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Monday, January 27, 2014

Preps For California Gun Owners

Flag of the Late, Great State of California
If you're like me - a California gun owner - you need to pay attention to what's going on in our fair state (more like fare state with our tax structure).  The move to ban semi-automatic pistols is in full swing.

A bunch of years ago, the state - in its infinite wisdom to promote a safe and secure state  - decided that not all pistols were worthy of sale in California.  Manufacturers had to submit their guns for testing to make sure they met the standards set by some gun-grabber in Sacramento.

Fine.  The manufacturers submitted their guns, and they got on The List.  Make it on The List, and your guns could be sold to all lowly state citizens.

To further safeguard the life and liberty of our citizens, in 2007, the state then decided that we'd all be safer if all semi-autos imprinted the gun's serial number on each and every spent cartridge.  Supposedly, this would help law enforcement catch the bad guys (Yeah, like they use registered guns).

The problem was, the technology to do this microstamping didn't exist.  The genius' in Sacramento knew this, so they put it in the law that as soon as the technology was certified as viable, the law would kick in.

Apparently, in the opinion of the soft-heads in Sacramento, it's now viable, so our state attorney general blessed it, and in mid-2013, the law fell into place.  The effect was that any new gun, or a current one that has a "material upgrade," needed to incorporate this new microstamping technology to be included on The List.

Just after the law kicked in, Ruger made a change to their SR-22.  It's a small, fun semi-auto that shoots .22LR cartridges.  They made some minor change to the slide.

Banned, Evil Plinker In California
Well, Sacramento considered it a major change, and told Ruger it needed the microstamping technology if it wanted the gun to remain on The List.

Ruger told Sacramento to pound sand -
Ruger® SR22® pistol no longer certified for sale in California. 
Effective July 26, 2013, the Ruger SR22 pistol (Model Number 3600) was removed from the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale in California and, as a result, these pistols may not be legally sold there. This decision was due solely to a routine manufacturing change to the slide (unrelated to the function or performance of the pistol) that, under the law in California, may require re-testing. We are continuing to manufacture and ship SR22 pistols as before, though not for sale in California. 
Anticipating your question, we do not know when the SR22 pistol will again be available in California, but we will advise you when it is.
- Ruger Firearms
God Bless them.

Since then, other manufacturers have done the same thing -

Sorry, California Glockaholics: No Glock 41 or Glock 42 for you.

Smith & Wesson to Sell Fewer Guns in Calif. Over Microstamping Law

Way cool.  The Big Three have told California to shove it.

What does this mean to Californian gun owners and buyers?  It depends.

If you want the newest, safest models of semi-autos, you're not gonna get them in this state.  And don't think that you can get around it by buying the gun online and having it shipped here.  The local FFL that takes delivery must certify that the gun is on The List before they can hand it over.

Good luck getting your money back from the out-of-state seller.  Maybe the FFL will let you witness the gun's destruction as is required by California law.

What if you own an older model semi-auto that was on The List when you bought it?  I asked the gun range where I taught a class this weekend that very question.

If the gun is still on The List when you want to sell it, no problem.  If it has come off the list - like the SR22 has come off - you can either turn it over to the state for them to destroy or you can try and sell it to an out-of-state buyer via your local FFL (you can do outgoing sales of banned guns, but not incoming purchases).

Can I see a show of hands from anyone that thinks that guns not on The List will see a marked price drop when being sold by someone in California?  Kinda got ya by the short-hairs, don't they?

Can I see another show of hands from anyone that thinks this trend will soon be applied to all guns sold in California?

Oh, and guns sold and used by law enforcement are not included in this requirement to make The List.  Does that mean that - per California law - those guns are unsafe?  If so, and a LEO uses one, should they and their departments be held liable for using an unsafe weapon?

BTW, if Ruger, S&W or Glock continue to sell guns to California LEOs, they'll never sell another one to me.

Accept The Challenge

Get out while you can.  At least be starting the process.

Our legislature does not want you with guns.  Period.  In their eyes, you're not able to understand their use and purpose.  Only government employees have that ability.

Gun owners as a group, I'd guess, are less likely to be Takers - those on some sort of public assistance.  If we all pick up our toys and go elsewhere, the loud sucking sound coming from the state coffers will be heard loud and clear.  Stay here, and you're giving your financial support to their ideals.

Everyone left here will be safe, though.  And impoverished.

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