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Thursday, January 23, 2014

OpSec and Constitutional FAIL

Douche Bagus Grandus
I remember this idiot when he first appeared on the Doomsday Preppers TV show.  A total DB.

Pompous ass was the phrase that came to mind.  A dim-witted pompous ass, actually.

He fancied himself smarter than all those around him.  That's a big, red flag in my book.  It's great to discuss what you know, and to teach others, but when you become a self-appointed "high priest"  of a particular issue, you usually end up losing.

When you incorporate immorality into your plans - theft - well, you usually get what you deserve.

The core of his prepping plan was to jack up other preppers and take their supplies -
He also bragged for the camera about his plans to raid and loot other doomsday preppers' supplies when the end times came. "All your shiny AR's your high powered .308 rifles, your 50,000 rounds of ammo are all going to be ours", Smith warned.
Molon Labe ("Come and take them") is the first phrase that comes to mind.  But that wouldn't be an issue for me, as I don't advertise details of my preps, nor their locations.

His biggest failure, though, was simply the act of going on TV and exposing his plan.  His Operational Security was blown.

Oh, and one other thing.  The fact that he handled and shot guns on the show as a convicted felon.

For God's Sake, what's wrong with these people?  It's like the Youtube idiots that commit a crime, record it and post it for all the world to see.  Hey soft-head, law enforcement has access to Youtube and cable TV stations, too.

The whole, "fifteen minutes of fame" crap makes the job of law enforcement a whole lot easier.

Here's where I'm gonna get some grief.

I've got a big problem with our laws regarding felons and guns.  If you're a convicted felon, in most states, you can no longer own, possess or be in the presence of firearms.  For the rest of your life.

Once again, I appear to have missed the article or amendment in the Constitution that allows for this.  While you're incarcerated, that's great.  In addition to housing you in prison, society also takes on the burden of clothing, feeding and protecting you.

When you're released - after having paid your debt to society - how can ALL of your rights not be re-instituted?  If society says you can't have a gun, does society then still bear the burden of protecting your life?

Of course not.

I can hear the whines now.  "He's a convicted felon, and he forfeits those rights as a result of his actions."

Really?  Where's that in the Constitution?  You know, the "play book" for American law.

"If he's a murderer/rapist/robber and has a gun, he'll just use it to kill/rape/rob again."

If he's a hardened criminal, laws saying he can't have a gun are irrelevant.  As soon as he's out and on the prowl again, he'll get his gun and do his deeds.

It's just like, "gun free zone" laws.  They've yet to stop a single insane person from shooting up a school.  What they do accomplish is to make those zones indefensible against law breakers.

It's "feel good" legislation that does nothing more than put the lives of people at risk.

Sentencing is what will stop further damage to society by these criminals.  Use a gun, go to prison.  Each successive criminal act gets successively longer sentences.  Taking guns out of the hands of good citizens - or those who committed crimes but have paid their debt to society - does exactly ZERO in making our society safer.  In fact, just the opposite.

And isn't public safety the purpose of our laws?

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Anonymous said...

Being a convicted felon myself, I have often pondered this question. I never went to prison, and I have worked faithfully in society for over 40 years, have raised children, paid my taxes, worked in federal buildings and schools, yet am not even allowed to purchase or be in possession of ammunition, much less a firearm. Before the Patriot Act, felons were allowed to own a shotgun for home defense, yet were not allowed to purchase it. They were also allowed to purchase and possess of ammunition. I have my wife purchase all the firearms now, even though she can barely use any of them.
When the media used the term 'felon' it conjures up images of a huge heavy set man, with a scruffy beard, wearing a tank top, cigarette in mouth, a tattoo on his arm, and a sneer on his face. Felons are among us, people. You pass by them every day at the grocery store, on the street, at your church, at schools, maybe even on your block. You might even see a braver one at wally world purchasing ammo. We're not going away, and we're not going to hurt you.

Chief Instructor said...

First of all, along the lines of your comment, there are all kinds of flavors of felon. Many, if not most, are white collar and/or non-violent felonies.

To me, that doesn't matter. If you're a hardcore, murdering felon, some pieces of paper saying you can't have a gun is useless. It's a "let's feel good" joke.

To take away a means of self-defense from someone not incarcerated by the state is unconscionable. And unconstitutional.