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Friday, March 30, 2012

It's All About Density

You'd have to be a bit dense to buy a lottery ticket with the expectation of actually winning -

Odds of becoming a saint:  1 in 20 million.

Odds of being killed by a vending machine:  1 in 100 million.

Odds of winning the Mega Millions lottery:  1 in 176 million.

Still, 5 friends and I all kicked in $20 a piece for our chance to win.  Dense as a brick of lead...

I find the statistic for vending machine deaths amazing.  That means in America, 3 people a year are killed by vending machines!  Is your hung-up bag of Freetos THAT important?  ;-)

We had the Black Panthers getting a pass from the DOJ on the voter intimidation case back in 2008.  More recently, we had them putting a bounty of $10,000 on the head of the guy that shot the black kid in Florida.

Now, we've got another Black Panther dude threatening to "Burn it Down" if the state of Michigan takes over Detroit.

No need to read between the lines:  If you're black, you can use threats and intimidation to advance your political agenda, and not worry about any negative repercussions.

Dontch just love this "color blind" society?  Orwell got it right, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".

There have been a number of large cities in the news lately that have announced they're in deep financial doo doo.  LA, Detroit, San Jose, San Diego.

So, I'm trying to figure out why some large cities are struggling and others are hanging on.  Why isn't a city like Havana-By-The-Bay - San Francisco - on the brink of financial collapse?  Or NYC?  These two cities are veritable socialist enclaves, but they're not going teats up (yet).

I think it has to do with a combination of population AND density.  Look at this following list.  It is the city and its population density per square mile -

LA - 8,092/mile
Detroit - 5,142
NYC  - 27,012
SF - 17,179
Philly - 11,457
San Diego - 4,003
San Jose - 5,300
Atlanta - 3,190

In general, it seems that large cities with low density are going down more quickly.  My guess is that it has to do with literally stretching services thin.  If you're like LA - which is absolutely mammoth in size - you've got to have far-flung police, fire, social services facilities.  A city like San Francisco, which is only 49 square miles, can get away with less physical government infrastructure.

From this list, Atlanta is a big aberration.  If I were a bettin' man, I'd put money that they're one of the next big cities to bite the bullet.

This IS NOT a suggestion that you move to a high-density city.  As good Ol' Remus at the Woodpile Report [link] reminds us with virtually every posting:  Stay away from crowds.

If there's even a hint that the nanny payouts are going to be interrupted to the Dependent Class, TS will HTF.  If you're the wrong ethnicity or have any hint of possessing anything of value, you're toast.  If these high-density cities go sideways, they'll obviously be much more dangerous.

Don't put yourself in that predicament.

In addition to teaching firearms use and safety, I teach an NRA class called, "Refuse To Be A Victim".  It's a safety awareness seminar taught to businesses and groups.

After drilling into the minds of the students that the best way to stay safe is to "not be there" when turmoil erupts, one of the key concepts I teach is getting your mind ready to defend yourself BEFORE you're put into a bad situation.  I pose two questions everyone needs to ask themselves -
1.  Am I prepared to harm, permanently injure or kill another human being to save my life or the life of another human being?

2.  Am I prepared to tolerate the judgment of my family, friends and neighbors if I harm, permanently injure or kill another human being in self-defense?
You need to honestly answer these questions.  If you can answer "yes" to the first question, this doesn't imply you're a gun totin' vigilante looking to clean the streets of vermin scum.  It means you value your life more than you value the life of the maggot who is trying to take yours away.

The second question implies that you can take a life in defense of another, and that you can do so with a clear conscience.  It doesn't imply that you would be pleased with yourself, or gain a chest-thumping glow of, "Take THAT, punk!"  It says that you have the ability to differentiate between good and evil, and won't be ashamed about protecting good.

With all of the recent media attention given to the uninformed race baiters using this kid's death as a political platform, you may need to re-visit your stance.  If you're a non-black - white, Hispanic or Asian - and you shoot and kill a black, you MUST expect the world to come crashing down on your shoulders.  You MUST know that the race baiters WILL use your act of self-defense as a reason to publicly lynch you.  It WILL happen.

