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Friday, September 11, 2015

Stop The Pity Party!

I saw this image yesterday, and knew it was going to be a rough day today.

The national pity party was gearing up.

"Oh, a rainbow coming from the new Trade Center..... Unity and remembrance....  A sense of renewal and hope...."

I wanted to projectile vomit.

I awoke this morning to Fox news (TV was left on over night) and some kid reading a list of names.  My initial foggy reaction was, "WTF?"  Then, a bell rang on TV - signifying when the first plane struck the World Trade Center - and that snapped me out of my slumber.

Let The Pity Party Begin!!

We do this shit every year.  This celebration of victimhood.  If you lost someone that day, OK, mourn their passing.  I get that.

But that's not what this is all about.  It's the "6 Degrees of Separation" victimhood it seems everyone has to the events from 14 years ago.

"My dog was bred at a kennel in San Diego, and the kennel owner had just returned from a visit to his grandmother in NYC.  JUST TWO DAYS BEFORE THE ATTACK!  I'm still reeling from the experience."

I want to punch them in the head.  If you're not a victim, you're just not cool.

How about this?  If we MUST do something on this day, how about we celebrate the actual, bonafide heroes from that day.

Yes, many of the cops and firefighters for sure, did incredibly heroic acts.  But also shine the light on the regular, every-day people who performed acts of bravery to help others without the expectation of reward.

Tell their story to help us shake off this, "I'm scared of the boogie-man" mentality.  Shine the light on the people who put their lives in danger to save the life of another.

THAT'S how you build a strong national culture of service and community.

Like the 24 year old equities trader who saved 18 lives before he was killed.

Or the chef who saved hundreds, and who died because he went back to help a woman in a wheelchair.

Or the internet entrepreneur who was the first death of the day as he fought the hijackers, but was ultimately stabbed to death.  A plane full of people, but he's the one that took action.

Heroism is defined by your actions, not by your job.

Encourage and celebrate bravery and success.  Stop with the victim mentality and end this national pity party.

Stop cowering, and grow a pair, America.

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