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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recognize Your Real Oppressor

News about Black graduation rates is getting a bit of play on the news right now.  I'm actually surprised there isn't more reporting on this because this is one of the great ways for the federal government to justify taking more of our money and giving it to others.  Well, BORROWING money on our backs to give to others.

The report (PDF) shows how the graduation rates for black males is significantly below that of white males.  Big time.  Only 47% of black males nationwide start the 9th grade and graduate with their classmates in 4 years.  78% of white males meet that standard.

And of course, this is the fault of whites.  The implication of this study is that whites are standing at the perimeter of the good schools with pitchforks and rifles with bayonets keeping the "disadvantaged" out of their schools.  Apparently, we let the Asians sneak through, because their graduation rates exceed that of whites.

The communist educational group (is that being redundant - communist and educational group?) tells us the reason blacks don't do as well as whites is because they don't have the same opportunities.  They've even gone as far as to quantify this in their Opportunity To Learn Index (OTLI).  Here's how they "do the math" -
OTLI compares the opportunity of students from disadvantaged groups to that of White, non-Latino students for access to those 25 percent of the schools in a state where nearly all students graduate on-time and college ready. For example, if 40 percent of a state’s White, non-Latino students are enrolled in the top quartile of that state’s schools, and 20 percent of students from disadvantaged groups are given the opportunity to study in such schools, the OTLI is 50 percent: disadvantaged students having half the Opportunity to Learn as White, non-Latino students in that state.
Of course, anyone can attend any school in America.  You may need to MAKE THE DECISION to move, you may need to make some sacrifices or make other personal choices, but you can send your kid to any school in America if you have enough desire.


From the Merriam-Webster dictionary -

Main Entry: dis·ad·van·taged
Pronunciation: \-tijd\
Function: adjective
Date: 1879
: lacking in the basic resources or conditions (as standard housing, medical and educational facilities, and civil rights) believed to be necessary for an equal position in society

Wow.  Disadvantaged used to mean things that happened to you through no fault of your own.  Things like being born deaf or blind.  Bad things outside of your control.

In this study, you're considered disadvantaged for no reason other than the color of your skin.  What's THAT teaching blacks?  The thought of this - the incessant drumming of "the racial excuse" - turns my stomach.

Of course, it's all about personal choice.  White and Asian families - in the aggregate - more often make the choice to do whatever is necessary to get their kids into the best possible schools.

As an example, when my boys were grammar school aged, we made the tuition payment for a private school BEFORE we made our mortgage payment.  My wife (who is of Hispanic descent and who will punch you in your jaw if you call her 'disadvantaged') got a job at the school so we could get a tuition break.  Still, for most months during their earliest school years, we didn't have enough money for both the mortgage and tuition.

THAT'S how important education was to our family.

What I would like to see is a study of graduation rates based upon family structure.  How many of the non-graduating students, by race, had a single parent household?

Or maybe a, "non-essential devices-to-income" ratio.  How many household with little or no income somehow find a way to buy an X-Box, but not pay for an education?  Maybe we could also do a book-to-video game cartridge study as well.

But we're not going to see such a studies, at least not widely reported in the press.  It would shoot holes in the whole idea of disadvantaged groups.  Should you be considered "disadvantaged" when you've made the choices that put you into your current economic straits? 

It's not my fault you chose to buy a big-screen TV or expensive "smart phone" instead of putting money away to move to a better neighborhood, or to pay for private school tuition.

It's not my fault you chose to get pregnant, have a kid, and not be able to support yourself or the kid.

It's not my fault you chose to accept the, "keepin' it real" outlook that is prevalent in the poor black community.

It's not my fault that you chose to rely on the government for your rent, food, clothing and education, effectively destroying your need and desire to provide for yourself.

Your primary oppressor is looking at you in the mirror.

If you want to remain a ward of the state, don't change a damned thing.  The choice is yours.  At least have the personal dignity not to bitch about it.