The reason you need to re-visit this subject is because your self-defense must be color blind.  It is the acts of the bad guy, not the skin color, that must dictate your actions.  If you hesitate because you have unpleasant visions of a witch hunt after an act of self-defense, you may end up dead or harmed.

I'm going to repeat this:  It is the acts of the bad guy, not the skin color, that must dictate your actions.

Now, if you can't answer yes to both of those questions, you need to never go outside, and have security guards at your place of residence.

If you venture outside, you are saying that you have no regard for your own safety.  You must acknowledge that every single day, people go out into the world and are attacked.  White, black, Hispanic, Asian.  Rich, poor, middle class.  Men, women, boys, girls.  Every religion.  Every sexual orientation.  Everybody can be a victim.

You may tell yourself that your safety awareness is da bomb, and you're bullet proof.  Yeah.

You MUST assume your safety awareness will miss something, or a spontaneous event occurs of which you have no pre-knowledge.  If you won't take the life of an aggressor to save your own, you are telling yourself, "I'm not worthy of self-defense."

You give a new meaning to the word, "dense".  You live in some fantasy world full of kittens and butterflies.  YOU are a demonstration of Darwinism in action.  If you don't even have the basic instinct of self-preservation, Darwin will make sure you're taken care of.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Uncle Ben And The Temple Of Doom

Oh my.

You guys might be getting tired of old Financial Doom And Gloom Chief Instructor, but I've got to call them like I see them.

Remember this:  Watch what they do, not what they say.

Bernanke Bounce:  Wait a minute.  I thought the economy was peachy-keen, everyone who wants a job has got one, the gasoline problem will be fixed by making ethanol out of the Green Shoots and the Prez pinky-swears he won't use his newly enhanced powers to "disappear" your ass (I guess that's where the Consumer Confidence numbers come from).

Sounds like a super-heated economy that would require the Federal Reserve Bank to contract the money supply - we don't want inflation to come in and crash the party.

Instead, they do just the opposite.  If everything is so swell, why did Uncle Ben Bernanke feel the need to say he might just limber up his fingers and create more dollars out of thin air (he calls it, "Quantitative Easing")?

He belched this out, and all of the precious metals jumped big-time, as did most other commodities.  So did the stock market (which is absolutely unfathomable to me).

Rats Jumping Ship:  When this article (link) was sent to me on March 21st, the title of the article indicated that 358 senior executives had resigned from their banking positions in the last 7 months.  We're talking about folks with "Chief", "Director" or "Executive" in their job title.  One of my partners sent it to me asking if it was normal for this many senior executives from major banking organizations to all quit at basically the same time.

I told him I'd never seen anything like it in my 31 years of banking.

I clicked the link today, and they had updated the list on 3/25.  The number of banking executives grabbing their Financial Bug Out Bags is now 450!

Pay no attention to this folks.  Nuthin' to see here.  Oh, look over there!  Kittens!

From the German Spiegel Online on the Greek debt 86% haircut, and what's to come...
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Is the debt haircut enough to free Greece from its worst burdens?

Hau: No. The agreed-upon debt haircut is insufficient. No matter what, there will be a second, proper bankruptcy. It will probably take another nine months to three years, but then there will be a really big crisis, both economically and politically. The problem has only been deferred. The next time it will only affect the taxpayers, though.


Hau: The banks have been stalling for time over the last one and a half years. They wanted to take as many interest payments with them as possible. Now they realize that time is running out and have thus changed their strategy. They are just trying to pass on as many debts as possible to the public sector. From their perspective, this is a smart move. But it will be a catastrophe for taxpayers in the end.
Why care about Greece and their taxpayers?  Because it's a window into your future.  You invest $100 and get back $14.

No big deal, you say. You won't be buying any sovereign debt any time soon.  The problem is, your bank probably did.  Oh, and they also issued these little financial instruments called Credit Default Swaps (CDSs).  They're kind of like an insurance policy to make sure that if you buy sovereign debt, you get paid back in full.

The problem is, US banks sold these, took the profits from the premiums, but didn't put any reserves away - you know, just in case they have to pay the claims if another sovereign debt issue blows up.  Multi-trillions of dollars worth.  To pay these off, they'll either have to sell bank assets, or get bailed out.  Again.

