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Monday, October 5, 2015

Pistol Packin' Psychos

**Potty-mouth alert**

So, we've had another mass shooting at a school.  No surprise there.

The common denominator of every one of these mass shootings is that they occur in Gun Free Zones.  Why is that so difficult for parents, teachers, administrators and politicians to see that these laws turn schools, et al, into shooting galleries for the criminal class?

The crazy bastard James Holmes who shot 12 dead in the Colorado movie theater did extensive planning for his killing spree.  He wanted a place where lots of people gathered.  He considered an airport, but didn't want to be considered a terrorist.  Just a mass murderer.  And I'll bet the whole, "There will be guns pointed my way after a my first shot," got his attention, too.

So he chose a Gun Free Zone theater, even though the police were close by.  He'd have plenty of time to do his deeds -
In the notebook, Holmes diagrammed the individual theaters and even noted that a police station was just three minutes away. Holmes apparently visited the theater two weeks before the night of the shootings, a detective testified in 2013. 
Holmes listed three options on how to conduct the shooting, when to begin the attack and weighed the possibilities. Holmes considered theaters 12, 10 and the theater he ended up in, 9.
Do I WANT to have guns on campus, in churches and movie theaters?  Hell no.  I'd love everything to be all rainbows and unicorns, but I'm an adult.  I recognize that there are bad guys in the world.  Always have been, and there always will be.

Why would I even consider that the best way to protect ourselves and our children in school from gun-toting maniacs would be to remove the means of defense from the good guys?  It's the exact opposite of what makes sense.

Your president jumped on TV and said that he supported "common sense" gun laws.  What might those be, Barry?  Give me a couple of laws that restrict access to guns by good citizens that could have stopped some insane shit-head from shooting up a school.  OK, I'll take just ONE, asshole!

As usual:  Gun laws don't restrict criminals in their activities (they're criminals, you soft-headed piece of shit!).  They restrict good citizens from stopping criminals in their illegal activities.

The usual list of "gun safety" solutions from these idiots:

"Gun Show Loophole" - What might that be?  Do you mean you want all guns registered or that the buyer must first go through a background check?  Tell me how that would stop these murders.  If memory serves, all of the guns used in Oregon, Sandy Hook, etc., were LEGALLY obtained guns.  How'd that law work out for ya?  And the psycho that shot up Virginia Tech - the one who had been judged mentally incompetent - he PASSED YOUR FUCKING BACKGROUND CHECK!

"Magazine Size Limits" - Gawd, this hurts my head.  When Mainstream America hears this one, they say, "Hey, that sounds good."  In their heads, they envision Rambo with a fully automatic AK47 spraying down Commies.  Did any of you mush-melons actually read about the Oregon shooting?  Well, it seems that skippy lined up the victims, asked them their religion, then shot them - one by one - in the head or legs depending upon the answer (answering, "Christian" got you the head shot).  How would having smaller magazines have reduced the number of dead/shot people?  Spoiler Alert:  IT WOULDN'T HAVE DONE SHIT.  The same thing could have been done with a bolt action rifle or a single-action revolver.  What would have stopped the carnage was a concealed pistol aimed and fired at the back of the sick bastard's head.  I'll volunteer to provide the Formula 409 to clean the walls of his brains.

"Sue Gun Manufacturers" - I will agree to this just as soon as every victim of a felony car crash can sue the automobile manufacturer for the death.  Or a felony knife stabbing.  Or a felony baseball bat beating.  Or a felon drowning in a pool, bathtub or bucket.  Why not?  All of those things did exactly what they were manufactured to do - cut/stab, batter something, hold water - but were misused by some psycho.  "Guns are made for only one thing - to kill something."  True dat - although just seeing a would-be victim with a gun stops MILLIONS of assaults each year.  But it wasn't manufactured for murder.  Some sick bastard chose to use it in that fashion.  In their typical myopic vision, they don't see the unintended consequence:  In their zeal to shut down gun manufacturers - and it would succeed - it would also remove guns from the police and military.  Suck on that one for a minute, cupcake.  Who's gonna protect your sorry ass now?  Officer Nerf Pistol?  Oh yeah, and it wouldn't stop Mr. Psycho from using a currently-existing gun, so it would do exactly NOTHING to stop the mass killings.


When my boys started school 20+ years ago, I gave them the same marching orders I was given when I was their age:  "When challenged to a fight, reply, 'You throw the first punch, and I'll throw the last punch.'"

I meant it in both actual practice and philosophy.  Don't go around picking fights, but don't be a victim for anyone.  Ever.

Each year, we'd get the "school rules" - the ones that said any fighting - even in self-defense - would result in suspension.  Each year, I'd have the talk with them again.  I told them that if a fight ever came about, and they were defending themselves, swing for the fences, Lose your fucking mind in defending yourself!  I'd take the heat.  Throw my ass under the bus!  "My dad told me to hit back!"

They had their fights - few and far-between - but I backed them every time, and they were never suspended.  Why didn't they get into many fights?  After all, they were both typical, rambunctious boys with more testosterone than sense.  Because everyone knew they'd fight back.  They were not going to get punked.

America is getting punked.  This all feeds into the government-spoon-fed notion of the Value Of Victimhood.  We fairly yearn to be victims.  We'll pass some fucking law that makes all of the soft-headed plebes feel safe.  And it does nothing.  Other than letting the bad guys know they'll be able to do their deed unimpeded.  Sure, the cops will eventually get there and stop the guy - with one of their guns - but not before the multiple, unnecessary deaths.

You're a defenseless victim.  Let someone of authority fix your problem.  Sorry your head got caved in, or your brains got blown out, but at least you have the moral superiority of following the law!

It's cliche, but true:  Gun control isn't about guns, it's about control.  Until you accept responsibility and control for your own life, you are nothing but a bucket of chum in a pool filled with sharks.

Fuck that shit.

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RHT447 said...

Some random thoughts—

The Second Amendment to our constitution grants nothing. Our rights are unalienable, granted by God. As such, our government does not have the power to grant or revoke them. Do not let the other side hi-jack the discussion with specious terms like “legitimate hunters”.

Under original intent, the term “well regulated” means working properly and/or well trained. A “free state” is synonymous with “state of freedom”. So try this… A well trained militia being necessary for the security of a state of freedom, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Any effort to change or destroy any constitutional amendment outside the proper process of state ratification is by definition an act of sedition against the United States of America and its people.

Chief Instructor said...

You'll get no argument on any of your points from me.

With regards to your last point about changing amendments (or actual articles, for that point), well, that horse has left the corral. "Interpretations" are made and ratified by SCOTUS, and suddenly a guaranteed or granted right is weakened, or federal powers expanded.

I, myself, live my life according to the Constitution and amendments as originally written and intended. The writing is clear and concise - not really difficult to understand and enforce.

Unless you're a lawyer or federal agency.

Adam said...

I am not sure about good old California. But where I live, mikitia is defined as every able bodied male (or person) between 18-64.

If gun control would keep guns away from a criminal, you would think the laws against murder would already do that. Guess not...

Chief Instructor said...

Adam, I believe for Constitutional purposes, that's the age range as well.

RE: Laws - The Hildabeast and Barry keep throwing "the Australian" model around. Don't they know it didn't work out so well - at least not for good citizens? Crime rates rose, and - this is so sweet - ARMED robbery increased by some insane percentage (over 40%, I believe). Guess the bad guys didn't get the memo to turn in their guns.

Funny, that.....