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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ultimate Prepper?

I'm not sure if this is along the lines of "thinking outside of the box", or if this guy is a bit twisted.  At the very least, it is showing that atypical resources can be re-tasked to meet the current needs.

This guy owns a restaurant in New York has found a new source for the milk in his homemade cheese.
"Mommy's Milk Cheese" is exactly what it sounds like: cheese made from the breast milk of a nursing mother.

In Angerer's case, that mother is his longtime fiancee, Lori Mason, who was producing more milk than she knew what to do with while nursing their now 10-week-old daughter, Arabella.
Yeah.  Breast milk.
Being just as curious, I also gave it a try, and while I found it to be slightly softer, a little more gelatin-like, than a standard slice of deli cheese, if anyone had told me it was a piece of provolone, I easily would have believed them.

Angerer said that's exactly what he was going for with this batch.

"The one you tried was more like a cheddar or provolone cheese," he said enthusiastically.
I don't know - it just doesn't seem right to me.  It is interesting, though, that like most other mammal milk, it can be processed into other forms.

Of course, the government has to get all hyper-ventilated and tell us about all the dangers of human milk.
"Consumption of breast milk could unknowingly expose consumers to infectious diseases like hepatitis and HIV," Managing Health Editor, Dr. Manny Alvarez wrote in the Fox News Health Blog.
Yeah, as opposed to drinking cow's milk that is all "juiced up" on antibiotics and hormones.

I won't be trying Mommy Cheese any time soon.  For some reason, I think my wife would slap me!

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Andrea said...

Okay, I nursed my children and know about the great properties of breast milk. That aside....ewwwww.

Why doesn't she donate it to a milk bank instead? I know there are a few hoops to jump through to qualify, but then she'd be doing a great service to orphans and preemies.

Unknown said...

That is unpleasant. I would knock off a liquor store to finance the purchase of some real food first. Then again I stock food and keep some cash lying around to avoid that scenario.

Chief Instructor said...

Andrea, the guy mentioned that they were jumping through the hoops to find out how to donate the excess breast milk. In the mean time, he's considering making up a batch of gelato. If nothing else, this guy is focused!

TOR, yeah, it just kind of creeped me out. I know it's nutritious and natural and all that, but it still just doesn't sit right with me. I'm with you and the liquor store heist!