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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Grains Of Sand

I found this absolutely fantastic article titled, The Black Swan of Cairo [link - PDF], over at The Arctic Patriot.  Please take the time to read it all.

Its focus is on how nation-states have this preoccupation with trying to "fix" things.  The economy, the poor, other nations.  They're then shocked - shocked I say - when things devolve into a catastrophic Black Swan event.  They gasp in disbelief that things could have ended so badly.

As much as our governments would like us to believe otherwise, these big blow-ups rarely happen spontaneously -
Imagine someone who keeps adding sand to a sand pile without any visible consequence, until suddenly the entire pile crumbles. It would be foolish to blame the collapse on the last grain of sand rather than the structure of the pile, but that is what people do consistently,
There is so much truth and wisdom in that analogy - the idea that a catastrophic event is actually the culmination of a series of actions.  That first grain of sand is just as responsible for the catastrophe as the last grain.

Our leaders and their Compliant Media Scribes have been floating the concept of, "The Black Swan" - the idea that catastrophic events are extremely improbable - and are almost impossible to predict.  I think they're pre-staging the Excuse Phase for when the lid blows off.  Sure, Black Swan's can occur, but that's not what we have going on here.

We have a government that is taking actions - domestically and internationally.  Actions have consequences, and in general, you can see what's eventually going to happen.

The suggestion that we couldn't see this all of this coming is insulting.  Black Swan, my ass.

In the US, we've got the Occupy pinheads going nuts over money they've never had.  The government is essentially telling them they have a right to the money of other people - their fair share.  Imagine how it's going to be when the Dependent Class in the US - already trained to trained to sit up and bark for their stipend - stops getting their regular government paychecks.

Is the Arab Spring going to be followed by the American Spring?

Look how entire governments around the world are going teats-up or are in major turmoil.  Egypt, Libya, Syria - hell, most of the Middle East.  Now we've got Russians in massive protest against Putin's repressive regime.  Southern Europe is a basket case.  Japan is on its last economic legs.  China?  They've been red-hot for a long time, based solely on external sales fueled by slave labor.  Looks to me like a bubble getting ready to burst.

The common thread?  Massive government intervention.  Whether it be tyrannical dictators, government economic manipulations or all of the above, it NEVER ends well.  Governments controlling people and their actions.  When you try to suppress or manipulate people, systems or economies - to pacify, mollify or equalize - you are guaranteed to have negative effects.  Guaranteed.  Because to make someone a winner, you need to make someone else a loser.

And sooner or later, that additional burden being placed on someone else - that one additional grain of sand - brings the whole thing down.

I can already hear the protestations - "Who could have seen THAT coming?!"


And now you.

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