If you want to get pissed off at someone other than yourself for your predicament, your first stop on The Hate Parade should be the teacher's unions.  They are your biggest outside enemy, and they are the ones with the most to gain by you staying in your current predicament.

Ask them why they are bending over backwards to shut down or limit Charter Schools.  In particular, you might want to ask them about The Harlem Success Academy.

This is a charter school in the poorest NYC borough, and it is almost all black.  Their success rate is absolutely fantastic.  They have 95% of their students at or above grade level proficiency.  That's compared to only 56% of other NYC public schools being at the same level.  Nearly twice the success rate in a virtually all-black school.  It seems like the color of your skin is irrelevant when you make the right choices.

They have so many people trying to get into these schools that they must hold lotteries.  WTF?  These are black families that recognize the value of a good education, and they're literally being stopped at the door.

But the teacher's unions don't like it.  They're not in control.  Teachers are actually held to standards (GASP!) and that's just not acceptable.

They and their other union buddies buy off politicians to block the expansion of these schools -
Charter schools, which are public schools overseen by private boards of directors, have exploded in Harlem over the last few years, with 24 of Manhattan’s 29 charter schools located north of 96th Street.

The area is home to two equally passionate factions: those who believe that charters provide a focused quality of education better than Harlem’s district schools provide, and those who believe the growth of charters starves traditional schools of resources. Perkins has firmly aligned himself with the anti-charter activists, a position that came into focus at hearings he held on April 22 as chairman of the New York State Senate Committee on Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions.
Hey, NEWS FLASH!  They DO starve traditional schools of resources.  That's a great thing.  Why would you want to continue dumping money into a system that has proven itself incompetent?  Why would you want to continue depriving children of the ability to go to a school that actually produces smart kids? 

Because the status quo is in the best interest of the teacher's unions.  Your kids education, be damned.

Accept The Challenge

It's in all of our interest to have an educated citizenry.  The more people are able to care and provide for themselves, the less burden is placed on social programs.

Realistically, I don't see the current Income Redistribution climate changing any time soon.  We can look to the future, and there are some things we can do -

If you're in a district with low graduation rates, regardless of skin color, get in front of your school board members and ask why this is happening.  Ask if they've drawn up plans to charter schools.  Ask them why they should be re-elected if their districts are not performing.

Ask what they're doing to address low graduation rates aside from throwing more money at the problem.  Tell them we've tried that for the last 40 years, and it hasn't worked.  You want ideas that have worked elsewhere.

And remember, just because you don't have kids in school doesn't mean this issue doesn't affect you.  If you pay taxes, you're affected!

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Anonymous said...

Sadly the welfare system which was enormously expanded in the 60's has created most of the problem. Probably no one who voted for it intended to destroy the lives of those who needed help but that is what they did. Many black families on welfare have no father figure in the home and children, especially boys, need a father. Although the welfare system is the major cause of the problem the effort by people like Jessie Jackson and others to profit by keeping the racial issues alive has taken it's toll as well. Most young black men and women believe they are owed something and don't think they should work for anything. Not all think this of course but many do and they believe this because the race baiters keep telling them what to think. Sad! Truely sad!

WTF said...

As an urban educator in a public school who is the product of both public and private schools in an suburban locale, I would like to say that you viewpoint is very limited. Their are lots of factors that add into being "disadvantaged." For instance in Macon, GA (where I am from) their is a premier academy for the blind that is public. They have over a 50 year reputation of excellence, yet the other public schools fail (white and black schools). I am no "bleeding heart" and I do feel some of your libertarian sounding rhetoric, but in the real world that we live in, blacks are targeted by police more than whites, incarcerated at higher rates, are less likely to get jobs that they are qualified or more qualified than others, identified as special education students and misdiagnosed, etc. That has an effect on graduation rates of black males. I teach my students to be responsible for themselves... and by that I mean as a collective unit (one's community is self).

I commend you and your wife for spending the mortgage bread on education... but did you spend the grocery money? Ever thought about who applied for the mortage... you or your Hispanic wife? I'm rambling now...

