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Monday, February 27, 2012

Gold, JAWs and Our Elites

From an article I found on Survivalblog.  Apparently, unlike Uncle Ben Bernanke, lots of countries think that gold is money -
Central banks also hiked their purchases from 77 metric tons in 2010 to 440 metric tons in 2011 as worries about a second global recession grew.
Holy crap!  Nearly a six-fold increase in gold purchases by the equivalent of the Federal Reserve in other countries.

I guess they didn't get Uncle Ben's memo. Hmm.

My only concern right now with gold (and silver) is the short-term.  When Greece crashes - and potentially the euro some time thereafter - and I think it will - the dollar is going to spike, pushing down the price of PMs.  Perhaps the market has already "priced" this eventuality into gold, I don't really know.

According to this article on ZeroHedge (also poached from Survivalblog), the Greek-TEOTWAWKI (a "disorderly default") will be some time around March 20th.

Now, I'm always a bit leery when someone predicts a date for something to happen, but the prediction comes from Credit Suisse, and not some blogger like me.  So, accurate or not, it has the potential to affect the market.  I buy gold and silver every month, but I may back off a little bit coming up to mid-March to see how things shake out.

My long-term view remains unchanged:  Until the federal government states it will no longer "print" dollars and it will no longer run a deficit, I'll buy precious metals.  Neither of those is going to happen in the foreseeable future, regardless of who's in the White House.
Quickee Just Add Water (JAW) recipe:  Prepper Rice-a-Roni.

1 cup Minute Rice
2 oz Angel Hair pasta broken into 1/2 inch pieces
2 tsp chicken bullion
1 cup boiling water

Take the broken Angel Hair pasta and put it into a pan over medium heat, sprayed with Pam or some other cooking spray.  Continually stir the pasta until it is dark brown.  Remove from the heat and place in a bowl immediately, as the pasta will continue to brown even in a pan that's off the heat.

Combine remaining ingredients, and cover for 10 minutes.  Makes a side dish for two, or a meal for one.


If, like me, you're putting this in Foodsaver bags, make the bag bigger than normal, as it can be used to hold the food while it's re-hydrating.  Just fold over the open end and clamp/hold shut.

If you have access to butter, add a tablespoon or two, and it tastes much more like the real thing.  Be sure you're using Angel Hair or another VERY thin pasta, as thicker types like spaghetti retain their crunchiness.

Stats (total):

Calories:  610
Protein:  17g
Carbs:  131g
Fat:  1g

Part of the reason posting has been light the past week is because of crap like this.  I see very, very disturbing "signs" and it seem no one gives a damn.  Unmanned police drones.  Police check points.  Police armored personnel carriers.   All manned by cops attired as soldiers.

I really am starting to hate this, and it worries me quite a bit:  The overview you read on the TV listing for every damned "real life" cop show on TV is full of "elite" cops.  I swear to God, I just saw one that was about an elite squad of cops that were tasked with catching..... speeders.  What's next?  "Elite" meter maids?

I was just watching a show by John Stossel called, "Illegal Everything" (find this and watch it).  One of the sections was about citizens filming cops doing their job - and getting arrested for the effort.  In each incident, the citizen was arrested for something like, "interfering with government function" or some horseshit like that.

Each was the epitome of trumped up charges, and in each incident, not a single cop was disciplined or fired.  WTF?

Why's it worry me?  Because more and more cops start believing the TV propaganda, that they are in fact, elites - and not our servants.  Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, too many citizens - their masters - are believing the propaganda as well.


In the Stossel show, they also had a section on grotesque government abuses of power.  One family had their land arbitrarily designated as a wet lands.  The state hadn't cleared some drainage ditch, and the water had backed up.  The people - with the blessing of the state - cleared the ditch.  The feds came in and sued them.

The landowners won the law suit, but the feds didn't give a damn, and fined them $37,000 a day, effectively bankrupting them.

How can this happen in America?

I swear to God, I would not have lost my home and land by just rolling over.

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