You're a taxpayer, right?  Go read the last sentence of that snippet from above one more time.  Makes y'all warm and fuzzy inside, don't it?

Just thinking out loud here...

Let's say the dollar crashes (this is what I believe will happen).  Every dollar you have in bank accounts or in currency stuffed in the mattress becomes worth less.  Your purchasing power will have been diminished.  Your hedge or "insurance" for this happening is to have possession of a commodity which historically trends counter to the dollar.  That would be precious metals.

Let's say the dollar soars.  We've seen this happen periodically over the past few years when the dollar gets stronger against some foreign currency.  The euro, for instance.  We'll see a blip in the dollar and a drop in gold.

But this is a false comparison.  It ignores the underlying weakness of the dollar.  It's like saying that terminal liver cancer is better than terminal pancreatic cancer.  Both are going to kill you, but you might live a couple months longer with the liver cancer.

You see, the dollar is being systematically devalued.  Regardless of how it performs against other currencies, our current national policy is to continue devaluing the buck.  As I've stated before, this has to continue until our federal government either raises taxes to meet expenditures or cuts expenditures to meet tax receipts.

Obama has put out a long-term budget proposal that NEVER has a balanced budget.  Never.  The evil, baby-killing, old folks robbin' Ryan budget proposal doesn't have a balanced budget until 2040!

Talk about kicking the can down the road.  This tells me that neither party has any real intention of balancing our budget.  When these crooks won't even adhere to budgets they enacted the previous year, does anyone think that the Congress of 2040 is going to git 'er done?  Right.

Regardless of who's in power, it will continue to be borrow-and-spend.  And THAT will continue to devalue the dollar.

Very seriously, I'm not "married" to the idea of precious metals.  I just don't see any alternative.  Tell me where I'm wrong.  Give me another scenario.  Give me another option.

Tell me how to better preserve what I've worked for.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Ghee-licious and Other Preps

Item 1:  Kinda cool idea, along the lines of the Just Add Water (JAW) [link] recipes I favor - The Honeyville Farms blog has put together a bunch of recipes using their freeze dried and dehydrated foods.  While not in the same category as my JAW recipes - where you add water, wait, then consume - recipes such as this one [link] add the additional step of requiring baking or further cooking prior to consumption.

The dry ingredients are put into Mason jars with an oxygen absorber, lidded and put away.  The oxy absorber causes the lid to seal shut, keeping the contents fresh for 5 to 7 years.

I've got two issues with these otherwise great looking recipes.  First, they'd be expensive.  Honeyville Farms produces these products, and item-for-item are obviously much more expensive than buying the foods fresh.  Since they're implying in their posts that these meals are basically for every day use, they'd cost considerably more when compared to using fresh ingredients for daily meals.  I do my JAW recipes for use in emergency situations, and can personally justify the additional cost on that basis.  YMMV.

Secondly, if I were going to put these together, I'd do them in mylar or Foodsaver bags.  They'd take up much less storage "real estate" that way.  I personally only use my Mason jars for home canned foods I've purchased or gathered in abundance.  They're a way of saving a bounty of food you've come upon.... or, as in my next item, having a long-term storage item where there are few, if any, other alternatives.

Still, I like the idea.  Using the Mason jars and having to do the extra cooking might have an application in your prepping plans.  The linked article above has other links at the end so you can download the print off 12 recipes the author has put together.

Item 2:  Finally got around to making and canning up some ghee.  Ghee, for those of you who aren't one of the Cool Kids, is "drawn butter" - whole butter with the milk solids removed.  This gives you another type of fat to add to your storage.  Supposedly, this stuff lasts years and years.

WARNING:  Don't do this.  The government doesn't say it's safe, so you'll probably die if you follow the instructions.  If you choose to continue reading these instructions and end up dead or sick, you made that choice, you deal with the consequences.

I followed the instructions from this article [link] which were very easy to follow.  I, too, used the half-pint jars (why aren't these called one cup jars?).

I started with 4 pounds of unsalted butter in a heavy-bottomed pot -

I had the flame on low.  Once everything had melted, I kicked up the heat to get the mess a-boilin'.  This drives off the water in the butter that can cause problems with storage and safety -

I turned the heat down a bit and the white "scum" on the top pretty much disappeared.  The milk solids settled to the bottom of the pot.