Well, I am not going to apologize for my statements, but I do feel that the folks that write these blogs need more info. Stick to survivalism... you're good at that. I follow you from time to time. And why in the hell did you use Erykah Badu's image for this post? She graduated from high school and college with honors and is a prepper as well as an artist... Tisk. Look up the amount of caucasians (non-latino) who receive federal assistance compared to blacks (non-latino) and you will be surprised! Whites aren't the majority for nothing...

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

I think you can start even closer to home... How many of these black males are the ONLY males in the house. The pervasive thought that males are expendable has done a huge disservice to the children of this country. More than disservice - crippled the children...

It is the exceptional child who can overcome poverty all alone to graduate. It usually takes a family expressing the importance...

We have had our children in private since day one. This year we are homeschooling 2 and leaving one in the same school. They have had an excellent education - but we can do better :)

Chief Instructor said...

Anon, I agree with all of your points. I think the start of the troubles was with the massive introduction of welfare. It's like a drug that's hard to kick. It has led to the break down in the black family structure, and the feeling of entitlement.

People and organizations like the NAACP, ACORN, Jackson, Sharpton and Wright are doing blacks a huge disservice by encouraging the, "you owe me" mentality.

WTF, Lots of stuff:

Disadvantage: Yeah, isn't it interesting how more and more people get painted as 'disadvantaged' and thus eligible to feed from the government feed trough? You say that there are a lot of factors involved.

Not with this study. As long as you're not white, you're considered disadvantaged. Period.

That is a horrific label to apply to some young kid.

STOP WITH THE DAMNED EXCUSES! It is people like you that have dug us this hole.

"Let's just give them a leg up" or "They DESERVE special consideration" or "Let's try Ebonics. That will SURELY help them get more jobs".

Life is tough. You figure out a way to make it. We're teaching them that they're not able to succeed on their own - they must rely on Nanny to exist. It's sickening.

Mortgage: I'm missing your point on the mortgage. We both completed the application.

If you're alluding to getting special consideration because of my wife's ethnicity, we have never used that. Our kids are 1/4 Hispanic. I forbid them to use that ever on any application as a way to get state or federal money. It utterly disgusts me that people get special consideration because of their skin color.

Stick to survivalism: What the hell do you think this is about? I'm looking past my nose and am worried about my kid's future. This special treatment and consideration because of your race or skin color is killing our country. This is the ULTIMATE survival post.

Payouts by race: You're kidding, right? You're trying to suggest that the percentage of whites that receive federal aid is greater than that of other races?

Pearls, as WTF mentioned, black males DO get stopped by the police more often. Most crimes are committed by black males, so police stop more of them, including those that are innocent. It's a huge, vicious circle that feeds on itself.

I was recently at a party and was talking with a guy who is an SFPD officer. He's black. His son - who is in a very good family - gets pulled over for "driving while black" all of the time.

It sucks. I get it.

These young men need to set the example for other black males. THEY need to start fixing the damage done by this massive welfare system that has rotted the black community.

Non-blacks can't do this. It MUST come from within their community.

I never said this was going to be easy. It's going to be tough as hell

suek said...

"How many of the non-graduating students, by race, had a single parent household?"

I think this may have been done - certainly I know it's been done from the angle of criminality, skin color and family structure. The result was that if you do the necessary corrections, the determining factor was the single parent family. _NOT_ skin color.

Chief Instructor said...

Sue, I believe it.

As I've mentioned before, my wife is a teacher - 5th grade. Her "problem kids" are (in descending order):

Single parent families
Divorced families
"Regular" families

Boys especially, need a man in the house. Once our testosterone starts kicking in, if we don't have someone to guide us and teach us how to be men, we tend to run amok. We're built to be aggressive. If that aggression isn't channeled into a positive direction...

