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Friday, February 26, 2016

Gimme A Cup Of Coco

A friend of mine and one of my brothers recently separately gave me a ration of shit for the light posting of articles and opinion on this-here site.  Yeah, guilty.

Well, I've been busy, and to be honest, wholly unmotivated.  Not that I don't think the shit is getting very close to the fan, but because I just don't think anyone that hasn't already started with personal preparations really cares.

In short, I'm tired of singing to the choir.  I have no time for the people suddenly coming to the realization that they just might be getting lied to by most of the media and every flavor of government.

Quite honestly, if it took you this long to realize you were drinking the kool-aid being provided by the powers that be, you're too stupid to be in my life.  I've got a nice network of friends that share information and opinion between ourselves, and we discuss trends and outcomes.  I don't have time to wet nurse the late-comers.

You poor bastards have a lot of catching-up to do.  Maybe you'll make it, maybe you won't.  Not my problem.

Just a couple of examples of what I'm talking about:

I just got this email from Casey Research:  This is the only way to buy gold without the government tracking you.

Wow, who'd a-thunk it?  Just some cranky old bastard who has the gall to charge a whole $1.99 to tell you how to do it.

Or you can click the Emergency Preps - Financial link and you'll find almost 200 articles, many of which tell you how to do just that, you'll just have to put a bit of effort into it.

Oh, they go back to 2010.  What have you been waiting for?  Obama's "Hope and Change" unicorn to start shitting gold coins?

And you'll find a shitload of articles on the "suddenly" hot topic of a cashless society - also going back to 2010 - with that same link.  Cashless?  Taxes?  Control of resources?  Self-determination?

Huh?  I don't get it?  You'll get it soon enough, cupcake.  Soon enough.

I know that sucks - you having to actually exert some effort.  Just go to your "safe space", put on your Doctor Dentons jumper with the slipper feet and maybe mom will make you a nice cup of coco.

OK, one piece of news.... that's not news at all:  We're broke!  The reported magnitude is incomprehensible.  The real numbers, well...

As the article notes, in a private company, people would be in prison.  In government, they get life-long retirement plans that are funded from a different pool of money than you and me get to draw on.

You can get back to your coco now.

I've also written extensively on this whole race-baiting, I'm-a-victim, gimme money, bullshit.  Pay attention to this, newbies.  This is gonna blow up, and blow up big.

Take a look at this latest video by one of the top race baiters in this country, Louis Farrakhan.

Somehow, in this bastard's twisted mind, the professional sports drafts are somehow analogous to buying slaves.  When I first heard this, I thought this was a parody from "The Onion".

Let's walk thru this:

  1. You have a God-given talent at some sport.
  2. You have a dream of excellence, and you WORK YOUR ASS OFF as a kid and get picked up by a major college.
  3. You work even harder at your craft, and get drafted by a professional team.
  4. You make millions of dollars.

Now what part of any of that is either involuntary, prejudicial, uncompensated or threatening?  You know, the main components of slavery?

Obviously, nothing.  It is the exact opposite of those things.  It is an individual aspiring and attaining the pinnacle of his or her profession through hard work, perseverance and focus.

Isn't that what Farrakhan wants for "his people"?  Oh hell no!  If they're not victims, he's out of business.  Just like the rest of the race hustlers.

We're seeing it now with the Black Lives Matters idiots.  If you DARE to say, "ALL Lives Matter", you're cast as a bigot, racist, privileged piece of crap.  And WAY too many people willingly take that insult.

Then ass hats like this make the national news:

I do want to thank this little racist "victim", for messing with The Hilla-beast.  Watching her twist in the wind being blown by one of her own creations brings joy to my heart.

These two talking heads in the video admit she's talking about Crips and Bloods and other gangbangers - ya know, criminals of the worst sort - but they still are "offended" by what she said.

Seriously?  You get offended when criminals are described as "super predators" just because they happen to be black?

They're "misunderstood youth", right?