I took my cleaned jars, which I put into the oven at 200F to heat up and dry out (don't want any water in the jars).  I put my lids in 190F water to soften up and sterilize.

I then triple folded some cheese cloth and poured the melted butter in a 1 quart measuring cup (had to do this step twice).  I then used a wide-mouth funnel to fill the jars (ended up with 7 1/2 jars from 4lbs of butter).  I took the lids, dried them off with a paper towel, and screwed them down.  Within 10 minutes, all of the lids had "popped" and sealed.

If you look closely, the jars at the top of the picture have a very light "dusting" of milk solids that made it through the cheese cloth.  TO ANYONE WHO HAS DONE THIS IN THE PAST:  Any problems with this?  My gut says these will not store for years like the stuff without the dusting is supposed to last.  Unless I hear some pretty compelling information, I'll be putting these jars in the fridge and using them first.


Item 3:  I've got a buddy that was in a horrible car accident a few years ago where his face got pretty wrecked.  Part of the consequences was his inability to chew food for quite a while.  As a result, he lived on those Ensure food drinks.  They're primarily marketed towards older folks as a way to ensure you get your daily calories, vitamins and minerals.

I figured they might be a good prepper's items to squirrel away.  The problem with them is that they're bulky and heavy.  They come in these little metal or plastic bottles.  Too much cost and work to consider as survival food.

By chance, I was snooping around some site, and found this stuff.... in powder form.  You take some of the powder, add water and you've got a 250 calorie quickee meal or snack.

The stuff runs around $10 a can (for 7 servings - link), but I found a generic version of it in my local supermarket at around $7 (has the same nutritional stats).

IMO, this is just about a perfect JAW item, in that you don't even need to heat up the water to consume it.  Just mix and drink.

I'm going to take individual servings and vacuum sealing them in Foodsaver tubes.  I've done this before with Gatorade - I'll take some pictures of how to do it at a later time.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Color Blind-Sided

I hit my wife with this when she got home last evening:  "Honey, did you hear about the 13 year old black kid who was followed home from school by a couple of older white teens?  They jumped him on the porch of his home, and said, 'This is what you deserve.  You get what you deserve, black boy', then doused him with gasoline and set him on fire?"

She was shocked.  "Oh my God!  I haven't heard anything about it!"

I told her she hadn't heard about it because it hadn't happened.  In reality, it was a 13 year old white kid that was set afire by two older black teens [link].  THAT'S why she hadn't heard about it.

I don't need to tell anyone, ANYONE, how this would have been handled by the MSM if it had been a black kid that had been stalked and set on fire by two white kids. 

The "Reverends" Sharpton, Jackson and Wright would have been on every MSM news show imploring the police to act decisively.... and to send their cause some much needed money to, "make sure this never happens again."

Obama would be solomnly shaking his head, telling us how this type of injustice is routinely visited upon blacks.  The kid would likely get a photo op and tour of the White House.

The Justice Department (snicker) would have the FBI all over this, looking to prosecute the dead relatives of the fire-starters.

CONgress would be falling all over itself, rushing to see who could first pass another national hate crimes bill.

Instead, it's so quiet, even the crickets aren't chirping.

Maybe worse.  The crickets are being stomped.  From a local TV station -
Kansas City, Missouri Police wouldn’t speak on camera about the incident on Tuesday. Though, did tell 41 Action News, that after several interviews with the boy, they don’t believe the incident needs to be investigated as a hate crime.
I guess I'm not clear on the definition of a hate crime.
In crime and law, hate crimes (also known as bias-motivated crimes) occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group, usually defined by racial group, religion, sexual orientation, disability, class, ethnicity, nationality, age, sex, gender identity, social status or political affiliation.

A hate crime is a legal category used to described bias-motivated violence: "assault, injury, and murder on the basis of certain personal characteristics: different appearance, different color, different nationality, different language, different religion."

Oh.  Well, at least none of that happened in THIS case, right?  "White boy" must have referred to his teeth color.

Still, when a crime IS being committed, the KC cops are on the job -
She [the boy's mother] explained, “We’re not asking for them to pay for buses. We're not asking them to pay for a special cab. We're asking them to hand us a piece of paper or transfer a piece of a paper to another school, so be it, be safe, be somewhere else.”

