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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I don't know if I'm just a heartless ass (I can live with that), but when I see these people in NY, NJ, CT bitching and moaning and whining that the government isn't moving quickly enough to restore their Dependent Class lives, I feel nothing but anger and contempt.

Not pity.  Not compassion.  But contempt.

You incompetent, soft, lazy, Me Generation, IDIOTIC Sons of Bitches knew this mega-storm was coming.  The entire nation knew it was coming 10 days in advance.  Four days in advance, we all knew it was going to be an ass-kicker.

Like a normal, rational, thinking human being, did you decide to get as far away from danger as possible?  No, you decided to stick around.  I now see your whiny mug on TV crying about your lack of utilities, food and water.  Boo-hoo-hoo!   YOU put yourself into this situation, YOU get yourself out. 

And shut the hell up about it.

Since I'm in a puppy kicking and insect-wing pulling mood, I'm really getting sick of everyone and everything being a 'hero' or 'heroic'.

In my mind, a hero is someone who - in an extraordinary, selfless act - puts their life at risk for the life of another.  So, contrary to what we heard during October's Breast Cancer Awareness month, just because you got and beat cancer doesn't make you a hero.

You're tough, resilient, determined, and brave for facing an event that could easily take your life.  But you're not a hero.  Just because you're a cop, or fire fighter or in the military, does not make you a hero.

A hero is a citizen who enters his neighbor's burning home and pulls everyone out.  A hero is a cop who dives into freezing water to pull a child from the water.  A hero is a soldier dives on a grenade or charges a hill by himself so his fellow soldiers may live.

We lessen the concept and importance of heroism when we attach it to any difficult task.

Speaking of words, I HATE the word, 'empower'.  "She attended the class and now feels empowered to lose 50 pounds".  Or start a business.  Or change her hair color.  Or date a new guy.

It seems to mostly be used by women.  When I glance at anything Oprah says, writes or does, it seems like "empowered" is at the heart of it.

Really?  It strikes me as having gotten permission, or something along those lines.  Why can't you just say, "She felt fat and out of shape, so she decided to drop some pounds."?  Nope.  Unless you've been empowered by some mystical class or chant or role model, you're doomed to failure.


After Barry wins (Electoral College for sure, popular vote maybe), is anything going to change in your immediate future?  I'm hoping to buy at least one gun tomorrow - two if possible (a long gun and a handgun), and I'll squirrel away a bit more ammo, but other than that, it's going to be Prepping As Usual.

I think Barry may move to restrict access to guns, so I don't want to get caught without the last couple of purchases on my To Do list.  Other than that, I think the economy is screwed beyond repair, and there is nothing Mitt could do that would stop it.  He might have been able to slow the bleeding a bit, but not stop it.  So whether Barry or Mitt wins, my life will be about the same.  Economy, USA PATRIOT Act, NDAA, QEIII - both Mitt and Barry read from the same script.

Don't fool yourself into thinking Mitt would be your savior.

Most of you probably don't pay much attention to detailed California politics, but we've got a couple of competing "tax enhancement" propositions on the ballot.  According to the pollsters, it looks like one or both may pass.

Gawd, I'm surrounded by mouth-breathing inbreds.  Apparently, the "school children will be kicked to the curb if we don't vote this in," advertisements have worked as hoped.  The Government schools won't see one more dime than they're now getting.  While the legislation "strongly suggests" that the extra money go to schools, it doesn't require it.

Picture the crew from Animal House suddenly coming across a semi-trailer full of Jack Daniels, and you'll be able to visualize what Sacramento is going to look like in 2013.

There's a saying, "As California goes, so goes the country."  I think it's happening already.

Look at the national Republican party and compare it to the one in California.  With the disaster heaped upon us by Barry, how could the Repubs NOT win this election?  Every Obama promise made, broken.  Every goal set, missed.  This should have been an ass-whooping of epic proportions.

Instead, he's gonna win re-election.

The same thing happens here in California.  Our state has steadily dropped from the tops of achievement lists, to the bottom of the barrel.  Our state economy is in a shambles.  The only answer Sacramento has to filling the budget gap is to raise taxes.  The Dems have "owned" this state for decades.  Yet they are overwhelmingly re-elected each and every cycle.

