areas, every single citizen must have equal access to those services.

Legal:  To establish and enforce laws,  to settle disputes between citizens via the courts, and to pass sentencing for criminals.

Infrastructure:  Roads, bridges, water systems, parks, schools, etc. - whatever the state or local citizens want that's not empowered to the Feds.

Public Safety:  Police, fire, medics.  Could also include restaurant inspections (a obscene waste of public monies), business licensing (another huge waste) or anything the state and local citizens say they want.

For the federal government, you get those three things (the military and Naturalization - border control - being added to the Public Safety category), plus they get to ensure the safety of our money (HA HA HA HA HA!) and our foreign policy.  Importantly, the Tenth Amendment is adhered to strongly - if a power wasn't specifically granted to the feds, it's a state power.

It's all pretty clearly laid out in Article 1, sections 8, 9 and 10 of the Constitution.  Go look for yourself.  As unbelievable as it sounds to many Americans, I'm not making this shit up.  Really.

At all levels of government, nothing else.  Especially charity.  Charity is an individual decision.  It is theft to force me to pay to enrich someone else.  Period.

an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.
synonyms:nonprofit organization, voluntary organization, charitable institution; More
the voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need.
synonyms:financial assistance, aidwelfarerelief, financial relief; More

Charity at the various government levels is called welfare, public assistance, a hand up, subsidized housing, blah, blah, blah.  The common thread is that money is taken by force from the many, and given to the few.  The concept of equal access is a foreign one with these charity programs.

Why in the hell am I being forced to pay for someone else's life decisions?  If you got pregnant at age 14, why should I pay for the food and housing for you and your child?  If you decided to not pay attention in school and you end up a functional illiterate, why should I pay to give you training when you get older?  Here's a good one:  If you have a multiple birth (triplets, etc.) or give birth to a child with metal or physical problems, why should I pay for their treatment and care?

Just asking these questions gets you labeled as a hater, a bigot and a soul-less monster.  Think of the children!

I call Bullshit!

In every single issue listed above, and any other government hand-out program, there is a private sector solution.  Without exception.  All funded by private money.

It may not be as generous (with our money) as the recipient would like, but they are almost always more effective.  Why?  They can discriminate.  For instance, if you're in a government-funded drug re-hab program, you can go for as long as you want.  In free private programs, you can go for as long as THEY want.  Fall off the wagon, and you're out of luck.

It's called an incentive to perform.  You want free, you're going to have to work for it.

Look at our WIC and similar food programs.  The more kids you spit out, the more money you get.  You have no incentive to act responsibly.  In fact, you're encouraged to do just the opposite.

Historically, you were responsible for your lot in life.  You could change it if you so desired.  Sometimes you were dealt a shitty hand.  You made the best of it as you could.  Sometimes you succeeded, sometimes you failed.

But you and those around you learned from the experience. 

You saw that there were bad consequences for abusing drugs or alcohol.  You ended up dead or broke if you made the wrong choices. 

You didn't have kids until you could feed, clothe and house them.

You knew that you needed skills or knowledge to get and keep jobs that paid your bills.

The concept of, "living within your means" is a foreign one to so many Americans.  With all of our government, "safety nets" why should you act personally responsible?

Now, get pregnant by choice out of wedlock, you get free food and housing, and an Obama phone to chat up your homies.

Now, spend all of your money on vacations and toys, then claim poverty and get a check and free medical for life.

Now, have the education and skills to flip burgers, and you earn $30,000 a year full time.

There's no accountability for past choices.  Just checks, and food, and housing, and medical.  All the things my stupid ass works for every day.

The question is, "How do we incent government to shrink itself to Constitutionally limited size?"  It's impossible.  Don't be so naive as to say, "Vote the bums out!"  Been there, done that, no change.

Like any other entity, government's primary urge is to grow.  Unlike private entities, government has no requirement of efficiency.

I know that I'm tilting at windmills here.  It will never change until it collapses.  Instead of planning for ways to increase my cash flow during retirement, I focus on acquiring assets that can't be counted against the "means test" I'm going to be faced with when I decide to draw on Social Security - another "forced purchase" foisted upon us by government.

I didn't agree to be bound by the ever-changing Social Security rules, yet bound I am.  Who would ever agree to make payments into a system where once you start receiving the benefits, you are limited to how much additional income you can earn outside of the payments?  And one where, when you die, your heirs don't get to receive the remaining funds you were forced to "contribute"?

It's for the greater good! they cry.  Bite me.  I don't exist for the greater good.  I exist for me and my family.  I work for me and my family.

Fuck the Greater Good.  They're a bunch of leaches, led by a band of thieves.

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