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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Health Care Home Run

I heard this clip on my favorite radio station this morning. One of the hosts made the point that society DOES NOT equal government, as Wolfie was implying, and as most people think.

Of course, the health care system, like our government itself, won't voluntarily change. They both make too much money and have too many special interest groups dependent on their existence.

Only a full-on crash will fix it. Close your eyes and envision one of the World Trade Centers imploding into dust. When that happens to our economy, we have a chance of getting back on track.

Some hope: The number of folks in the audience that whooped it up when Wolfie asked if the 30 year old should just be allowed to die. Why is this concept of personal choice/personal responsibility such a foreign concept to us now?

Mr. 30-something wanted a boat and fast car instead of health insurance. He crashes one of them and doesn't have the money to pay for his own care. Somehow, I'm supposed to feel bad about his situation, and fork over money for his care. Are you kidding me?

If I'd been in the audience, I'd have been standing on my chair, tossing streamers and blowing those funny little horns you hear on New Years Eve.

"Let 'em croak! It'll send a message to others that are making the same choice of trying to foist their bad choices on the wallet of America. Whoop!"

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Andrea said...

Last night was the first night I sat through an entire debate...and I loved it.

The one thing that caught my attention, and it's a shame that he didn't get to expand on it because of the booing, was when Ron Paul tried to point out that before the days of welfare and government-provided health care, there WERE organizations that helped people in need. Namely churches. Volunteer organizations. Soup kitchens. People could even (gasp) earn their way at farm labor camps. But that was degrading to people so USGov took over and now we have welfare/medicare/medicaid/bamacare.

And now things are much better.


Chief Instructor said...

Andrea, it just doesn't fit the "story" that government is all-knowing and benevolent. People actually take care of themselves? Please, surely you jest! Community organizations actually helping care for their community? Clearly, you need to go to Re-Education classes.

Shy Wolf said...

People helping people is anathema to today's society, sad to say. Jesus said, 'The poor you will have with you always.' Nothing ambiguous in that statement. Yet everyone expects gov't to end the poverty problem- which is totally anti-what-the-church should be teaching.
And the same goes for the person who is in dire straits over a needed operation/whatever.
The church has dropped the ball in all areas regarding Christ, their responibilities, and the Lord's teachings, but it is definitely not the fed's job to intervene. Kudos to those who cheered the truth.
Allow me a chuckle: the WV is 'thyledio'

Andrea said...

I don't know if the church dropped the ball---or if the government came in and took the ball away and used it as a means to win votes.

Shy Wolf said...

Andrea, I've long maintained that if the church hadn't dropped the ball, the government would not have had a leg to stand on when it came to social problems. I'm not absolutely certain the church is the culprit, but all things point to it. As Jesus says in Revelation, 'I wish you were hot or cold, but you are lukearm...' and the lukewarm church beginning in the 1950's, let the fed take over their responsibility. The only church that still does a halfway decent effort is the Catholic church, and I'm pretty sure they're still far behind what Jesus wants.

Chief Instructor said...

I think the government just offered a better deal than private charities, be they churches or otherwise.

Free food, free housing, free whatever you want. With a bottomless checkbook via taxes, they can be as lavish as they wish.

I just heard a piece on the amount of space our "poverty class" has. Our average person that is considered impoverished has more living space than the average working German.

We're doomed.

Andrea said...

Shy-I think I've seen both sides of the church thing.

I used to go to a church full of the stingiest, laziest, most self-serving bunch of people you ever met. They lived by their own doctrines and weren't interested in the spirit of what Jesus said.

The church I attend now is *amazing* in it's dedication to the community. We do quarterly food collections and this summer, we broke ground on a new shelter in our downtown. My church actually raised enough money through donations from the congregation to pay cash for the project.

Chief-You're absolutely right. Why go to a church and sit through a sermon or perform a service to earn food when you can stay at home, collect various monies, get a free phone and transportation courtesy of the government.

Anonymous said...

In the 1930's when the Government TOOK the ball, there was very little the church could do - it was hard pressed too....

Church will never get rid of poverty - but it will feed those that want to learn to fish... The Government will just teach the person that they never have to fish.