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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

COWARD! Race Nazis Win Another One In South Carolina

The Cowardly Leon - Sheriff Leon Lott
I was having breakfast this morning with an old buddy, and this recent manufactured race-baiting incident came up in our conversation.

Him:  So, what do you think of that cop down South that tossed that girl from her seat?

Me:  I think the cop acted 100% appropriately.  Why?  What do you think?

Him:  Are you kidding me!  He grabbed that girl, flung her across the classroom like a rag doll!  How can you be OK with that?

Me:  Seriously?  What do you know about what happened?

Him:  Well, not much.  I just saw the video and a headline on Yahoo, and if that was my kid, I ..... well, I don't want to say what I'd do.  That was SO FAR out of line.

Me:  I know exactly what I'd do.  I'd be having my kid write a letter to the teacher, the vice principal, the cop and the sheriff's department apologizing for his behavior.  Oh, and he'd be giving an apology to the class for the disruption.

Him:  WTF?

I then proceeded to give him the facts, not just the manufactured race-baiting narrative.

The girl was not participating in the math class discussion.

Warning #1A, B, C ...:  The BLACK math teacher saw her texting on her cell phone, and REPEATEDLY asked her to stop and give him the phone.  She refused.

Warning #2:  The teacher then told her to leave the classroom.  She refused.

Warning #3:  The teacher called the vice principal (the school has 2 that might fit - a white man and a black woman - both of whom have to do with security and discipline).  The VP told her to leave the classroom.  She refused.

Warning #4:  The VP called the school resource officer.  He told her to leave the classroom.  She refused.

Four warnings.  Four opportunities to act like a civilized human being.  Four opportunities to cease the disruption in the classroom

Four opportunities to let this incident be resolved peacefully.

At this point, I asked my friend what HE would do, now that he had this information.

Him:  I don't know.  I just know that I wouldn't have done THAT!

Me:  That's not what I asked.  I asked you what you would actually do.  Would you suggest a group hug session so that the girl could feel better about herself?  Would you suggest that the rest of the class be asked to leave so that THEY didn't disturb HER?  What would you DO?

Crickets chirping.

We discussed what the police should do when a business owner, or home owner have a disruptive customer or guest that refuses to leave.  Do we just let them stay because they want to?

Me:  And what about the other kids in the class.  I'm sure at least some of them were actually there to learn something (it's a high school math class, so that may be a bit of a stretch!).  What about THEIR rights?  Their right to an education.  Should the obstinate, entitled, self-centered wishes of a disruptive fellow student trump the rights of the entire classroom?

Him: Of course not.  No reasonable person would do that.  But he still didn't have to be so rough on her.

Me:  Really?  So what would you have done?  After her 4 warnings, the cop grabbed her under the left arm to lift her from the chair.  She resisted.  She grabbed the chair with her right hand, holding on.  THAT'S when the flip-and-pitch occurred.  But not before she took a swing at him while she's still in the chair.  The cop pulled her VERY FORCEFULLY to break her grip from the chair, and she went flying.  What would you have done?  Use your Taser?  Pepper Spray her?

Him:  No, no, no.  None of that.  I just don't know.

Me:  Oh, and let me put a couple of cherries on top of  the sundae:  Both the BLACK teacher and the vice principal INITIALLY* said that the actions of the cop were appropriate to the situation.  And the "racist" cop - he's dating a black woman.  Has been for a long time.

(*  I'll bet dollars to donuts that they NOW "think" it was excessive force.  Wouldn't want to be called an Uncle Tom, right?)


We finished up breakfast, I got home, and I saw that the cop had been fired by his cowardly sheriff - let's call him The Cowardly Leon.  The Cowardly Leon has also called the FBI and DOJ to look into civil rights abuses, blah, blah, blah.

What a worthless piece of crap.  The Cowardly Leon admitted that she had been given - and ignored - all of the warnings, that the teacher and VP said the force used by the cop was appropriate, and that she had taken a swing at his deputy.

And he still fired the deputy.

The Cowardly Leon threw his deputy under the Politically Correct Bus.  The Race Nazis win another round.

Oh, and his response to the question of, "What should the deputy have done?"  He answered to the effect of, "Deputies shouldn't be called to classes to remove disruptive students.  That's the job of the school."

Really, Cowardly Leon?  Then what are your deputies doing there?  Just figureheads?


Here's what I know.  I know my grandchildren - whenever they arrive in this world - will NOT be going to government schools.  Not in a million years.

The government schools in our area have turned into war zones, with verbal assaults and threats being hurled at teachers - and nothing being done.  The only time there is any type of consequences is when there is a physical assault.  For now.  The inmates truly run the asylum.

Any attempt to enforce discipline is met with charges of racism.  So they don't enforce discipline.

When these uneducated animals "graduate" (I'll be discussing this in an upcoming post), they have no skills - academically or socially - and then wonder why they can't find a job.

Hey, government school:  You reap what you sow.  Teach kids to underachieve, and play the victim whenever their lack of achievement is in the spotlight, and you end up with the pile of dung in which we find ourselves.

Well done!  This is your, "Mission Accomplished" moment!

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Adam said...

Great post! You examined it jyst how I did. There is one addition.

The Deputy "flung" her to move her away from the desks so he could get her to a larger area to handcuff her. Doing it next to a bunch of desks could have him handcuffing in an area that is not as safe.

Additionally the student committed the following 3 crimes in SC:
Disrupting a classroom
Resisting Arrest
Assault on an officer

I agree the Sheriff is a coward.

Chief Instructor said...

I had a number of black customers in the store today. Every single one of them said the deputy did the right thing. A couple suggested she needed a public spanking!

Amen to that!