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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Don't Challenge The Man

About a year ago, I wrote a post on Bernard von Nothaus ("Private Mints and Politics").  He was this guy who had a bunch of silver coins minted up - basically as a way of thumbing his nose at the federal government.

Well, they didn't take kindly to that, so they tossed his butt in jail, prosecuted him and won - forgery and some other trumped up charges.

Apparently, his sentencing is coming up, and the owner of the largest PM company in Michigan is coming to his defense (albeit late to the party).  He's written a letter to the sentencing judge ("Judging silver or something else?") pointing out that at numerous times in our nation's history, private mints have produced gold and silver coins - just like von Nothaus - and all have gotten a nod from the feds.

In part -
Many companies today, especially casinos, issue tokens which use the terms dollar or cents on their surfaces. The Walt Disney Company has issued scrip which it will accept as payment for its stated value. The term “Disney Dollars” is printed in the middle, while the monetary denominations appear in the corners. To the best of my knowledge, the Walt Disney Company has never been charged with “counterfeiting.”
The author of the letter, was just playing coy with us.  He really knows what's going on -
In issuing Liberty Dollars, von Nothaus stated that he was trying to offer a voluntary alternative to U.S. coins and currency that would sustain their value better than money issued by the U.S. government. Subsequent history has proved von Nothaus’s thesis to be correct. In fact, the U.S. dollars of years past are now worth less than they were at the time they were put into circulation while the Liberty Dollars have a much higher value.
Bring attention to the fact that our Nirvana ain't so, and you can expect a smack down.

Will the letter to the judge help?  Doubt it.  Might even piss the beast off.

Want some more, "Justice In Action"?

You've probably heard of the hacker group, "Anonymous".  The will target a company or individual, and bring their website down to its knees.  Their actions have cost these business millions of dollars in damages, lost productivity, etc.

One of their leaders, and guy nicknamed, "Sabu" was arrested about 9 months ago.  He was released on $50,000 bail.

In an unrelated related story, the owners of Rawsome Foods in Southern California were recently given bail amounts, too.

First, let's see what they did.  They had the audacity to sell unpateurized milk to willing buyers.

I know, horrible, right?  Think of all the bugs 'n stuff.

(You might remember Rawsome as being on the ugly end of a tactical squad raid where these "hut hut hut" bastards came into their business, with guns drawn and pointed at humans.  Again, for selling unpaseurized milk, people.  It's all over Youtube - look it up.)

So, the two owners of the biz - husband and wife, I believe - recently went into court for some pre-trial gibberish, and were arrested on the spot.  He was given a ONE MILLION DOLLAR bail amout [link], and she was given a TWO MILLION DOLLAR bail amount.

I'll say this slowly.... for selling unpasteurized milk to willing buyers.

Let's recap:  On one hand, we have one dude who has been responsible for easily millions of dollars of damage to businesses, and on the other hand, we have a business that has not caused a single dollar of damage.

The first party gets a slap on the wrist for bail, and the second party gets kicked under the bail bus.  It just doesn't make sense.

Oh.  Did I mention that the first guy just happens to be working with the feds - he ratted out a couple dozen of his fellow Anons?  The second party - well - they are standing up for the Constitutional rights, and The Man is not pleased.

Toe the line, you mouthy little prol.

I wonder what this is going to cost the Late, Great State of California.  At least with the von Nothaus case, the feds could "repatriate" his gold and silver - to the tune of $7 million.

These folk's farm is in Ventura County which is a pricey area (well, it was....).  Maybe you'll be able to pick up a cow or some cheese making equipment at the sheriff's auction.

Gotta keep these scufflaws in line, don't ya know...
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Anonymous said...

It is worth noting that the anonomous guy is faced with a choice of turning in all his friends to the police or facing life in prison. The two who kept defying the law are merely faced with agreeing to comply with the law and maybe a couple of years in jail. If they had simply obeyed the law when they were first warned they would be in no trouble.

Chief Instructor said...

Toe the line, you mouthy little prol.

Got it. If it's a law or regulation or guideline, it must be just.

I pity you.

Oblio13 said...

I think of the State as an elephant. You don't want to attract it's attention if you can help it. Wear camouflage, stay in the shadows, mind the wind. Maybe leave some peanuts here and there to keep it occupied. Cross your T's and dot your umläuts and hope it doesn't decide to play Whack-a-Mole with you.