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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Letter To My Congressman

The Buying Precious Metals series will continue tomorrow.  Until then, I just "penned" this letter to one of my federal representatives (the other two being Babs Boxer and Diane Feinstein - do ya feel my pain?!).

My congressman is named Jerry McNerney.  He lied to us to get in, and he's lied to us to stay in.  I'm working hard to get him voted out of office this next term.  If he doesn't get re-elected, he won't get the sweet congressional health and retirement benefits.

I'm working really hard on this.
Mr. McNerney,

Two comments on your latest newsletter -

The Stop Outsourcing and Create American Jobs Act of 2010 is nothing more than "feel good" legislation. The plan is to tax those evil corporations? As I'm sure you're aware, not a single corporation in America pays one cent of tax. Every dollar you tax or fine them gets passed back to the consumer.
How do you think big businesses will respond to such foolish legislation? They've already moved much of their operations because the cost of doing business here is too high. Ya think they might move everything else?
If you really wanted to, "get the economy moving and create high quality jobs for California families," you'd work to reduce the tax burden on business.
LOL! Great chance of THAT ever happening from you.
My other comment is on the Financial Reform bill. Tell me: How many of the 2500+ pages did you read before you voted for it? Not a one, I'd guess.
Would you mind explaining to me how granting the SEC an exemption from FOIA requests makes our money any safer? The Bernie Madoff's of the world will certainly sleep better.
Me? Not so much.
Would you like to tell me how having small businesses have to complete IRS form 1099 for every single purchase over $600 will help to strengthen our financial system?
It's going to bury businesses of all sizes in unnecessary paperwork. I think the estimated tax revenues from this are something like $1.7 billion a year ($17 billion over 10 years). The cost to business to comply with this law will be unimaginable.
If I've done my math right, that $1.7 billion will run our $3.5 trillion government for about 4.25 hours. Woo hoo! We're on the road to recovery!
Is that how you're helping to, "get the economy moving and create high quality jobs for California families?"
American business is already in a hole, and you're giving us more shovels.
Thanks, but no thanks.

Accept The Challenge

We've got to scream and yell while it's still allowed, folks.  This blog post would probably have been disallowed (as political advertising or some other such garbage) if it were done too close to election day, had the DISCLOSE Act - which McNerney also voted for - passed.

Scream and yell, folks.  Scream and yell.

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commoncents said...

Just wanted to say I really like your blog! Keep up the great work!!!

common cents

GunRights4US said...

I don't believe they're listening Chief. There's no evidence to indicate that the will of the people matters to the ruling class. Democracy is but an illusion meant to lull the masses into complacency long enough for the pen to be locked tightly. Bad things are coming to this nation. Really bad things.

Chief Instructor said...

commoncents, thanks for coming by!

Guns, I know with almost absolute certainty that they're not listening. I know McNerney isn't listening. Feinstein even went so far back in 2007 or so to acknowledge she knew better than the nearly 100k people who called and wrote her telling her not to vote for TARP.

One of the main reasons I post these letters here is so others can see the arrogance of the politicians and maybe get pissed off so they'll vote out the bastards.

MikeH. said...


The problem I see with any form of contact with our government "representatives" is accountability. In short; there is no "device" in place to record, or gauge, the will of the people.

I can't help but speculate on the number of ink and paper letters that go into shredders without a second thought. Or the number of emails that are deleted without even being opened. That is, of course, unless they contain strong language that might bring about a response from government Ninja types.

If a vast majority of your fellow Californians shared your views, there is no way to know if your "representatives" are working to serve the people or just playing the game for their own benefit.

Rant mode off. (at least for the moment) I am looking forward to your continued posting on metals today.


Chief Instructor said...

Mike, yeah, I have no illusions that an individual letter/email does anything. In Feinstein's case, 100,000 didn't mean a damned thing. She got re-elected shortly afterwards.

All I can hope for is that enough people have had enough of their crap, and they'll vote them out.

Babs Boxer is in a dead heat right now for her Senate seat. I think this McNerney clown is still way ahead in the polls, but his main competitor is making small strides. I'm attending a Tea Party meeting at the end of the month where he's going to speak. I haven't yet gotten the impression that he's a Tea Party kinda guy - I think he's more of a traditional Republican. I'll know better after the meeting.

I hope there's a Q & A session...

suek said...

commoncents is a spammer. Posts the exact same comment multiple times on multiple blogs. This has been true for at least 3-4 years that I know of.

Anonymous said...

One of the problems with trying to restrict jobs from moving overseas is we have this thing called a constitution. I am free to sell products made in Mexico or China and if I am a manufacturer I am free to move my manufacturing facilities to China as well. How could they stop me??? And if they did find some way to prevent an American from moving their faciltities overseas then a foriegn company would take over. There is only one way to keep these kinds of jobs here and that is to make it more attractive to keep the jobs here (or move them here). Two ways to do this: reduce the tax burden on companies. And eliminate or reign in unions. (IMHO unions are the single biggest factor in jobs going overseas). My suggestion is eliminate all corporate taxes and replace that with a VAT. That way even foriegn made goods will pay the VAT and American based companies will pay no income taxes.