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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Five "A's" Of Self-Defense

In my various Safety Awareness classes, I've got a set of rules, so to speak, that I teach my students.  Each group or trainer has their own "gig" and emphasizes different points and priorities.

It's similar to the various Firearms Safety Rules.  The NRA has their three primary rules.  Another organization may have 4 rules, some use ten or more.  Regardless, they are all trying to impress different ways of being safe with a firearm.

I found this article, ("The Five “A’s” of Self-Defense") that I thought I'd share.

Acceptance - Coming to grips with the fact that you CAN be assaulted.  Too many folks are simply unwilling to accept this premise.  Somehow, they feel that because they, "live in a good neighborhood" or have nice friends, they're somehow immune to an attack.  Not so.

Awareness - ALWAYS keeping your head on a swivel when you're out in public.  Pay attention to folks that are paying attention to you!

Avoidance - I've noted here before that the best place to be during an emergency is... somewhere else!  Keep abreast of what's going on in your local area.  Are any protests being planned?  How about a big-news trial verdict - especially those with racial overtones.  And, of course, stay away from areas or neighborhoods with high crime rates.  Why ask for trouble?

Action - Sometimes, despite your best intentions and planning, danger still finds you.  ALWAYS have a plan for defending yourself.  If you can, carry a handgun, pepper spray, stun gun or some other defensive tool that can allow you to come out unharmed if a larger, stronger or numerically superior group attacks you.  As it says at the top of this page, "YOU are responsible" for your own personal safety.

Aftermath - I tell all of my students - whether they be in a gun, pepper spray or stun gun class - expect to be arrested if you've hurt or killed someone in self-defense.  Even if that incident happens in your own home.  The police see someone dead or harmed, and they MUST investigate what happened.  If you've got it in your head that you're going to be arrested, you're less likely to resist the police, and end up being charged for other infractions.

Accept The Challenge

It's all about planning and preparation.  Caught unaware or unprepared, you are more likely to make mistakes and use poor judgement.

Run through scenarios that could happen BEFORE they happen.  What will you do if someone grabs you from behind?  From the front?  Busts into your home?  Runs you off the road?  Pulls a gun?  Pulls a knife?  Are you alone or with others?  Any kids around?  What is on your person or nearby to act as a weapon?  Where are the exits?  The choke-points?

Think through your steps before you're forced to enact them.

Financial Disclosure:  I'm now part of a group that provides financial protection to folks that use a firearm for self-defense.  Click here for more information.  If you decide to get a membership, I will receive ongoing compensation for this.

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