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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dear Student Protesters

You're being played for fools.

Let me explain.  Back in the day - when I was your age, say the late 1970's - when we went to school, part of the learning experience was something called, "critical thinking".  Based upon what I see, hear and read, that's no longer a part of the Educational Experience.

What's "critical thinking"?  It's being taught, trained and encouraged to question and evaluate everything.  More specifically, it is about identifying a problem, taking a set of facts or circumstances, evaluating that data, and coming up with an opinion or solution that will solve whatever problem you're tackling at the moment.

Critical Thinking uses logic and reason, and leaves emotion out of the solution.  Propaganda - a political tool - on the other hand, uses emotion at its core.

Before I get into the Critical Thinking area, I want to delve into the core of the propaganda campaign that's been in place for decades, but has gone into overdrive since the election of Trump.

Public teachers, the media and Democrat politician - all with socialist political agendas (as opposed to wanting to actually slow or halt school shootings) have propagandized your brains that, Guns Are Evil.

Why would they say this about an inanimate object?  Take a loaded gun, place it on a table, and see how no one gets hurt until someone pulls the trigger.  This isn't about about gun control, it's about control, period.

You're being trained to never question authority.  That starts with being trained to take what your teacher says as gospel.  If a teacher tells you something, just do it, don't question it.

Seriously, when have you ever been told to question anything one of your teachers has told you?  When I was your age, we had entire classes devoted solely to questioning what was being said, and this wasn't even the debate club!

Here's a question:  If a teacher stated in class that "guns kill" and they should all be banned because nothing good ever comes from guns - and you then challenged that statement - what would happen?

Here's a student who did an anti-gun control video for a class project.  The police were called, he was suspended, and was required to undergo a 5 hour psych evaluation before he could return to school.

All for producing A VIDEO that espoused beliefs contrary to the teacher and school.  That's scary as hell.

And it's not just students.  Here's a teacher who questioned the students whether they thought the administrators would be as supportive of students leaving the school to protest at a conservative anti-abortion rally as they were of the liberal anti-gun rally.

She was put on leave for simply asking her students the question.

It is so much mindless drivel, it has me worried about your generation.  This weekend, I watched some interviews of some students at one of the marches.  A number of them were asked, "What is an assault rifle"?  Despite carrying signs saying they needed to be banned, the students couldn't answer the question.  How is that possible?

That's propaganda at work.  Stir the masses towards the desired ideology, and denigrate, humiliate AND PUNISH those that dare not join in the group-think.

Propaganda removes the "reality" component, and only presents the Nirvana argument.  "Imagine a world without guns.  No student deaths!" 

As you'll see below, the number of guns per capita has little to do with the number of murders committed.


Alright, let's get to the crux of your protests:  Keeping you from getting killed while you're in school.  An outstanding goal, and something I think everyone in America can agree with.

Your teachers, school administrators, and their funding sources are using emotion - propaganda, not logic and reason - to persuade your actions.  They're telling you, "KIDS DIED BY GUNS, SO IF WE BAN GUNS, NO MORE KIDS WILL DIE!!!", or some similar, simplistic solution.

And you're falling for it.

Let's introduce some facts into the discussion - some facts I'm guessing you're never allowed to hear in school.

Fact:  All public K-12 schools in America are Gun Free Zones.  98% of mass shootings have happened in Gun Free Zones (either by law, such as at schools and libraries, or by the choice of the property owner, such as at movie theaters and churches).

Why?  As stated earlier, it's about control.  They emotionally say, "we don't want guns around kids" - an idea easily sold - without thinking about the unintended consequences.  The laws control the law-abiding masses, but they can't control the threat - those criminals who don't obey the laws and bring guns - and use them for murder - on unprotected campus'.

Have you noticed that none of these mass shootings happen at police stations?  Why do you think that is?  I'll tell you why: they know they will have resistance to their attack - via the guns most of the people in the station are carrying - and they will end up dead before they can complete their twisted mission.

Fact:  Go to any Department of Education in any local school district,  state or federal government facility, and they have limited access points and armed guards.

Why?  Because they believe they are better than you, and deserve safety.  Through their actions, they are saying the lives of the administrators are more important than the lives of the children they're supposed to be protecting.  The elite - the bosses - are more important to The Greater Good than the Little People - in this case, that would be you.  If this weren't true then on the same date the DOE buildings got access points and guards, the schools would have gotten them, too.  Read Animal Farm by George Orwell for further clarification.  You'll see how in socialist ideology, "Some animals are more equal than others."

Fact:  Every mass shooting has been ended by someone using a gun.  Either the criminal took their own life, the police used guns to apprehend or kill the criminal, or they were stopped by a private citizen with a gun.

Why?  Because force can only be defeated with force.  I know, it goes against the Nirvana Ideology you've been fed, but this is the real world.  These criminals aren't there to be reasoned with or talked out of their deeds.  They have a twisted mission to take out as many people as they are able, and maybe, just maybe get out of there alive.  But only after the bodies have been stacked like cord wood in the hallways.

Fact:  No law has ever stopped a crime from being committed, be it a gun law, an immigration law, a murder law, a theft law or a drug law.  Laws codify what society deems to be unacceptable behavior, then prescribes the punishment for breaking the law.

