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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Some Good Ideas

A friend sent me an email with a bunch of photos demonstrating some damned good ideas.  I thought I'd share the ones I liked best...

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suek said...

Used the corn technique last night - flavor was very good, but the de-husking move was not particularly successful. I ended up just peeling the husk off. The silk came off with the husk, but the "squeeze and pull" method didn't work. Probably because it was too darn hot to really grasp the end.


how do you get that Chapstick tube empty so that you can put bills into it without getting them all greasy??

Chief Instructor said...

I'll be buying some corn for this coming weekend, and am planning on trying out the squeeze deal.

With the chapstick, use the tube, then put it in a bowl with warm water and Dawn dishsoap. The stuff is great for breaking down oils (it's the stuff they use to de-oil birds that have been caught in oil spills).