As in California, the federal government has established a permanent, dependent class.  It is a huge mass of people who all know (literally) where their bread is buttered.  Republicans then come in and say they're going to stop or slow the gravy train, and get their ass handed to them.

Over 100 million Americans on some sort of government payment or "entitlement" system.  Nearly half of working Americans don't pay income tax.  Entire generations being taught and encouraged to get in line and outstretch their palms.

And the way to win back the 'hearts and minds' of this crowd is by telling them they are going to get less if they elect you?  Yeah, right.  Good plan.

I'm not sure the Repubs have much of a chance of regaining national power in the future.  Unless they get more into the "vote for us and we'll give you shit" game.  They're OK at it with big businesses, let's see if they can extend the skill to buying votes of the little guy as well.

No one leads any more.  They just pander.

Please, oh please, let me be wrong!  While a Romney win would likely give us rioting right after the election, for the medium-term, it would give us more time to prep.  More time is more good!

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Chris said...

I completely agree with your comments about CA. I hate this state with a passion and it's depressing to think that every tax hike on the ballot is likely to pass. I'm cautiously optimistic that Obama will be kicked to the curb though. I hope there are enough people with common sense left. Will things change if Romney is President? Don't know, but I hope so. There's that pesky optimism again. Maybe a couple more years of dissapointment will knock that out of me. : )

Crustyrusty said...

I've been saying it the whole time... this country is circling the drain; Romney is only going to slow, not stop, the process. This does, however, give us more time to buy canned goods, ammo and PMs. If 0bozo wins, we have maybe a few months.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all of you who choose not to vote as a political statement or voted for Paul etc. Thank you for four more years of the Marxist Kenyan in Chief. We will now see the dream act and free health care and college for illegal immigrants. Oh, yeah, your taxes are going up. Good luck.

Just Another Fing Jackass said...

Anonymous 7:06,

You're welcome. My vote didn't matter, my state was 57% to 41% for Romney. I voted for the only candidate against the Patriot Act, NDAA, and the Drug War (Gary Johnson). A vote for Obomney would have been wasted, maybe the Republicans should think about becoming real conservatives, and not neo-cons, religious zealots, and statists/corporitists.

Chief Instructor said...

Chris, I was gut-punched this morning. When I went to bed, Prop 30 was losing. Woke up, and it had passed. Even more devistating is that the Dems now have a super majority in both state houses. We're screwed beyond belief. Whatever tax, whatever law, whatever intrusion they want to pass, there is no way to stop them. This is so incredibly bad, I'm kind of punch drunk.

Crusty, exactly. Well, looks like it might be time to up the prepping schedule, not only because Barry got re-upped, but because of the aforementioned change at the CA statehouse. Seriously, this is devastating what's going to happen further here in CA.

Anon, Happy to contribute to your ulcer. Do you really, REALLY think there would have been that big of a difference between Mitt and Barry? With the way the senate ended up, an overturn of Obamacare would have never happened. Mitt would have had to of kept borrowing - maybe not as much as Barry, but still substantial amounts. The bleeding would have been slowed, but not even close to being stopped.

JAFJ - ditto, Johnson got my vote as well. Nothing in this country has any chance of changing until the Ds and Rs feel their stranglehold on the White House may be slipping. We MUST have a third party to have any chance. I will NEVER vote for the lesser of two evils again. Never.

Chris said...

Chief, I wasn't surprised about prop 30 passing, but I was shocked at the super majority the dems enjoy now. Yes, very devastating! I was trying to convince my husband he should transfer to a border office and we could live in Nevada! On a more positive note, he is more open to preparing now. He was always resistant to the idea because our house is so small.

Adam said...

I agree with you about Sandy. How could you not prepare knowing that storm was coming? Did you see when people were first making the calls for "where is our free stuff?" Less than 48 hours. People were dumpster diving within 48 hours. Again, how do you not prepare?

I agree with the hero statement. I also agree with your comments regarding being "empowered." No one has empowered me to do anything except my own motivation and initiative.