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to choices. I grew up in a two parent family headed by a black father. Both my parents worked to provide for my siblings and I(as well as helping out family members)My father who had only a 4th grade education, stressed over and over to us that we had an opportunity to learn and we'd better get it and not blame anyone or make excuses-especially to him. I grew up with kids from single family homes with moms addicted to drugs who went on to graduate high school, attend college and become productive citizens. Yes, I know that they are the least likely to do so according to several studies, but it's not an impossiblity.
I'm tired of all the psycho-babble and race rhetoric from liberals and black "leaders" Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who should both know better. Shame on them! Black people have endured much worse(fire hoses, Jim Crow, second rate schools,the Klan, etc) and have still managed to succeed. It's time to leave that plantation mentality behind and stop depending on Uncle Sam to do those things that one can/should do for himself.

American, black, HSing, prepping mom of 5!

suek said...

>>Their are lots of factors that add into being "disadvantaged." For instance in Macon, GA (where I am from) their is a premier academy for the blind that is public.>>

Including qualified teachers...who know the difference between 'their' and 'there' and when to use one or the other.

Chief Instructor said...

Anon, you hit the nail on the head - it's all about personal choices.

My wife's family has everything from Fire Chiefs to convicts. The girls all turned out great, but only one of the boys did so. They all grew up in the same home with very different outcomes. Seven kids (yikes), three fathers. Not exactly an environment conducive to child rearing.

Her mom is a real piece of work.

I really admire people that home school. It's an incredible commitment of time and energy, but the kids are normally so far advanced of their peers when/if they enter public school or college.

The proofs in the pudding!

Sue, thanks. I was figuratively biting my tongue! There, their and they're misuse drive me nuts!

Anonymous said...

Too WTF: I think you are overly sensitive about the issue as it pertains to blacks. This issue came up because of a study showing an alarming number of black males failing so of course that is what we are discussing. To try to counter that white males fail as well seems to miss the point. Do you think we are offerring up opinions and ideas because we hate blacks??? NO! We are trying to offer ideas to solve or explain the problem as it is described.

Regarding schools "failing" students; in my opinion that happens but is rare. It is usually the parents failing the children and failing to support the schools. When you have a majority of parents failing their children in a single school then indeed it appears that the school is failing them. It all goes back to the parents.

Regarding black crime: You've got to be kidding. I go to Atlanta from time to time on business. Do not go out on the streets at night the city is full of black male youths looking for trouble. It is not safe. Do you really believe it would be safer if the police stopped arresting blacks until they had arrested an equal number of whites? When I used to visit New Orleans it was true there as well. You felt trapped in your hotel because it was unsafe at night.

Chief Instructor said...

Anon, I'm having a "conversation" with a person online at my local newspaper about Open Carry and gun laws.

This person's entire argument is that having guns on your person is a sign that you've given up on society, thus you're a part of the problem. This person refuses to recognize the real world, and wants to live this image of Nirvana. They came right out and said that people like me - who want to be able to defend ourselves - are the cause of the crime problem.

It's the same with poster "WTF". They refuse to recognize what is really happening, and want to transfer responsibility from the individuals to the collective.

It's easier to make excuses and throw money at it than to do the hard work of addressing the real causes.

Andrea said...

Excuses, excuses, excuses. That's all it is. Excuses for poor parenting. Excuses for poor judgement. Excuses for lack of morals. Excuses for laziness.

I suppose I should fall into the disadvantaged column. I grew up in a divorced household with NO involvment from my father, one generation removed from illiteracy and life in the coal mines of eastern Kentucky. Oh, and my great grandparents were cousins. Surely that puts me at a disadvantage (and explains my brother).

But we never received welfare or even child support.

My brother and I finished high school, myself with honors.

We both married BEFORE having children.

We both had means of supporting ourselves before having children.

We both knew that if we broke the law, facing mom would be worse than facing judges.

My mom would have accepted nothing less. It would have been easier for her to sit back and blame society for keeping us po' whites down, but she chose to act instead.

Chief Instructor said...

We both knew that if we broke the law, facing mom would be worse than facing judges.

Amen to that!