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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Color Blind-Sided

I hit my wife with this when she got home last evening:  "Honey, did you hear about the 13 year old black kid who was followed home from school by a couple of older white teens?  They jumped him on the porch of his home, and said, 'This is what you deserve.  You get what you deserve, black boy', then doused him with gasoline and set him on fire?"

She was shocked.  "Oh my God!  I haven't heard anything about it!"

I told her she hadn't heard about it because it hadn't happened.  In reality, it was a 13 year old white kid that was set afire by two older black teens [link].  THAT'S why she hadn't heard about it.

I don't need to tell anyone, ANYONE, how this would have been handled by the MSM if it had been a black kid that had been stalked and set on fire by two white kids. 

The "Reverends" Sharpton, Jackson and Wright would have been on every MSM news show imploring the police to act decisively.... and to send their cause some much needed money to, "make sure this never happens again."

Obama would be solomnly shaking his head, telling us how this type of injustice is routinely visited upon blacks.  The kid would likely get a photo op and tour of the White House.

The Justice Department (snicker) would have the FBI all over this, looking to prosecute the dead relatives of the fire-starters.

CONgress would be falling all over itself, rushing to see who could first pass another national hate crimes bill.

Instead, it's so quiet, even the crickets aren't chirping.

Maybe worse.  The crickets are being stomped.  From a local TV station -
Kansas City, Missouri Police wouldn’t speak on camera about the incident on Tuesday. Though, did tell 41 Action News, that after several interviews with the boy, they don’t believe the incident needs to be investigated as a hate crime.
I guess I'm not clear on the definition of a hate crime.
In crime and law, hate crimes (also known as bias-motivated crimes) occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group, usually defined by racial group, religion, sexual orientation, disability, class, ethnicity, nationality, age, sex, gender identity, social status or political affiliation.

A hate crime is a legal category used to described bias-motivated violence: "assault, injury, and murder on the basis of certain personal characteristics: different appearance, different color, different nationality, different language, different religion."

Oh.  Well, at least none of that happened in THIS case, right?  "White boy" must have referred to his teeth color.

Still, when a crime IS being committed, the KC cops are on the job -
She [the boy's mother] explained, “We’re not asking for them to pay for buses. We're not asking them to pay for a special cab. We're asking them to hand us a piece of paper or transfer a piece of a paper to another school, so be it, be safe, be somewhere else.”

For now, she's keeping her son safe at home. Though, admits she’s been warned that law enforcement could get involved if too much time passes with him out of school.
If I was this lady, I'd telll them to shove it up their collective asses.  "Perp-walk me for keeping my son from being incinerated.  Again."

I guess for that strategy to work, you'd need the Independent Press Corps to be there to report on the injustice, and that ain't gonna happen.

If you've never seen it, watch the movie, "Death Wish".  Mark my words, it's coming to a city near you VERY soon.

People aren't going to take this crap much longer...

h/t The Woodpile Report

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Oblio13 said...

I'm not so sure. We are no longer a nation of self-reliant frontiersmen and yeoman farmers. I think we're far more likely to wring our hands, look for places to assign blame, and plead for protection from our benevolent government than we are to take up arms.

kaptnkrnx said...

This is a shocking story - especially coming from the Kansas City Public School District. Wait a minute…this school district lost its State Accreditation last year due to miserable academic performance

How could that happen with such visionary schools in the district like the Afrikan Centered Education Collegium Campus

Just take a gander at their “resources” page:

African-American History Facts
African American Odyssey
Africans in America
Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations
Association of Black Psychologists
Black Facts
Black Facts Now
Black History Month
Black History Month Activities
Black History on the Internet Curriculum
Celebrate Black History Month
CIA World Fact File
Council of Independent Black Institutions
Dennis Uniform
Department of Education (Missouri)
Dubois Learning Center
Education First: Black History Activities
Everything Black
Footsteps: African American Heritage
Infoplease AA Crossword Puzzle
Jazz Museum
KC Public Libraries
KCMSD Afrikan Centered Education Collegium Campus
KCMSD Parent Resource Center
LINC - Local Investment Commission
Mama Afrika - Afrikan Fables & Folktales
Mathematicians & Scientists of the African Diaspora
National Black United Front
National Civil Rights Museum
National Reparation Movement
National Association of Black School Educators
Negro Leagues Baseball
Official Kwanzaa Homepage
Official Obama White House Site
Powerful Days in Black & White
Science City at Union Station
Smithsonian Museum
Study of Classical African Civilizations
Teach-Nology Site
The African American Mosaic
Watoto AA Child Development
World Book Online

Chief Instructor said...

Oblio, on a large scale, you're probably right. Still, I think we're going to have some parent that's pushed too far and will take matters into their own hands.

Or a land owner whose land is stolen by some government entity.

Or some citizen whose assets are seized on trumped up asset forfeiture laws.

kaptn, in reading the link from HuffPo, it explains why the mother has been unable to get her son transferred. When a district is unaccredited, you can't transfer from it. The accepting district must first agree to the transfer. Since the kids from an unaccredited district are probably below grade standards, the accepting district is unlikely going to want the "damaged goods".

Vicious cycle.

Regarding the ACE school, well, OMG!

They follow the 7 principles of Kwanza - self-segregation of community and business.

Instead of integrating into the larger society, they mindfully choose to carve out their own little world. Any wonder they have difficulty when entering society as an adult?

I'm of German ancestry. How would it benefit me towards becoming a productive member of American society if my school curriculum included, Great German Scientists, and Great German Warriors, and Great German Philosophers, etc?

It wouldn't.

They are crippling these kids with this brainwashing crap.