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Friday, December 11, 2009

"There's a man at my back door"

I don't understand some people.

I don't understand criminals in general, and home invaders specifically.  I can't comprehend how someone would have the audacity to enter someone else's home to attack them or take their stuff.  That is such a foreign concept for me that I have difficulty putting it into words.

I also don't understand people that won't accept the fact that there are people living all around us that have no problem whatsoever with violating your home and person.

Perhaps they recognize that these criminals exist.  They may even intellectually acknowledge that their home could be a target to one of these criminals.

Yet they won't do a thing to protect against such an incident.  Not one damned thing.

This lady wasn't one of them.  Listen to her 911 call.  She had no desire to hurt or fire at anyone.  She was pleading with the police to hurry and get to her home.

But they couldn't get there in time.  She had to take matters into her own hands.  And she's most likely still alive because of it.

At 10:30 minutes after making the call, she had to shoot Billy Dean Riley as he broke down her door.  At 23:45 after the call was made, she was on the phone with her son telling him she was still alive.  

The police arrived at about 24:45 after the call was made.

Accept The Challenge

At its highest efficiency, the 911 Emergency system will have an officer at your home in 4 to 7 minutes.  That is a VERY long time if you're being attacked.  Most of the time, it takes much, much longer.

At the very top of our web page, we have a link asking, "Unsure YOU need training?"  Take a look.  Do not fall into the trap that the police are there to protect you.  They're not.  They're there to investigate crimes.

Don't be a victim.  Learn to defend yourself.

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