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Friday, December 4, 2009

Human Slime

The vast majority of the calls and emails I get for training happen because of a recent rash of muggings, or maybe a gang murder, or some kind of shoot-out or car chase with the police.  More and more, it has to do with home invasions and burglaries.

This makes sense.  The economy is in the dumper and finding legitimate work is very difficult.  California's unemployment rate has been north of 12% for a very long time.  More and more people are turning to crime to make ends meet.

But stories like this even surprise me.  The depths of human depravity have hit new lows.
Two people are under arrest on charges of burglarizing the home of a Northern California family of four who were killed in a weekend vehicle crash, police said Wednesday.
The accident was caused by some 19 year old kid who was driving 90 mph.  He T-boned the vehicle of a family, killing the parents and two sons.  The driver died as well.  The family had a 19 year old daughter who was not in the vehicle.

Her entire family was wiped out in an instant.

This story made the news all over the Bay Area, including the news sources that reach San Mateo county.  That's where two scum-of-the-earth maggots decided that committing crime in their own area was not profitable or easy enough.

They apparently decided that it was a much better idea to drive 75 miles and spend an hour and a half on the road, and go rob the home of some dead people.
Three days later, burglars ransacked the Maloneys' three-bedroom Sonoma house, taking jewelry, electronics and the family's 2006 silver Nissan 350z, police said.

True was arrested Tuesday afternoon during a traffic stop when a San Mateo County Sheriff's deputy found her with a credit card belonging to Susan Maloney. Detectives later found Guiterrez driving the stolen car, and a search of his home found more property belonging to the family, police said.

The scumbag meth-head boyfriend has admitted they robbed the home, but now says he was unaware that it was the home of the dead family.  Right.

Tell it to the jury.  Yeah, it's very plausible that you drove your scummy-self all the way from San Mateo county and just happened to pick the home of the dead family.  What are the odds, dude?

Accept The Challenge

Buy a book.  Buy a DVD.  Take a class.  Speak to the community outreach section of your local police department.  Do something to get educated on personal defense and home security.

As Christmas approaches - it's only 3 weeks away - expect break-ins to increase.  Criminals need gifts as well.  Don't be their Santa...

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Andrea said...

Sad as it is, that doesn't surprise me. In our area, the newspaper stopped printing home addresses in obits because folks' homes were being robbed DURING FUNERALS. Now the obits read very vaguely 'George Smith of Pleasant Township'. So much for sending flower, eh?

Chief Instructor said...

During funerals?! Unreal.

When I heard about this yesterday, I was just floored. I simply cannot comprehend how someone can think and act like this.