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Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'll Put My Money On History

Ahhh, the pause that refreshes.

While on my break, I had some time to think.  Here are some semi-random thoughts:

1.  Diversity - We all know that this is a code word for affirmative action.  There aren't enough women or minorities in various businesses or industries, and it MUST be changed.


In essence, it's saying that regardless of skills, effort, ambition or qualifications, you must have a minimum number of blacks/Hispanics/Asians/women in your company.  The Party Line is that it will bring a new persepective to the company, and things will be all rainbows and unicorns.

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Hey, if it's such a great idea, why don't you start your own company with under/non-skilled employees and see how that works for you?  [queue chirping crickets]

Don't you idiots think that if skin color or personal plumbing were more important than skills for a successful business, it would have already been done?  
Diversity in the workplace is more important than skills in the workplace.

Read that out loud so you can hear how stupid it sounds.

And that's one of the big problems with our country right now.  The socialists - with their diversity and inclusiveness programs - never put their own money where their mouth is.  They take OUR money instead.  They are unwilling to risk their own capital on their Great Experiment, but they're damned quick to risk yours.

There are LOTS of rich socialists - Soros and the majority of rich Hollywood actors leap to mind.  Pony up a pile of your own money, and then walk away.  And when that money is gone, pony up another pile.  And another, and another.

They're "entitled" to it, aren't they?

As a side note, it's also a slap in the face of the minorities/women that are in these programs.  It is acknowledgement that you, as an individual, can't make it on your own.

Wipe your own ass, get some education, and grow a pair.  You're not a victim, you're just not willing to take the time to develop the skills needed to succeed.

2.  Going Cashless - It's raising its ugly head again.  I wrote about this last May (Buh-Bye Cash) - it is in all government's best interest to outlaw cash transactions.  Why?  Control and taxes.

France has now, once again, lowered the bar for cash transactions.  It's gone from 3000 euros to 1000 euros.  Soon enough, it will be zero.

They always justify it with the "common good" explanations - druggies and terrorists with their money laundering schemes. 

That's unadulterated crap.

If a transaction happens in cash, it can't be taxed, because it isn't in a database somewhere and The State doesn't know it happened.  Also, the various world entities such as our Federal Reserve Bank can't discourage savings (and encourage spending) by placing negative interest rates on deposit accounts.

Right now, if you're getting charged by the bank to hold your money (negative rates), you take it out in cash and hide it under the mattress.  If everything is electronic-only, you've got to spend the money or see it "die a death of a thousand cuts" - slowly frittering away to nothing as it sits in an account.

See, The State knows better than you on how you should manage your money.  Spend it, and sales happen.  When sales happen, they get their taxes.  All good!

What rational people do is to buy durable, trade-able goods.   Toilet paper, tools, guns, ammo, soap, dried foods, etc. 

And precious metals.  It's all about preservation of assets. 

Look to Venezuela, Greece and Argentina right now.  When you impose either capital controls (such as described above) or have hyper-inflation, tangible assets are your only safe haven.

Serious as a heart attack, get thee some precious metals, and practice, practice, practice your negotiating skills.  Go to garage sales, buy and sell on Craigslist, go to a farmer's market and haggle.  Get over your reluctance to negotiate.

Your future well being will depend upon it.

3.  Police murders - This recent spate of out-and-out executions of police officers is, I fear, just the start.  Years ago, when the obscene abuses perpetrated by some police officers - which were then swept under the rug - started coming to light, I noted that people were eventually going to push back, and it would be done violently.

I'm talking about things like brutal beatings for standing up for your rights, no-knock warrants, shootings, asset forfeitures, killing of yard dogs, arrests on trumped up charges, etc.  Now, with the widespread use of smartphone cameras, the formerly unquestioned word of the Boys In Blue that were abusing the citizens can be shown to be lies.

The abuse of Color of Authority was more widespread than we had thought.

Let's be clear:  I am in no way condoning or approving of these murders, I'm just saying that I saw this result coming from a mile away.

I've stated that the only way to head this off was for police chiefs and Sheriffs to quickly and very publicly discipline/fire/prosecute offending officers, instead of the usual "reassignment" or other non-punishment that was typically meted out.

I'm pleased to see that this punishment is happening with greater frequency, but I think it's too little, too late.

We've now got this bullshit, "Black Lives Matter" circle jerk, and it's stirring things up.  Not the non-PC "All Lives Matter," only black lives. 

I was listening to the radio this past week, and the host noted that in the US each year, about 100 blacks are killed by white police officers each year.  That includes everything - justifiable and non-justifiable.  Also each year, 5600 blacks kill other blacks.  A 56-to-1 ratio.  I'm going out on a limb here and guessing an incredibly low percentage of those were justifiable.

So I guess their slogan should be changed to, "Black Lives Matter Unless You're Also Black."

To emphasize the insanity of this movement, a black guy who calls himself, "King Nobel, Black Supremacy", posted this (watch the whole 3 minute video) [link] -
"It's open season on killing whites and police... and they better make some serious, serious changes... social changes... at this point, 'cuz it ain't lookin' good." 

As the Israelis do with the Muslims, I believe him.  When some group says they want to slaughter a group to which I'm a member - I take that seriously.

