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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Dear Softhead Gun Grabbers


Vegas.  Horrible act by a deranged individual.  That's the story so far, but let's wait and see how this turns out.  Something stinks here, folks.

Anyhoo, Bigger picture:  This is an opportunity for The Controlling Class to try and whittle your self-defense/gun ownership rights.

Hey, softheads, here's a softball pitch for ya:  I'm in.  The only rules are, the law or action you propose must have stopped this bastard from doing what he did, and it must be constitutional.

None of the "feel good" bullshit just so you can say you tried, and you can go visit Jimmy Kimmel and do a stint with Wolfy on CNN.  We've got enough of that craps on the books already.

So do we have a deal? That's about as "common sense" of a gun law as you could want, right?

Of course, your search for the ironic, "Silver Bullet" is impossible.  There is no law that could be written that would have stopped this shooting.  None, zero, zip, nada.

From current reports, this guy was as clean as your colon after jalapeno night at the local taco truck.  His biggest societal crime was a traffic ticket.  He was a retired millionaire.  He owned a retirement apartment complex.

A background check would have taken 20 seconds, so even if he had to have each and every one of his 40 or 50 guns checked and registered, nothing would have been stopped.  You can't legislate against snapping and losing your shit.  Well, you can, but it won't do anything.

The only thing going against him was that he was a former government employee.  Twice.  An IRS agent and a US postal employee.  In Softheadlandia, you pukes would have likely given him an express pass during the check.  He was one of you Big Gov folks.

If he "upgraded" his rifles to full-auto, he broke the law.  How did that law work out?  Should we write another law making it against the law to break the previous law?  Do you see how stupid you sound?

Remember, you idiots, BAD GUYS DON'T FOLLOW THE LAW!  Laws only affect the actions of law-abiding citizens.  Why is this shit so difficult for you to understand?

Oh, maybe you DO understand, and you actually have another motive, like your OG Totalitarians, Pol Pot, Hitler, Lenin, Mao and Stalin.  They were big into the whole gun control gig.  It's for your own safety, you stupid Dirt People.

Then they cut off your head and stuff it up your ass.

I don't know about you, cupcake, but they ain't takin' any self-defense tool I've got, regardless of what it is.  If you want to go purring into the afterlife - full of righteous, moral satisfaction -  more power to ya.  I'm sure the 9mm slug your superiors deposit into your brainpan will put you into the deep sleep of socialist bliss.

G'night, you softhead.

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