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Friday, August 17, 2012

What Do They Know?

Well, this is troubling.  The Department of Homeland Security has ordered another 750 MILLION rounds of self-defense ammo.  This is in addition to the 450 MILLION rounds of self-defense ammo they ordered earlier in the year.

One point two BILLION rounds.

These current orders (link to large PDF of the request from DHS) are identified as "training ammunition".  True, some of it is training ammo - FMC (full metal covering).  But the vast majority of it is self-defense - or offensive - ammo.  JHP (jacketed hollow point) or BTHP (boat tail hollow point).  Lots of low-recoil 12 gauge shotgun ammo.  Most in the same configuration as I use at home and at our PM store ("00" buck and #4 buck).

If you look at the purchase of the .223 ammo, most of it is JHP, which even our boys in the sandbox are not allowed to use.  But Homeland Security gets the thumbs up.

Oh, "low-recoil" is the dumbed-down term for "tactical" shells.

Is someone expecting an invasion?  Or perhaps an insurrection?

What do they know that we don't know?

Love him or hate him, you've got to acknowledge that George Soros is a financial genius.  Old Georgie-boy just made a couple of interesting moves.

He sold his entire holdings (link) in JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup - $50 million worth - and bought $130 million in gold shares.

Hmmm.  Dumped three of the "too big to fail" banks, and bought nearly 3 times that amount in that shiny yellow metal our Federal Reserve Chairman won't acknowledge is money.

Why would the guy who called gold, "the ultimate bubble" dump an obscene amount of money - even for him - into PMs?

What's he know that we don't don't know?

Oh, lookee there.  Those silly foreigners are doing the same thing -
Total central bank gold purchases in the second quarter were more than double the level reported just one year earlier, as emerging market governments sought to diversify away from traditional reserve currencies amid heightened economic insecurity, according to World Gold Council data Thursday
Governments bought 157 metric TONS of gold.  In 3 months!  Holy crap.

I wonder why they didn't buy dollars or euros or yen.  They always did in the past.  What do they know that we don't know....?

Lots of very separate entities - all making plans that are similar to what us preppers have been doing.  Buying tangible assets.  Selling off paper assets.  Stockpiling supplies of ammo.

Almost sounds like the definition of "terrorist" that many US agencies have slapped on us preppers...

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Anonymous said...

When you compare the purchases to the annual use of bullets in Iraq, it kinda takes on new signifigance:

Chief Instructor said...

Isn't that just astounding? This just isn't good...