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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Prepping For Politics

I try and keep politics out of this blog.  I am personally VERY involved in various aspects of the political process, but try and keep my views and opinions to a minimum on this venue.

That being said, politics are a significant part of our lives.  That goes doubly so for those of us in highly regulated states such as California.  To not recognize and prepare for the impact of politics on our lives is foolhardy at best.

Those of you in "freer" states should pay attention to what goes on in states such as California, as well.  Many, MANY of the "progressive" ideas enacted here have a way of finding their way into the laws of other states.

Do you always follow the law now (I'm not talking about stuff like speeding)?  Will you always follow the law? 

What if the government did something absolutely unthinkable - would you still willingly comply with the law?  Let's say something as innocuous as telling you what kind of TV set you can buy.  Or perhaps a bit more "intrusive" - like telling you private holdings of precious metals were illegal, and had to be exchanged for government-issued paper money?  Or perhaps the ultimate intrusion into your life - what if they took away your means to legally defend your life and possessions against intruders?

I'm sure it's no surprise, but all of these things have happened.  California will no longer allow you to buy the TV of your choice.
Environmentalists and energy-efficiency experts applauded the step, noting that California's move will likely spur similar rules around the country.

The federal government confiscated gold during the last Depression.
The Order required U.S. citizens to deliver on or before May 1, 1933 all but a small amount gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates owned by them to the Federal Reserve, in exchange for $20.67 per troy ounce. Under the Trading With the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917, as amended on March 9, 1933, violation of Executive Order 6102 was punishable by fine up to $10,000 ($166,640 if adjusted for inflation as of 2008) or up to ten years in prison, or both.

And unless you're politically connected or live outside of highly-populated areas, it is virtually impossible to obtain a Concealed Weapon Permit in California.

Try and wrap your brain around this bit of regulation:  California has passed a law designed to reduce the amount of lead in our water.  Sounds like a laudable goal.

But the law is so broad in its application that even water delivery systems that contain no lead, let alone any metal in them, are also bound by the restrictions of the law.

The good folks at Berkey Filters have politely told California to, "shove it".  Starting January 1st, Californians will no longer be allowed to buy Berkey filters (IMO, the best product on the market).  Let the irony of this sink in:  We will no longer be able to buy a filter which removes lead from the water BECAUSE of our lead safety laws.

So what are you to do?  Do you, "toe the line" and follow the letter of the law, regardless of its impact on your life?

You may decide to do what a group of religious folks did last week with the, Manhattan Declaration.  They are publicly stating that they will not follow laws which go against their religious beliefs.  In just one week, over 150,000 people have publicly signed this declaration.  They expect 1 million people to sign it.

You may decide to quietly go about your business and skirt the laws.  For instance, I will be making more and more trips to Nevada and Oregon to purchase my ammunition (and now my Berkey filters) because of laws restricting my access to items I consider life-sustaining.

You may also make the decision to not just skirt some laws, but to directly ignore them.  I'm aware of a number of otherwise law-abiding citizens that say they carry a concealed weapon, regardless of what the law says they may do.  The protection of their life apparently has a higher priority than following a "safety" law.

Of course, there are ramifications to not following the law - jail time, fines, further restrictions of personal liberty.  It's a choice that is not always easily made.

If California were to make it illegal to possess ammunition or water filters purchased in another state, or if the federal government required that I swap my precious metals for government script, I most assuredly would ignore those laws. 

I think Ayn Rand said it best -
There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them.  One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.
Accept The Challenge

Have you considered the impact current or future laws may have on your ability to provide for you and your family?  Figuratively speaking, do you keep a, "finger in the wind" to see which way it's blowing?

If a branch of government were to make something you do or own suddenly illegal, have you designed plans and processes to safeguard your life and possessions?  How would you adapt to the loss of access to something you absolutely, positively cannot live without?

Don't wait!  Think about these unthinkable things NOW, while you have the ability to plan and prepare.

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Shy Wolf said...

As I see it, the two most determinative factors in all our lives are God and politics. To ignore either is cause for grave concern (re: current climate of America).
About pre-determining what action(s) one will take when laws are passed that are either unGodly or unConstitutional, each of us should have a mental 'list' and be adamant about clinging to it. Such as for legislation mandating swine flu innoculation. When it happens, I have only one question for the person(s) coming to give me one: "Do you think your life is worth trying to give me that shot?"
The same question can be asked about any law one deems unlawful-- I'm speaking of serious laws, not such as not buckling a seatbelt or licensing vehicles, etc.
In the case of television sets, I'd just throw the damn thing out of my life. There's not enough worthwhile on it worth viewing, so why worry about it? (I can hear the jocks screaming already! LOL- get a life, guys: watching a game instead of playing one?) The law mandating size of television sets is more a mandate causing problems for the manufacturer than the individual, I think. And it is they who should be raising the loudest stink. Perhaps they should take a cue from Barrett, and now Berkey, and just not sell to CA residents. Period.
Then Sacramento would hear some noise from even the tree huggers.
What causes me most concern is how lightly Californians are taking these restrictions being imposed upon them. If their inaction is indicative of the nation, we're in worse trouble than being in front of a firing squad.

Chief Instructor said...

You hit the nail on the head with the "inaction" comment. Most Californians just don't pay attention - they don't see what these restrictions are doing to their personal freedoms.

It's very frustrating for someone like me that DOES speak up. I write and call my reps at the state and federal level, and just get blown off. I remember (last year?) when Feinstein said she received nearly 100,000 calls and emails on some upcoming vote. I believe it was on the Bailout, Part One. 95% told her to vote No. She voted Yes, and replied to us that basically, she knew better.

That was a huge turning point for me personally. I still write and scream and yell, but I realize that they're mostly not listening. I now make my plans and live my life accordingly.

And yes, I have my lines in the sand on a number of issues. And like you, one of them happens to be forced vaccination. Not gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

"What causes me most concern is how lightly Californians are taking these restrictions being imposed upon them. If their inaction is indicative of the nation, we're in worse trouble than being in front of a firing squad". - The liberals have executed their plan perfectly. Our nation’s last two generations of children have been not been educated on U.S. History – they have no idea about all of the men (and women) since the Mayflower who gave everything, including their lives for freedom. Children who are now adults themselves who have never read the Constitution. Adults who, rather than shout at the TV when the future leader of this county states that it is a “right” of every American to have health care, nods and smiles in agreement. Everything will fall apart when the government fails to deliver on all of its handouts. Watch what happens to CA in the next 6 – 18 months. I think we are all screwed.

John B.

Chief Instructor said...

CA is indeed leading the nation. Where we're headed is the problem...