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Monday, September 12, 2011

The "Bunched Panties" Syndrome

A call into a local 911 Emergency Call Center:
911:  Emergency Services.  What's your emergency? 
Caller:  I have information about a bank that's going to be robbed. 
911:  What's your name, sir? 
Caller:  That's not important.  Let's just say you know me very well.  I'm credible.  A bank in the city is going to be robbed in the next few days.  The robbers are armed to the teeth - AK47s, big ol' 30 round banana magazines, bunches of other evil assault weapons, and explosives.  Lots of explosives. 
911:  OK, sir, settle down.  Tell me what bank is going to be robbed. 
Caller:  I dunno.  It's one of the banks with lots of money. 
911:  Hmm.  Tell me who is going to rob the bank.  Can you give me names and descriptions? 
Caller:  No.  All I know is that 3 or 4 guys are going to rob a bank, and it's going to be very violent.  They're going to take over the bank and plant bombs at all of the exits.  After they take the money, they're going to kill everyone in the bank, and blow it up.  It's going to be gruesome. 
911:  Wow.  When is this robbery going to happen? 
Caller:  I dunno.  It's just going to happen really soon.  Really violent.  Lots of death and dismemberment and carnage. 
911:  How do you know this is going to happen? 
Caller:  I heard it from a guy.  He knows a guy that knows a guy that's going to do it.  He HATES banks.  It's gonna be bloody.
Dozens of banks are robbed every day in America.  Many are "take over" robberies where the bad guys pull guns and point them in the faces of the bank employees and customers.  The likelihood of a violent bank robbery is very high every day in America.

How do you think the local, state and federal authorities would deal with this fictitious 911 call - being in possession of information from a credible source that a violent and deadly bank robbery was going to take place?

Do you think they would shut down the city and search every car that was near a bank?  Do you think they would search every person that entered every bank in the city?

Of course not.  So why do we have people in America such as this anonymous poster that think it's A-OK to turn NYC into Fascist Checkpointville and stop and question every citizen who happens to be on the road after authorities have received "credible, but unsubstantiated information" about a terrorist attack?
So we should just let the terrorists attack and not try to catch them?
Catch who?  Attack what?  Using your logic, apparently anyone and everyone is a terrorist suspect, so we all need to be rounded up and "processed".

What the hell is wrong with you?

Here in America, you have to have probable cause before the government can stop and question you.  You need to be swerving on the road before they can pull you over for drunk driving, for instance.  They can then question and evaluate you to determine if you are likely to be drunk.

The exact same thing SHOULD go for possible terrorist activities.  If you know 3 males aged 30 to 40 are traveling in NYC in a dark colored SUV, go ahead and stop THEM.  You have information that would support this police action.

The anonymous commenter also tossed in this fear mongering' straw man argument -
What the CIA knows is it is only a matter of time until the terrorists get WMDs, probably a nuke. When the mushroom cloud rises over your city would you say the government did too much to stop it or not enough. It absolutely will happen in our lifetime. Islam declared war on us back in the late 70's we just didn't accept that fact until 9/11. They will probably win this war.
Let's take your opening sentence as fact:  Terrorists WILL get WMD.

I'm going to turn the rest of it around on you.  With this knowledge, what would YOU suggest we do?  Are you suggesting that since we know with absolute certainty that the US will be hit with a terrorist WMD, that every person in this country is subject to government search at any time, any where?

Isn't that your only logical course of action?  Since we have no way of knowing when, where or who will deliver the WMD, mustn't we all be suspects, all of the time?  After all, as was demonstrated with 9/11, the bad guys can sometimes hide among us and catch us off guard.  Everyone must be a suspect at all times.


I'm telling you, I have no doubt that some sort of terrorist attack will happen again in America.  Absolutely guaranteed to happen.  Whether it's real or a 'false flag' incident (ala 'Fast and Furious' gun running), I just don't know.  I just know it will happen.

