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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Protection Of Life and Property

Check out this awesome video -

This happened in the Southern California town of Garden Grove.  In my part of Northern California - the SF Bay Area - there have been three recent robbery attempts at jewelry/bullion stores such as our PM shop.  Two resulted in the death of the bad guys.  The third - actually in the same city as our PM store - was successful.

The big difference?  The two that resulted in the deaths of the bad guys were mom-and-pop shops such as ours where the owners and employees were armed.  The successful robbery was at a "name" jewelry store in the middle of a large shopping mall.  My guess is they have a "no bang-stick" policy.  Good to know, if you're a bad guy.

The thing that pissed me off the most in that video?  The cop saying, "We're leery of recommending store owners take immediate action.  It's all gonna have to be based on the circumstances at hand."

Uhm, like maybe 5 masked robbers rushing into your store, two of them wielding handguns?  Hmmmmm officer?

How 'bout a statement such as, "The Garden Grove Police Department applauds this small business owner for refusing to allow these criminals to harm her, her customers or employees.  While care must always be taken before using any type of firearm for self-defense, this is a text book example of how firearms in the hands of responsible citizens helps to deter crime.  Without this brave woman's actions, there's no telling how many lives might have been needlessly lost or impacted.  Instead, we have five frightened rats scampering out into the street.  Well done, ma'am."

BWAAAHAHAHAHA!  In California?!!!  Right!  Oooo oooo, I think I pee'd myself with that one...

My favorite part?  It's a toss up between the shot of the little old lady trotting down the aisle towards the big bad robbers, OR the 5 rat maggots looking like a "3 Stooges Plus 2" movie audition when they were all clustered at the door trying to get out.  Both were priceless.

Accept The Challenge

This is yet another example demonstrating that when you push back on the bad guys, they run.  In general, robbers and thiefs are cowards.  They put a lot of effort into identifying "soft targets" - potential victims that will offer little or no resistence.

I'd guess this jewelry store met all of their criteria:  Lots of small sized, high value merchandise.  Easily converted into cash.  Low risk - it's run by some little old lady.  Let's get it on!

All that went to hell when she pulled her gun and demonstrated she wasn't afraid to use it.  Those maggots were literally falling over each other to get out of the store.

Lesson:  Have a gun.  Have a plan on how and when to use it.  Practice your plan.  Don't hesitate in implementing your plan if you're in fear for your life or the life of another.

Related thought (h/t via The Woodpile Report):   Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.

Amen to that.

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Adam said...

That's a liability answer from the police LT. The problem is when the police say "Good job, I'd recommend this to any good citizen of this city." Then when someone does shoot back and ends up getting killed or seriously injured, they sue the police for telling them it was okay to do so.

If we had some serious tort reform, then we wouldn't have these issues. I don't know any cop who would care if all five of those pieces of crap were killed in that store.

Chief Instructor said...

Adam, yeah, I know what you mean. My dad was an Lt. and I have a brother who's a Chief, so I see the "community talk" verbage all too often.

Hey, I can dream, can't I?!

Anonymous said...


I hear what you are saying but the cynic in me notes that cops are legally obligated to protect you (Gonzalas v. Castle Rock) and break a lot of rules and still get granted qualified immunity in the event of a lawsuit. I find it highly doubtful that saying good job to a citizen is going to cause any problems.

While I believe that the majority of the police are pro 2nd Admendment once you start moving up in the ranks and are the public relations officer thinks become political.

If you look at Police Officers & Sheriffs from conservative states you tend to get positive responses to these types of situations.