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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time To Push Back

I'm going to try and remain calm while I tell you about this.  Things like this tend to take me right over the edge - on so many levels.

A young man in California went duck hunting.  As shocking as that may sound, that's still legal here in CA.

He put his empty shotguns in his trunk and drove to school.  Here's the rest -
The NRA and the CRPA Foundation have joined forces under their California Legal Action Project (LAP) to provide legal assistance for high school student Gary Tudesko in his fight to be readmitted to Willows High School. Sixteen-year-old Tudesko was expelled on November 19th for having unloaded shotguns in his pick-up truck that he legally parked on an off-campus, public street near the Willows High School campus. The high school is in a small rural community near Sacramento. The unloaded shotguns were in his truck because he had gone duck hunting in the early morning hours before school. The case has garnered significant national media coverage as an example of zero-tolerance policies run amuck.

The shotguns were discovered in the pick up truck by scent-sniffing dogs on October 26th during a questionable school search. Police ran the license plates and determined Tudesko was the owner, then called Tudesko out of class. Tudesko readily told the Principal about the shotguns and his early morning hunting trip.
What?  Why are police dogs searching public streets in the first place?  Excuse me one moment while I check my driver's license to ensure it says "USA" somewhere on it.

So the zero-brains tolerance SOB of a principal misinterprets his god-like powers, confusing an education code item with a penal code item.  The kid didn't break the education code.  He DID technically break the penal code, but since there was no intent to harm, the Police Chief and the District Attorney have refused to arrest and prosecute.

I've mentioned a couple of times over at Ride Fast & Shoot Straight that I hope this family sues the school district into backrupcy.  That may seem harsh, as it will harm kids and blah, blah, blah.

But it will send a message, loud and clear.

Schools are there to teach, not to run the lives of our kids.  Not to tell them what kind of soda they can drink.  Not to tell them what kind of snacks are allowed on birthdays.  And not to tell them what kind of sporting activities they can participate in on their own time.

I hope they crush these bastards.

BTW, I'll be there on January 15th for the meeting with the Glenn County Board of Education.

Accept The Challenge

The attorneys are handling this case pro bono, but there are still many expenses that need to be covered.  If you live in California and want to help retain your already limited gun rights, send them some money.  If you live outside of California, and you want to help stop this anti-gun fervor from reaching your state, send them some money.

Click here to donate.

At the very least, click the links in the story and send an email - a respectful one for now - to the School Board members.  Let them know this is wholly unacceptable behavior for this principal, and perhaps his over-zealousness should result in some unpaid time off work.  He does seem quite stressed out...

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Andrea said...

Things like that happened when I was in school, the difference being it was pre-Columbine massacre.

I remember boys bringing rifles to school in their trucks to go hunting at the lake down the road after school. These were good boys, farm-raised and corn-fed, and hunting was a part of their upbringing. Everyone is panicky now, understandably so, but we're allowing it to obscure reality.

Joseph said...

Actually schools now exist to tax local citizenry and create nice jobs for those who work there. Without side-tracking your post too much people should research the founding of schools in the USA and who wanted public schools and for what reasons.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

Having taught in public schools for a number of years before giving it up as hopeless, this doesn't surprise me. Administrators outdo themselves in trying to bring "culture" to the ignorant savages they live amongst. This type of thing, were common sense and even justice don't apply at all, is typical.

Chief Instructor said...

Andrea, the place this happened, Willows, is a rural part of the state. Kids grow up hunting. This is about control. This pinhead principal wet his drawers at the thought of an unloaded gun, so he twisted the rules to fit his personal agenda. That needs to be stopped.

Joseph, well, I know that "public education" of children is included in the Ten Point Plan of the Communist Manifesto. In fact, it seems as though most, if not all, of the conditions Marx and Engels stated in their plan have come to fruition.

Hermit, yep, it's all about them maintaining their little fiefdoms. This concept the principal discussed - being in charge of the kids lives even when they are not actually at school - is very disturbing.

Ryan said...

Glad I didn't go to school there! Personally if my vehicle had been parked off campus with a gun as a high school kid (which may have happened daily) and somebody asked me to open it I would ask them for a warrant. Then I would recite the 4th amendment.

I once saw a teacher shove a box of .270 Win shells under the truck seat on his way into school during hunting season.

Think when I have teenagers they might each have a locked tool chest in the vehicle. There is always a hunting season for something you could shoot with a pump shotgun.