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Friday, September 9, 2011

They Just Don't Get It

Obama:  We're going to give businesses a $4000 credit if they hire someone who has been unemployed for 6 months or more.

As a businessman, why do you think the length of unemployment would be a primary selection criteria?  More importantly, why would I risk my business by hiring someone simply because Nanny is offering me a carrot?

His mindset is that of union workers.  Time equals superiority equals preference.  Quality is not part of the equation.  Maybe that's why unionism in the private workplace has plummeted (to something like 6% of the workforce).

This is along the lines of having a "diverse" workforce.  Gotta have the "proper" number of blacks, Asians, Hispanics, women, non-white men, gays, disabled, elderly, blah, blah, blah.  Mostly, it's about race.

Bullshit.  Whenever I hear that, I state, "I only want a homogeneous workforce.  They're ALL the very best candidates.  Their skin color is irrelevant."

I get the nervous chuckles and the clucking, "Oh, of course, of course.  Quality of character, not color of skin," and then they look at me with that, "Hmmm, must be one of those ghastly 'Tea Bagger' types I heard about on the news.  I hope he doesn't beat me with his bible or shoot me dead where I stand.  Oops, I just soiled myself."

They just don't get it.

Our Monarch-In-Chief proceed to tell us how he needs a gazzillion more dollars to pay for his visionary plan, and that it would all be paid for. His plan called for additional cuts to government spending.  Those savings would be used to "pay" for his new programs.

Wait a minute!  I thought he was already running the government as close to the bone as was compassionately possible.  So, what he's now saying is he's willing to throw someone under the bus - whoever is going to be cut - in favor of some other "more deserving" special interest group.

Does anyone with two gray cells to rub together really think anything will be cut?  The spending will happen NOW and the cuts will be deferred to sometime in the future.  Meaning they will never happen.

They just don't get it.

Quote of the day, perhaps the year -

At the Republican debate, Rick Perry when commenting on what the Monarch-In-Chief has done correctly -
I give more props to those Navy SEALs that did the job, but -- and the other thing this president's done, he has proven for once and for all that government spending will not create one job. Keynesian policy and Keynesian theory is now done. We'll never have to have that experiment on America again.
It didn't work during the Great Depression.  It didn't work when BushCo gave us Stimulus 1.  It didn't work when the Monarch-In-Chief did it in Stimulus 2.  It won't work for Stimulus 3,4,5... 100.

Government is the most inefficient spender of money.  Bar none.  Look at private charities (government, for the most part, has become a giant PUBLIC charity organization).  If private charity overhead is in excess of 12% they're looked at suspiciously and donations drop off.  Government inefficiencies are rewarded with increased taxes or increased national debt.

They suck more money from the economy in the belief that their inefficient use of capital will provide a better Return On Investment than private investment.  They know better.

History shows them to be mistaken.  Communism and central planning have never worked anywhere at any time.  Yet they persist because the beast they've built must be fed.  They believe that they are smarter and more enlightened than any communists in history.  They've got it figured out.  They'll make it work.

They just don't get it.

They probably DO get it.  The elites, at least.  They want to see our country crumble.  They know that they have to sell the idea of, "something for nothing" to the masses.  Vote for us, and will give you stuff.  Food, money, housing, education, clothing.  We'll design the system to remove the stigma of being 'kept'.  What's not to like?  Do nothing, and get paid for it.

We "Tea Baggers" are nothing but greedy haters that don't care for our fellow man.  How could we not want to help the Monarch-In-Chief create jobs?  How could we not want to feed the "disadvantaged" among us? How could we not want to extend unemployment payouts?  How could we not want to save poor old Fred's home from foreclosure?

Just a bunch of greedy haters.  Racists greedy haters.  Gun toting, bible thumping, racist, greedy haters.

Well, I guess by the current definition of all of those words, I'm guilty as charged.

I want private industry to create new jobs, since that's what they do best.  I want private charity to feed the poor, since private charities can discriminate between the truly poor and the loafers.  I want the chronically unemployed to 'man up' and take jobs that are below their education and experience, and for them to re-train themselves for jobs that are needed.  I want old Fred to figure out what to do with his home, and not dump his problem on me.  I don't recall spending the night at his home, or getting the tax benefits he had during the good times.

I just don't get it.

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