Why?  Laws are words on a piece of paper.  Criminals disregard those words and act as they see fit, even when they know the punishment if caught.
To summarize this collection of facts:  By law, no guns are allowed on school campus' or other Gun Free Zones, yet nearly all mass shootings happen on these properties.  The laws written on paper have offered the people on these properties no protection from the people who have chosen to break the law.  These criminals with guns are only stopped by other people with guns, and the people responsible for the safety of these properties work in buildings where they themselves are protected by other people with guns.
Now, you can disagree with my opinions stated earlier, but you cannot refute these facts.

One of the suggestions from your propagandist administrators and teachers is that we model the gun laws in Australia.  Here are some facts - and citations for you to verify - regarding the US, El Salvador (highest murder rate in the world) and your supposed savior, Australia.

The population figures are all around 2015 or 2016, with the murder rate from Wikipedia done for 2015.  These were the closest dates I could find, and if you do the math, the difference in murder rate is little more than a rounding error.

At first glance, you might say, "Well damn!  See, the Australian model works!  The US is nearly 5 times higher.  Ban the guns, let's save some lives!"

OK, now here's the big kick in the nut sack.

Personally, I don't care how someone tries to kill me - I'm just as dead whether I'm killed by a baseball bat, someone placing a bomb on my front doorstep, poison, strangulation or a gun.  I'm guessing you're the same.

The propaganda you've been fed basically says that if we get rid of all guns, murders will cease to exist, or they'll go way, way down.

Since guns are the topic at hand, let's assume that every one of those murders listed above was committed by some sort of gun.  We know that not to be true, but let's make that assumption for what follows.


Population:  Herehere and here
Total murders and murder rates:  Here
Guns per 100 citizens:  Here

You'll note that most of these citations are Wikipedia - no friend of guns.

Well, well, well, old "gun free" Australia actually has a buttload of guns, and ....... WTF?!  If you compare the number of murders with the number of guns ('cause all murders are committed by guns, remember), well, HOLY SHIT!, it actually has a murder rate over 1 and a half times that of the good ol' USA!

But wait, it doesn't have more murders.  I don't understand.  I thought more guns = more murders.  If we then compare the Aussies to El Salvador, which has 56% fewer guns per capita, but hundreds of times more murders, you've got a migraine the size of  Michael Moore's fat ass.

If you're being honest and unemotional, you can only come to one conclusion:
It's not the guns, it's the people using them.
And you now have the facts to prove it.

Well that's just great.  We know it's not the gun itself that's causing the problem, but what do we do NOW to stop these killings at Gun Free Zones?

I gave the detailed answer the day of the Florida school shooting.  I'll recap it again:

Short-term (like right-damned-now) we harden the schools to limit access and provide armed security at those access points - just like is done for the elites - the school administrators and all of the politicians writing the laws.

I personally think it's a great idea to give teachers who have received their Concealed Carry Permits the authority to carry on campus.  Same with other citizens with Permits - have them work the access points.  They're all carrying a gun everywhere else they're going, why would we limit them when they're on campus where they're needed the most?

I'll leave the details and preferences for you to voice to your teachers and administrators.  Whether it's  citizens and teachers, or adding more police officers or hired security, I really don't care.  But I think using citizens will help add a sense of community to the endeavor.

The long-term fix is more difficult.  Way more difficult and will likely never happen.

We need to allow kids to fix their own problems, and return our reward system to only recognize actual achievement, not just participation.  In fact, we must encourage them to do so from their earliest years.  We've got you kids and young adults trained to turn to a teacher, administrator, parent or counselor to fix their problems.  And whatever you do, you get a star, and certificate or a trophy, even when you didn't work to get it.

Someone says something mean and is being a bully - tell a teacher.
Play a sport or instrument, or participate in an activity - get an award regardless of your contribution.

Real life doesn't work that way.

The result is kids growing up not knowing how to deal with shitty situations.  If they ask for help and don't get it, their only route to satisfaction is to have a temper tantrum.  That tantrum may range from needing a "safe space" to shooting up a school.

Success in life is dependent upon your ability to make difficult decisions.  Throughout your youth, you're never given the opportunity to deal with adversity and failure.  Someone else always figures it out for you.  There's always a safety net to catch your ass.

Real life doesn't give a damn how delicate you may be.  Solve problems, carry your own weight, produce value or get out of the way.

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

#NeverAgain - The Practical And Non-Emotional Version

For your Oscar Party chit-chat between commercials.....  Originally posted at the BoomerPreps Facebook page:

The rich, pompous, protected-by-armed-guards Hollywood elites will flap their gums in mock righteous indignation at tonight's award ceremony (which I hope none of you are watching). Their rally cry will be #NeverAgain. Well, I've got some #NeverAgain items to add to your list that will actually stop or minimize the slaughter of our school children.

#NeverAgain will we be lulled into a feel-good false sense of security by putting up "Gun Free Zone" signs in an attempt to stop homicidal maniacs.

#NeverAgain will we put our trust in any bureaucracy to keep us safe. Background checks, visits by the police and tips to federal authorities all get overlooked, time and again. Our safety is our personal responsibility.

#NeverAgain will we make it legal for teachers, administrators or other school employees who have been properly trained and vetted, to be disarmed in the place where we most need them armed.

#NeverAgain will we allow the actions of a homicidal maniac to influence and restrict the access to firearms owned and used safely by millions and millions of law-abiding Americans.

#NeverAgain will we stand silent when the ACTIONS of an individual are ignored, and the blame is placed on the inanimate object he used for mass murder.

#NeverAgain will we allow Political Correctness and Social Engineering of school districts to prevent the arrest, suspension or expulsion of dangerous students from our schools. Your actions have consequences in the real world. Teach them that lesson while they're still young.

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