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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Survival Bible Help

A "Survival Bible" is the term commonly given to a book an individual puts together that contains information that person finds helpful or instructive.  It may be information on fire-starting, how to build a survival structure in the snow, how to field strip one of your weapons, or how to cook with wheat.  It contains information you may not have intimate knowledge with, but is something you need to know if TSHTF.

There are many times you will find an article or post online that you want to print out, but because of the coding of the site, the printing may not come out as you had hoped.

Help is at hand!

A free website called, "Web2PDF" is a great tool to use.  As the name implies, it will convert any web page into a PDF document.  You can then print out that PDF file, or save it to an electronic Survival Bible. 

You simply copy the web URL of the page you want to covert to a PDF file, paste it onto the Web2PDF site, and it produces a PDF file of the page you want.

So that you don't end up printing ALL of the articles on a blog site, if you first click the post's title - Survival Bible Help, in this instance  - you will get just the information from the post you want (plus all side-bar information).

They also have a PDF-By-Email function that will send the PDF to your email account (I have not used this function personally).  You can also add a link to your website so that your readers will only need to click the link, and the PDF file will be produced (I'm still trying to figure out how that would work in Blogger).

Accept The Challenge

We simply cannot be an expert in every facet of prepping.  There's just too much to know!

By having a Survival Bible - in printed and electronic form - you are able to store this information for yourself, or others in your group that may be less knowledgeable.  It is also a great way to keep old skills and knowledge "alive".

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Marine 83 said...

That is great! Thanks!

Chief Instructor said...

Marine, I was very surprised at the great quality of the PDF files. So far, every site I've printed up comes out looking perfect.

Anonymous said...

re: saving webpages
You can also install 'CutePDF' on you PC. It will look like a printer to you computer. You select 'Print' in the brower, choose 'cutepdf' and in a moment or two you have a .pdf file of the webpage on you computer.

And you don't have those 'interesting' web pages floating around the net & through your email box...