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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Keeping Your Wits About You

A few years back, I was teaching an Introductory Pistol class at a local gun range and shop.  All of what happened below was going on not more than 20 feet from where me and my 6 students were in class.  Didn't hear a peep!

Normally, the place had two employees present when they were open, but for some reason, the other employee didn't get into work on time.

Shortly after opening the store, some guy comes into the store and starts asking about picking up some pepper spray for his girlfriend.  The employee came out from behind the counter to go over to the pepper spray display which was locked up.

As the employee is unlocking the case - with his back to the "customer" - he gets his head slammed into the wall, and the bad guy tried to pull out the good guy's open carry pistol.   Thankfully, the gun was in a Serpa Retention holster, so the guy couldn't get the gun out.

The good guy - a rather large gentleman - threw an elbow at the bad guy hitting him square in the face.

Here's the point to the story - The bad guy ran out of the store.  The good guy drew his weapon, got sights on the bad guy.... and re-holstered his gun.

Why?  He was no longer being threatened.

This story has a different ending.  In this case, the good guy got free from his ropes, got his pistol, and shot the bad guy.

As he was fleeing.
David Martinez, 38, was shot and killed on Sunday after he turned a Craigslist offer into an attempted armed robbery. His victim, bound inside his own home, managed to untie himself and fire shots as Martinez fled. Martinez, who had a long criminal history, crashed his vehicle and died at the scene.
Now, I'm not going to shed too many tears that this turd-of-a-human is dead.  What I am saddened by is that this victim likely turned himself into a criminal.

In his adrenaline-soaked state of mind, he saw bad guy and shot bad guy.  Even though he was no longer being threatened.

Training and mentally walking through different scenarios would have saved him from this grief.  Keeping his mouth shut after the shooting might have helped as well.  One of the first things the Second Call Defense program stresses is that after you call for 911 help, you call your pre-paid attorney.

Then shut the hell up.

At our precious metals store, we regularly discuss different scenarios where bad guys emerge.  Our response is always greater than the threat presented - including the use of deadly force - but it's not always the expected response.

For instance, if a gun or other deadly weapon is displayed, there is a very good chance you'll be shot before you get a chance to harm us.  If you grab some merchandise and flee, you'll be pursued and likely get your ass kicked, but use of deadly force is unlikely unless our lives are threatened.

Use your head.  Go through scenarios in your mind.  Don't hesitate in defending yourself, but practice identifying situations where the use of deadly force is justified.

And when it isn't.

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GunRights4US said...

Only those wearing government costumes are allowed to shoot even after there is no threat (or if there ever was). We mundanes cannot.