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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm Sorrowful, For Sure

Why are we remembering this day?  Honestly, I don't get it.  We got our ass kicked ten years ago.

As a direct result of that ass kicking, we've pissed on the Constitution - mostly via the USA PATRIOT Act.  For God's sake, a government agent can merely whisper, "terrorist" and an American citizen can be snatched up and put into a hole, that old rag from the 1700's be damned.

If I want to fly on a private aircraft, I am subjected to government goons fondling me and my family before we're granted boarding privileges.  The goons that are doing the fondling are, at the very best, horrible at their jobs.  Seventy-five percent of the time when they are tested with fake guns or bombs, they fail.  Every single terrorist that has tried to take down a plane since 9/11 GOT ON THE PLANE!  They were simply more incompetent than the TSA "professionals" charged with stopping them.

Someone, somewhere, heard some guy in some unknown corner of the world say that a, "credible, but unconfirmed" attack is going to happen in NYC or DC.  Real soon.  On Friday, they didn't even know the names OR DESCRIPTIONS of the kinda-maybe terrorists.

The result:  Checkpoints searching every nook and cranny of every car going into a tunnel or on to a bridge.  WTF?  Shut 'er down, button 'er up, show me your papers, bub.

It's all Security Theater.  The same government that failed to stop the initial attacks because of their incompetence in enforcing our immigration laws, has gone all Jabba The Hut on us.  Huge and immobile, but pretty damned powerful.  Bordering on omnipotent.

We get codes and color schemes and serious looking officials telling us sheep how they're keeping us alive.  "Give a little of your freedom so you can live another day."

Bin Laden won.  We're bankrupt both financially and Constitutionally.

Why would I celebrate that?

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Shy Wolf said...

Amen. Bin Laden. Kruschev. Hitler. Stalin. Mussolini. Hirohita.
Didn't have to set one foot in the country, yet beat it to a bloody pulp of whimpering children afraid of the boogey man in the closet.
I, too, find no reason to celebrate a lost war.

GunRights4US said...

Well said and right on target!

Anonymous said...

So we should just let the terrorists attack and not try to catch them?

What the CIA knows is it is only a matter of time until the terrorists get WMDs, probably a nuke. When the mushroom cloud rises over your city would you say the government did too much to stop it or not enough. It absolutely will happen in our lifetime. Islam declared war on us back in the late 70's we just didn't accept that fact until 9/11. They will probably win this war.

Anonymous said...

You don't get it anonymous, they've already (almost) won. Bin Laden, in numerous videos, said he wanted to bankrupt us into oblivion, with 2 war fronts and trillions spent, he might just be on the way to achieving that goal posthumously.

You ask a leading question in your opening statement as if to say we have no other choice but to give up our liberties. You truly are part of the "safety-over-liberty" crowd. I got news for your buddy, ever read the 9/11 Commission Report? The day of 9/11 WE ALREADY HAD ALL THE INFORMATION WE NEEDED TO STOP THE ATTACKS, yet we did nothing about yeah, we actually DID let the terrorists attacks us.

Chief Instructor said...

Shy, I just don't get it. You whisper 'terrorist' and people turn into a puddle of warm, quivering jello.


Guns, thank you, sir.

Anon 7:26, my originally planned 9/11 post addressed this. I knew with almost absolute certainty that I'd get a comment such as yours, so I waited and did a whole post on the subject.

Anon 10:03, don't burden him with facts or logic. It won't work. Only fear, and what has got to be a loathing of the old time notion of, "The American Way" get their attention.

They'd prefer to feel safe by allowing unlimited intrusions by the government into their lives. After all, if you've done nothing wrong, you should have nothing to hide, right?