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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Faces Of Corruption and Racism

I've just gotta vent....

In the big picture of things, this ain't shit.  But, like "Death By A Thousand Cuts" it adds up, and pretty soon you've bled out.

The first set of faces is of two federal employees - from the Veteran's Administration (VA).


These two lovely ladies pulled a series of stunts that would likely land someone that's NOT getting a government paycheck, in jail.
Two Department of Veterans Affairs senior executives found guilty of wrongdoing will go back to work at full pay and status after administrative judges sustained the charges against them but reversed their punishments based on technicalities.
Well how do ya like them apples?  Found guilty, but because some fucking "T" wasn't crossed or some fucking "I" wasn't dotted, they get reinstated.

Just what did these two victimized ladies do?
Kimberly Graves and Diana Rubens were demoted last month from high-ranking positions at the VA after they helped push through transfers of subordinates from job positions they wanted for themselves and then collected relocation incentives totaling more than $400,000.
Oh my.  Sounds like they went all, "mean girls" on someone's ass, and got paid to do so.  Such a deal!

What is ironic  - and disgusting - is that on the day this miscarriage of justice is reported, a friend tells me of a Bay Area police academy recruit - who did two tours in Iraq or Afghanistan - took his own life.  Couldn't deal with the pressures of life any longer after being, "over there".

I wonder if that $400,000 that was pissed away on these two boils on the ass of America could have helped this guy get his head straight.  We owed him that much, didn't we?

We'll never know.


Those SOB racist Republicans!!!

Just as expected, in their first primary/caucus, they elected an all-lily-white slate for the presidential election.

[Queue the screeching breaks sound effects]

Oh, wait...

My bad.  The top 4 winners consisted of two Hispanics, a white guy and a black guy.

I'm sure the "Diversity Coalition" Democrats were much the same.

Oh, wait...

My bad.  Again.

Holy shit, you couldn't get more pasty and more white than these two.  For God's sake, go outside and get some rays once in a while.

Well, I'm sure the National Media has just torn the Democrat Party a new one for their clearly racist selections, and has been nothing but gushing with "pride" over the Republican's choices.  Right?  Right?

[Queue chirping crickets sound effects]


And that sink-hole of depravity "won" Iowa on six straight coin tosses!  You MUST be shittin' me!  Where's the NFL "coin cam" when you need it?


I don't know why I do this.  I just like to yell from time to time, I guess.

Serious as a heart attack, how could ANYONE - even family members - vote for either of these Democrats?  One should be in leg irons being perp-walked to jail, and the other wants to make basically everything you want in life to be free.  Well, except for the 90% haircut our paychecks will take.

Hmm.  Maybe I just won't work then, huh?

At least HE's being honest about it.

The VA - and most of government - is simply corrupt.  It just grows, and grows, and consumes more and more of our resources.

Watch your collective asses, folks.  It's not going to shrink any time soon (government, not your ass!).

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