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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Another Gun Free Zone Slaughter - And THE Solution

Yet another Gun Free Zone got all shot to shit, with 17 dead.  Apparently, only the Gun Grabbers are surprised by this with their immediate calls that, "Something must be done!!!".

This problem - Gun Free Zones becoming Free Fire Zones - is not going to stop until we do two things - one short-term, and one long-term.  Oh, and the Gun Grabbers and their ilk will not agree with either one of these.

First, let's get some points of agreement:

1.  Any place in the world that does not have a physical deterrent to bad guys is considered a "soft target" and will always be their first choice of attack.  This is why churches, schools, markets/malls, theaters, etc., are nearly always the targets of the attackers.  Lots of people and little or no defense against an attack.

2.  We're into at least our second generation of kids who have not been taught how to deal with adversity.

3.  You will never, EVER be able to stop all mass killings.  I don't care how badly you want to wish it away, humans are violent, have always harmed each other, and will continue to do so.  What we can do - must do - is minimize the damage from each individual event.
---  ---

The liberal, Gun Grabber Fix is wholly useless.  Their demand that background checks be done, and High Capacity (actually, regular capacity) magazines and the guns to which they're attached be banned, are both useless as tits on a bull.

In virtually every mass shooting, the guns were either purchased legally, or were stolen.  Duh.

So, the ones that were purchased legally - so far, without exception, through gun dealers that administered background checks - does nothing.  (This is, once again, the case with the current shooter).  Either the person was normal at the time, or The System fucked up and, even though they had the information that the buyer was not eligible for a purchase, approved the buyer anyways.  Death by bureaucracy.

And it's already illegal to steal shit, so making another Feel-Good law ("At least we did SOMETHING!!") making it even MORE illegal to steal guns, is again, useless.

It's akin to issuing a protective order against someone.  To someone intent on doing harm, a restraining order is as effective in stopping them as the paper it's written on.

So let's just ban the Evil Black Guns all together, m'kay?  How has that worked in Mexico?  Hell, guns are basically illegal yet Mexico has dead, bullet-riddled bodies stacked like cord wood in the streets.

And making the government the sole holder of weapons has worked out perfectly every time it's been done.  Just ask the people from Stalin's Russia, Hitler's Germany and Pol Pot's Cambodia.

And do you really think that law abiding American's are going to give up their guns without a fight?  Seriously?  There's a meme out there along the lines of, "There are a trillion rounds of ammunition and 200 million guns in private hands in America.  If there was a gun problem, you'd know about it!"  Try to confiscate those guns, and you'd know about it in short order.
---  ---

So how 'bout we do something that is actually effective in stopping - or at least minimizing - the carnage wrought by people with evil intent?

Short-Term Fix:  Physically Harden Our Society

This includes physical barriers to limit access, and a greater ability of citizens to physically defend themselves and others.  We're actually seeing progress on both of these things slowly happening, but the pace needs to quicken.

Physical barriers - I think it's very important that these barriers not have the appearance of a prison.  We're seeing some larger cities install those posts along roads where pedestrians are present that will stop a car or truck from just mowing down people.  They also make them look like tree pots.

For things like schools, you MUST limit the entry/exit points.  If schools need money, it needs to go here, and not into the pockets of the liberal teacher's unions.

Each school should only have AT MOST 2 or 3 access points where you can actually come in contact with students and staff.  And (here's the kicker) each of those points needs to be manned by at least two armed individuals.

Notice I said "individuals" and not "police officers".  I guarantee you that if individuals with Concealed Carry Permits were offered the opportunity to spend a few hours a day, one or two days a week to stand guard at each of the access points, you'd have a waiting list a mile long.

Why at least two persons per access point?  Because, if like the shooter in Florida, the bad guy shoots someone before they enter the campus, the back-up can sound the alarm, and then return fire.

And it wouldn't cost the school a dime, other than the time it takes for scheduling.

Along those same lines, if a teacher or administrator has their permit, encourage them to carry as well.

What the above mentioned items also do is to help build a sense of community.  Neighbors looking out for each other.

Now, the liberal response will be, "All of those guns around those children will make them less safe!".


Right now, if a teacher, administrator, janitor or whatever employee wanted to shoot up a school, they could do it.  Nothing could stop them from wholesale slaughter right now, this very second, in every school in America.

Except another teacher with a gun.

In conjunction with this normalized gun policy, we absolutely MUST exorcise this concept of Gun Free Zones from America.  It is simply the liberal mindset of a Utopian society.

If we put up signs, or disallow guns via legislation, guns will never be present.  Kumbaya, brother.

Good God, that hurts my head.  Sorry, cupcake, your world doesn't exist and it never will.  What is so horrific in your world view is that to be safe, everyone must first be assumed to be guilty - or at least pre-disposed - towards hurting others.  We're taking away your rights for the Greater Good.  So, like the late-great state of California ( and NY, CT, MA, IL, et al), you take away the ability of good, decent citizens to arm themselves, because The Nanny State thinks them all to be threats.

And this, despite all of the evidence to the contrary in Shall-Issue states.  America needs to wake the hell up.
---  ---

Buckle up, comrades.  If the short-term fix caused you emergency Safe Space occupancy, the long-term fix will bring on a full-force melt-down.