It will be used to justify further encroachments on our liberties.  Just like Bush did with the USA PATRIOT Act.  Dead Americans equals good news for those bent on restricting our freedoms.

It's the "Bunched Panties" syndrome.  Scare Americans with a boogie man, and get whatever laws passed you want.  It's all in the name of keeping Americans safe!

To answer Anonymous' 'mushroom cloud' question, if the attack is some sort of nuke, I will loudly criticize our government.  Since there is no way to mix up a batch of nuclear material in your basement, it will mean that our government failed in its job to protect our borders.  Again.

But, just like when the 9/11 terrorists were able to defeat our laughable immigration policies, the punishment will be meted out on us, not on those who failed to do their job.

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Joseph said...

"Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

Please excuse my temporary sarcasm...just couldn't help myself.

Andrea said...

All this crap reminds me of grade school. Remember when the entire class would miss out on recess because one or two kids didn't know when to shut up? Instead of punishing those kids, the entire class had to stay inside with their heads on their desks. Yeah, it's just like that.

They know who to look for. They know what these people look like and which country they come from...but they can't risk being politically incorrect so they just punish EVERYONE. Stop ALL vehicles. Search ALL bags. Even if that means groping 90 year old Irish nuns or checking a 2 year old's Pull-Up.

A couple of nut-jobs slipped the US a mickey and now we all have to miss recess.

Anonymous said...

Heh, well the recess analogy doesn't quite work. Teachers knew exactly what they were doing. Next recess the troublemakers would be "taken care" of by the rest of the class. Boys would beat the snot out of them, girls would use peer pressure.

Anyways. It's inevitable that the fed will skim our freedoms off the top like cream. They need us dependent and victims. Its how they maintain power now-a-days.

Andrea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrea said...

Let me try that again...this time with caffeine.

Oh I totally agree...they knew what they were doing alright. They were able to create enough friction...and suddenly we're all homegrown terrorists and need kept in line. Good thing we have that-there DHS to keep us safe.

GunRights4US said...

I'm willing to take my chances on what's gonna happen WITHOUT Uncle Sugar stomping all over my tiny bit of remaining liberty. And besides, maybe we'll get lucky and they'll take out DC! I would really hate to lose the Jefferson Memorial and Arlington Cemetery, but not too much else being roasted would bother me.

Chief Instructor said...

Joseph, the scary thing is, lots of Americans actually have that outlook. There are only two options - and the media don't do their job to challenge the assumptions presented in their argument.

9/11 attackers were controlled by Afghanistan, thus we must invade Afghanistan. Don't agree? You're for the terrorists.

How about we just bomb them until their country has the same topographical features as the Bonneville Salt Flats? The only "boots on the ground" we'd need would be spotters.

We would have been done in a couple of months - tops - and no country in the world would consider harboring anti-US terrorists again, because we would have shown we would obliterate their country.

Instead, we've got our Quagmire In The Sand.

Andrea, exactly. We mustn't offend anyone, at any time. Instead, piss away our national treasure by using the broadcast approach to detection and enforcement. It's a great way to grow government, but not such a great thing for us "little people".

Anon, yep, without us being victims or attached to the government teat, there's no way to justify continued government growth. Gotta keep busy!

We now start the indoctrination as soon as kids are plugged into the system. We have schools where every kid in school is fed by the state, regardless of need. The justification is that we don't want to genuinely poor to feel bad about taking handouts.

This does two things: For the needy kids, it takes the stigma away from getting welfare, so kids are less likely to work hard so they'll "never have my own kids have to endure what I endured".

The kids that don't need it are now conditioned to see welfare as "normal". Government hand outs = normal.

Guns, I'm guessing that the 1st Amendment will be the next to fall. 4A, 9A and 10A are basically irrelevant at this point. 1A gives us the ability to voice our displeasure, and that's just not acceptable to TPTB. I think it will start with Hate Speech laws like Britain and Canada have. Hell, it's already "illegal" to have "hate speech" on most college campus'.

More indoctrination...