"We're still waiting for an apology.  We're still waiting for an apology for what she said 20 years ago."

Fuck you.

And who is the "we" you're supposedly representing?

Fuck them, too.

Newbies, keep your head on a swivel, regardless of your race or gender.  This kind of shit is gonna take off like wildfire, and then every government teat suckler - white, black, hispanic, asian - who suddenly finds out their college loans, social services and other government hand outs have run dry, are going to come after your stuff.  Your race, gender or protected status won't mean a damned thing.

See the financial articles above for clarification.  They think they deserve what you've earned.

It ALWAYS comes down to money and resources.  Never forget that.

You had better be prepared to, "Go Korean" on them as Korean business owners did protecting their property in 1992 during the LA riots.

Or would you rather have mom refill your coco cup?  Maybe some mini marshmallows on top?

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Faces Of Corruption and Racism

I've just gotta vent....

In the big picture of things, this ain't shit.  But, like "Death By A Thousand Cuts" it adds up, and pretty soon you've bled out.

The first set of faces is of two federal employees - from the Veteran's Administration (VA).


These two lovely ladies pulled a series of stunts that would likely land someone that's NOT getting a government paycheck, in jail.
Two Department of Veterans Affairs senior executives found guilty of wrongdoing will go back to work at full pay and status after administrative judges sustained the charges against them but reversed their punishments based on technicalities.
Well how do ya like them apples?  Found guilty, but because some fucking "T" wasn't crossed or some fucking "I" wasn't dotted, they get reinstated.

Just what did these two victimized ladies do?
Kimberly Graves and Diana Rubens were demoted last month from high-ranking positions at the VA after they helped push through transfers of subordinates from job positions they wanted for themselves and then collected relocation incentives totaling more than $400,000.
Oh my.  Sounds like they went all, "mean girls" on someone's ass, and got paid to do so.  Such a deal!

What is ironic  - and disgusting - is that on the day this miscarriage of justice is reported, a friend tells me of a Bay Area police academy recruit - who did two tours in Iraq or Afghanistan - took his own life.  Couldn't deal with the pressures of life any longer after being, "over there".

I wonder if that $400,000 that was pissed away on these two boils on the ass of America could have helped this guy get his head straight.  We owed him that much, didn't we?

We'll never know.


Those SOB racist Republicans!!!

Just as expected, in their first primary/caucus, they elected an all-lily-white slate for the presidential election.

[Queue the screeching breaks sound effects]

Oh, wait...

My bad.  The top 4 winners consisted of two Hispanics, a white guy and a black guy.

I'm sure the "Diversity Coalition" Democrats were much the same.

Oh, wait...

My bad.  Again.

Holy shit, you couldn't get more pasty and more white than these two.  For God's sake, go outside and get some rays once in a while.

Well, I'm sure the National Media has just torn the Democrat Party a new one for their clearly racist selections, and has been nothing but gushing with "pride" over the Republican's choices.  Right?  Right?

[Queue chirping crickets sound effects]


And that sink-hole of depravity "won" Iowa on six straight coin tosses!  You MUST be shittin' me!  Where's the NFL "coin cam" when you need it?


I don't know why I do this.  I just like to yell from time to time, I guess.

Serious as a heart attack, how could ANYONE - even family members - vote for either of these Democrats?  One should be in leg irons being perp-walked to jail, and the other wants to make basically everything you want in life to be free.  Well, except for the 90% haircut our paychecks will take.

Hmm.  Maybe I just won't work then, huh?

At least HE's being honest about it.

The VA - and most of government - is simply corrupt.  It just grows, and grows, and consumes more and more of our resources.

Watch your collective asses, folks.  It's not going to shrink any time soon (government, not your ass!).

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Copyright 2016 Bison Risk Management Associates. All rights reserved. Please note that in addition to owning Bison Risk Management, Chief Instructor is also a partner in a precious metals business. You are encouraged to repost this information so long as it is credited to Bison Risk Management Associates.