Long-Term Fix:  Mentally Harden Our Society

If I had to put a date on when the tipping point occurred, I'd say it was October 1, 1993.  That was the day when Polly Klaas was abducted.  This sweet 12 year old girl was taken from her mother's home and strangled to death.

It scared the hell out of America.  The thought that Small Town America could have strangers entering homes and killing children spread panic throughout America.

The response was to smother your kids with protection and to micro-manage their lives ("helicopter moms").  This full-control ideology seamlessly flowed into the schools of America where, again, everything is managed for you.  If there's a bully, or if someone says or does something you don't like, it is actually against the rules to fix it yourself - you MUST have the (State) school do it for you.

The result has been kids growing up without the ability to solve problems on their own.  The message drilled into our children's heads is, "The State will take care of you."

I remember when my boys were in grammar school in the late 1990's, and they came home with a paper saying that if they were physically attacked at school - and subsequently defended themselves - both the aggressor and my child would be suspended.  The only acceptable response was for my child to turn tail, and find a teacher.

I damned near lost my mind.  I had a talk with them that was clear as rain:  If someone physically hurts you, you WILL defend yourself until they stop.  I told them that they would NEVER be punished by me or my wife for defending themselves.  Never.  I told them that I would take any heat that was dealt out by school officials, and if they were in fact suspended, I'd take the time off work and spend it with them.

(I also made it painfully clear that if they started the aggression, there would be hell to pay.  They believed me).

Around this same time is when the Participation Trophy came to prominence.  It didn't matter what activity mom signed you up for, even if you sucked at it, you got a pat on the head.  Performance was irrelevant.  Reward without effort.

The result of that is kids who expect to get recognition and recompense regardless of their actions or efforts.

Combine those two, and we now have a generation-and-a-half of humans who have been trained to never deal with adversity, and who expect a positive outcome for everything they do (or don't do).  Like a small child, they have been trained that if they throw a hissy fit, they will get attention and what they want.

So, if I've been trained that the State is going to take care of all of my needs, and then the State does something I don't like, what's the outcome going to be?

If I don't have any coping skills, and I'm now not getting the positive outcome I want, well, I'm gonna explode.  I'm gonna throw a tantrum.  If society is lucky, it will just be someone who has a meltdown in a mall, and they just get escorted away and a new prescription for happy drugs.  On the other end of the spectrum, we get a school, church, business or large gathering place all shot to hell, and people die.

Our Cupcake Du Jour - Nikolas Cruz - falls in the latter category.  He was expelled from the school he shot up, his parents recently died, and supposedly, there's a girl who scorned him.

In his eyes, society has shit in his Coco Puffs, and he's going to show them all who's boss the only way he knows how.

The fix for this is both simple and impossible:  We must allow and encourage our children to fix their own problems.  At home, at school, and eventually, at work.

It's never going to happen, though.  Why?  Because that means giving up control in the schools, and centralized control is the core of socialist ideology.  The socialist teachers and administrators will never just teach kids reading, and history, and math.  They see it as their obligation - their mission - to also show them their world view that obedience to authority is paramount.  Without solidarity there can be no society.  None of this individualism, personal excellence or grabbing for the brass ring nonsense.  Those are the ideas of the evil capitalists.

You must work for, and be subservient to the Greater Good.  We Are Borg.  If some kids get killed, or a theater or church gets shot up, well, that's just collateral damage in furtherance of the final goal.
One death is a tragedy;  one million is a statistic.
Joseph Stalin
You're nothing but cannon fodder for the socialists.  But they have the propaganda game down pat.

Hey, we'll fix your interpersonal problems.  We'll feed you.  We'll give you happy drugs.  We'll house and clothe you.  We'll give you some walking around money.  But we demand unwavering obedience.

If you take away the school's ability to make the child's life easier - by fixing their problems and filling their bellies - you take away their power to persuade.

So this is going to have to fall on the shoulders of the parents.  I am not optimistic.

The first batch of kids that were indoctrinated with this statist mentality are now parents.  Most don't know any better than to do the same with their kids.

Some are, gratefully, turning to home schooling.  It's a tough road to hoe, but many are doing it.  Not only are you paying the taxes for the drones in public school, but you've got to pay for the text books and study guides to teach your kid, plus give up a source of income of the parent who stays home to teach their child.

God Bless every home that is trying to get out of the grip of the State.  It's a horrible place to be.
---  ---

So, we're down to only implementing the short-term solution, and even that will be an uphill battle.  The money might be appropriated to reconfigure the schools to limit physical access, but there won't be wide-spread acceptance of armed citizens in schools.
We don't let them have ideas.  Why would we let them have guns?
Joseph Stalin
Disarmament is an important secondary goal of all good socialists.  If The Deplorables don't have guns, they can't resist when things get really sporty.  They sure as hell can't let some uncouth Red Neck look good saving kids in a school.  It goes counter to the propaganda that All Guns Are Evil.

The Central Committee says, "Nyet.  Not gonna happen."

Sleep tight, America, and say a prayer for the next batch of kids that will be shot up at another school in this land.  It's a foregone conclusion.

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