Their approach is taking our collective eye off the ball:  We've got a handful of bad cops that need to be dealt with quickly and publicly.

This psycho thinks that by making it "open season" on anyone or any group, the problem will go away.  Instead of going after the specific offenders - legally - I believe this "wipe 'em all out" approach will result in a similarly aggressive and violent response.

Got range time?  Got SecondCall Defense?

3B.  Social Justice - Is this the kind of social justice you're looking for, King Nobel?
Dr. Anderson’s instinct, he said, is that of a “social justice thinker” who is “evening the scales a little bit.” He said that the children he sees with academic problems are essentially “mismatched with their environment” — square pegs chafing the round holes of public education. Because their families can rarely afford behavior-based therapies like tutoring and family counseling, he said, medication becomes the most reliable and pragmatic way to redirect the student toward success.

“People who are getting A’s and B’s, I won’t give it to them,” he said. For some parents the pills provide great relief. Jacqueline Williams said she can’t thank Dr. Anderson enough for diagnosing A.D.H.D. in her children — Eric, 15; Chekiara, 14; and Shamya, 11 — and prescribing Concerta, a long-acting stimulant, for them all. She said each was having trouble listening to instructions and concentrating on schoolwork.

“My kids don’t want to take it, but I told them, ‘These are your grades when you’re taking it, this is when you don’t,’ and they understood,” Ms. Williams said, noting that Medicaid covers almost every penny of her doctor and prescription costs.

Holy shit.  Drug 'em up and get 'em in line.  Hey, and it's free, too.  Well, it's free to those getting the blow dart in the neck.  It's not free to the dwindling ranks of tax payers. 

I'll bet this works out as well as welfare and affirmative action have worked out.

New motto for Medicaid:  Building victims and dependents, one dose at a time...


So, what do all of these things have in common?  They are all about your personal freedom.  More precisely, they are rooted in some form of government using its power to restrict your freedoms.

No freedom to choose with whom you work or hire, no freedom to terminate bad government or private employees, no freedom to educate your children as you see fit, no freedom to spend your earned money as you see fit, and no freedom to keep the money you've earned.

It takes work, effort and planning, but if your assets are "above board" - in bank accounts, savings accounts, retirement accounts, trading accounts - they are all subject to seizure or control by a State entity.

As noted earlier, the Black Lives Matter bullshit is, well, bullshit.  But, it is but a symptom of a greater, socialist/control cancer that's in our country - and it's spreading quite rapidly.

It's ALWAYS about the money.

Once The State's, "Wizard Of Oz: lever-pulling eventually fails to keep the markets and financial systems in line, what do you think will be the result?

Once again, I direct you to Venezuela, Greece and Argentina for a preview of things to come.  State control of markets and financial systems has NEVER worked in the history of the world.  Every time it's been tried, it has failed.  Without exception.

Capital controls result in shortages of goods because The State won't allow money to flow out so goods can be purchased.  The shortages result in civil unrest, and the collapse of public safety. 

In short:  Those that have become dependent upon The State with their worthless Barry Bucks still want to eat.  Empty shelves and a full EBT card are not a good combination for people with no skills.  And then the shit hits the fan.

I could be wrong, but if I were a betting man, I'd be putting my money on history...

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Back! Been checking every day, as I run through my blog roll. Missed you.

Chief Instructor said...

Well that's much appreciated! There's certainly plenty of fodder out there to rant about...

RHT447 said...

"In essence, it's saying that regardless of skills, effort, ambition or qualifications, you must have a minimum number of blacks/Hispanics/Asians/women in your company."

Indeed. And homeowners in your neighborhood as well. Thus, the ninja loan:

No Income.
No Job.
No Assets.

We all no how that worked out.

Then there is the story of the (insert race/color/gender here) individual who is standing in front of their bosses desk being handed a pink slip, where upon said individual plays the race card.

You're firing me because I'm (insert race/color/gender here)!

The boss says nothing, turns and walks to a shelf, and returns with a very thick binder full of government regs. The boss flips some pages, then finds the appropriate reference. Pointing to the page, the boss looks up and says "No. We had to hire you because you're (insert race/color/gender here). We're firing you because you're a flippin'

Adam said...

Good to see you back.

I agree they are trying to get rid of cash so they can charge a negative interest rate. But its also so you will be forced to spend so they can pretend the economy isnt tanking.

The BLM movement is crazy. They are showing they are racist. But more importantly they are resorting to violence to solve their problems. It will only get worse.

Chief Instructor said...

RHT447 - Firing a "protected class" because they're an idiot?! Well, that's "hate speech" and you should be arrested because it's a "hate crime".

Reason number 394,234 why a business think VERY hard about hiring ANY more employees. It's just not worth the grief.

My upcoming business venture will have zero outside employees. Everything that needs to be done that are outside of my skillset will be farmed out to independent contractors. Each one of them will be a "one project, then DONE" arrangement so there can be no doubt that they are NOT my employee.

The Nanny State at its finest...

Adam - Indeed. The BLM thing hurts my head. Apparently, it's now fully accepted by the MSM that blacks making patently racist statements, and supporting patently racist agendas..... is not racist.

I guess my White Privilege card won't work any more...