For now, she's keeping her son safe at home. Though, admits she’s been warned that law enforcement could get involved if too much time passes with him out of school.
If I was this lady, I'd telll them to shove it up their collective asses.  "Perp-walk me for keeping my son from being incinerated.  Again."

I guess for that strategy to work, you'd need the Independent Press Corps to be there to report on the injustice, and that ain't gonna happen.

If you've never seen it, watch the movie, "Death Wish".  Mark my words, it's coming to a city near you VERY soon.

People aren't going to take this crap much longer...

h/t The Woodpile Report

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Droolin', Mouth Breathin' Trolls

On my last post, I was talking - in general - about laws we've got that are simply insane.  We have regulations that are in place where you can be punished without harming or infringing upon the rights of another.

The raw milk case I gave is a perfect example.  Because some bureaucrat has deemed raw milk to be a public health issue, people all around the country are being thrown in jail, and having their assets seized.

It's insanity.

And not surprisingly, the post brought out a "law-and-order" troll.  His argument is basically that the raw milk folks knew the law, chose to ignore it, and are paying the price.  His apparent belief is that if The State makes a law, it is incumbent on all subjects citizens to follow all laws.  Not some laws, but all laws.

I can respect that stance.  Well, I can respect it if Mr. Mouth Breather walks the walk.

This year, about 40,000 new laws [link] went into effect across the country.   That's up from the 31,000 [link] that went into effect last year

Most laws no longer abide by the concept of mens rea (guilty mind).   Your intent is irrelevant.  Break the law, pay the price.

As I noted last November ("Mens Rea and Other Bygone Concepts") -
The problem, now, is reasonableness.  The phrase, "Zero Tolerance" has crept into our lexicon.  It is rapidly upsetting the balance between mens rea and ignorantia juris non excusat.  We are replacing the context of an event with a rule book.
With that in mind, I hope Mr. Mouth Breather has stayed abreast of all the local, state and federal laws that pertain to his little slice of the world.  Since he is such a stickler for details and clearly has never met a law he didn't like, here's what he needs to do:

He needs to request audits of his life and lifestyle from the government officials who definitely have kept abreast of the laws.

Let's start with your car.  If you've ever spoken with a police officer, they'll tell you that regardless of the make, model or year of a car, they can find a violation.  So, in keeping with his pledge of Public Perfection, Mr. Mouth Breather needs to take his car down to his local police department (following all traffic laws along the way, of course).  He needs to inform the desk sergeant of his desire for a full and complete review of his vehicle, with the specific instructions that each and every major AND minor infraction be brought to his attention. The officer should be requested to issue fines and/or "fix-it" tickets for all infractions.

Since this service of the local police was a special request, Mr. Mouth Breather needs to be sure to reimburse the PD for the salary, benefits and all other expenses associated with his noble request.

His next stop should be to his local building inspector.  Same deal - request the audit, insist on every little violation being disclosed, then pay the piper.  After all, if you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear, right?  Welcome them into your home with open arms.

After that, he can hit the local tax assessor, state tax authority, the IRS, the USDA (so they can make sure all of his milk is safe) - hell, just about every three- and four-lettered state and federal agency.  They've all got laws that need to be followed, and Mr. Mouth Breather is bound and determined to follow them all.

Since our laws very often change during the year, he needs to request - and pay for - these audit services at least 3 or 4 times a year.  No chance of something falling out of compliance so he ends up being a nasty Law Breaker.

Of course, the way our society should function would be for the government to regulate, not to operate.

With the raw milk, for instance, the regulation should state that since raw milk has the potential to cause harm to humans, the producers need to put a big, bright red label on every bottle that states as much.  Similar to what they do with cigarettes.  You've been informed that this stuff might kill you, now do what you want.

But ya see, there's no power or cash flow in that kind of system.  Why, the USDA wouldn't have the need for its tactical squad to take down milk felons.  They wouldn't have the ability to start asset forfeiture proceedings to pay for the tac squad.  Imagine the bedlam that would follow.

I shudder at the thought.

So, Mr. Mouth Breather, get on it.  Now!  Time's a-wastin' and fines need to be assessed.  Plus, think how well you'll sleep with the knowledge that you've met your goal of Public Perfection.

Yeah, boy!

H/T to my bro.  I was going to let Mr. Mouth Breather slide...

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Don't Challenge The Man

About a year ago, I wrote a post on Bernard von Nothaus ("Private Mints and Politics").  He was this guy who had a bunch of silver coins minted up - basically as a way of thumbing his nose at the federal government.

Well, they didn't take kindly to that, so they tossed his butt in jail, prosecuted him and won - forgery and some other trumped up charges.

Apparently, his sentencing is coming up, and the owner of the largest PM company in Michigan is coming to his defense (albeit late to the party).  He's written a letter to the sentencing judge ("Judging silver or something else?") pointing out that at numerous times in our nation's history, private mints have produced gold and silver coins - just like von Nothaus - and all have gotten a nod from the feds.

In part -
Many companies today, especially casinos, issue tokens which use the terms dollar or cents on their surfaces. The Walt Disney Company has issued scrip which it will accept as payment for its stated value. The term “Disney Dollars” is printed in the middle, while the monetary denominations appear in the corners. To the best of my knowledge, the Walt Disney Company has never been charged with “counterfeiting.”
The author of the letter, was just playing coy with us.  He really knows what's going on -
In issuing Liberty Dollars, von Nothaus stated that he was trying to offer a voluntary alternative to U.S. coins and currency that would sustain their value better than money issued by the U.S. government. Subsequent history has proved von Nothaus’s thesis to be correct. In fact, the U.S. dollars of years past are now worth less than they were at the time they were put into circulation while the Liberty Dollars have a much higher value.
Bring attention to the fact that our Nirvana ain't so, and you can expect a smack down.

Will the letter to the judge help?  Doubt it.  Might even piss the beast off.

Want some more, "Justice In Action"?

You've probably heard of the hacker group, "Anonymous".  The will target a company or individual, and bring their website down to its knees.  Their actions have cost these business millions of dollars in damages, lost productivity, etc.

One of their leaders, and guy nicknamed, "Sabu" was arrested about 9 months ago.  He was released on $50,000 bail.

In an unrelated related story, the owners of Rawsome Foods in Southern California were recently given bail amounts, too.

First, let's see what they did.  They had the audacity to sell unpateurized milk to willing buyers.

I know, horrible, right?  Think of all the bugs 'n stuff.

(You might remember Rawsome as being on the ugly end of a tactical squad raid where these "hut hut hut" bastards came into their business, with guns drawn and pointed at humans.  Again, for selling unpaseurized milk, people.  It's all over Youtube - look it up.)

So, the two owners of the biz - husband and wife, I believe - recently went into court for some pre-trial gibberish, and were arrested on the spot.  He was given a ONE MILLION DOLLAR bail amout [link], and she was given a TWO MILLION DOLLAR bail amount.

I'll say this slowly.... for selling unpasteurized milk to willing buyers.

Let's recap:  On one hand, we have one dude who has been responsible for easily millions of dollars of damage to businesses, and on the other hand, we have a business that has not caused a single dollar of damage.

The first party gets a slap on the wrist for bail, and the second party gets kicked under the bail bus.  It just doesn't make sense.

Oh.  Did I mention that the first guy just happens to be working with the feds - he ratted out a couple dozen of his fellow Anons?  The second party - well - they are standing up for the Constitutional rights, and The Man is not pleased.

Toe the line, you mouthy little prol.

I wonder what this is going to cost the Late, Great State of California.  At least with the von Nothaus case, the feds could "repatriate" his gold and silver - to the tune of $7 million.

These folk's farm is in Ventura County which is a pricey area (well, it was....).  Maybe you'll be able to pick up a cow or some cheese making equipment at the sheriff's auction.

Gotta keep these scufflaws in line, don't ya know...
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Outlaws Like Me

One of my sons sent this video along for my viewing.

CAUTION:  Not safe around liberal, gun grabbing scum.  May cause heart attacks, the "vapors" and soiled undies.

Seems kind of appropriate to get this on a day when I'll be teaching 6 Americans how to shoot.  Kinda cool.
My boy knows his dad...

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