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Friday, December 9, 2011

Prettiest Horse In The Glue Factory

[I wish I could take credit for that title, but I got it from Stewart Varney on Fox Business.  Classic.]

The amount of disinformation - propaganda - that's out there is stunning.  We don't seem to always get, "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to note.  The Unemployment rate, for instance.  Last week, it wonderfully, miraculously dropped down a half of a percentage point to 8.6%.  Woo Hoo!  We're on the road to salvation!

If you're like certain people - such as my mom, God bless her - you only watch the network news, and you only get the Happy Time version of the story.

Of course, the actual story is that 300,000 Americans fell off the lists to receive unemployment benefits - they'd reached their 99 weeks of payments.  In the eyes of the government, they're no longer considered unemployed.  Isn't that special?

The media tends to paint the picture along the lines of, "Well, at least we don't have riots like they've got in Europe."  They'll then show footage of Greek fire bombs being tossed, rocks being hurled at police officers, and the like.

"Whew, we dodged that one, huh?"

Another example is where Portugal is now the latest nation to steal nationalize the private pensions of their citizens.  Argentina was the leader in this regard, doing the act in 2008.  Hungary did it a few years later, and [I believe] France did a mini-swipe earlier this year.

"Hey, Our Guys In Congress are fighting like mad to keep Social Security intact, and only want to tax those rich bastards a little bit more.  What could be wrong with that?"

On behalf of the federal government, the message the media conveys is that compared to the rest of the world, we're looking OK.  What you need to remember is we're still in the glue factory, and soon, we're going to be turned into bottles of Elmer's.

When that happens, it won't be pretty.  And it will happen.

The owners of the glue factory, The Elites in DC and other world capitals, don't give a damn.  They're getting theirs.  They go into office with a normal net worth, and emerge out the other side as multi-millionaires.

What's important to them is to maintain control.  And to do so requires that they keep a lid on things as long as possible.

In the past month or so, a friend recently went to NYC.  She was blown away.  In no uncertain terms, she called it, "a police state".

She went to the 9/11 memorial.  To get in, she had to pass through a TSA-like security check.  Belt off, purse searched, the whole 9 yards.  Ringing the site were at least 100 armed police officers.  At least.  Everywhere you looked, you could see (for lack of a better term) guard towers.  Boxes on mobile platforms, presumably holding armed snipers.

Similar experience in Time Square and for the ferry going to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.  What are they guarding or protecting against?  Terrorists?  Are they going to blow up the pool at the memorial?

I've written about all of these Bearcat armored personnel carriers ("More Nannyism Comin' Your Way") that cities and counties are picking up via grants from the federal government.  WTF? Who are they preparing to go to battle with?

You, perhaps?

Holy crap.  Seven days of food, guns and ammo, and they can "disappear" you?

93 out of 100 US Senators voted for the bill. They all voted en masse to abrogate the Constitution.

Side note:  Those of you who cling to the misguided belief that there's any difference between Democrats and Republican, take a look at the voting tallies.

The conservative media is now whining that this bill is no big deal.  Relax, ya big sissy.  If you're not a bad guy, you've got nothing to worry about.

To wit [link]-
The ACLU, Occupy San Francisco and other left wing groups are hysterically protesting that one of its provisions encroaches on civil liberties, and Obama has threatened to veto it. Section 1032 states that suspected terrorists related to al Qaeda and 911 shall be detained indefinitely by the military without a civilian trial until the end of authorized military hostilities.
Do me a favor:  Click the link to the above-cited article.  Inside of that article is another link to Section 1031 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  Click it, and go down and read paragraph (e).

Now, go here [link to PDF file from the Government Printing Office].  This is a copy of the actual bill that was approved by the Senate.  In the search box, key in 1031 and read the text, including paragraph (e).  Notice the difference?

Here's what's missing from the conservative media version of the bill -
10 (e) AUTHORITIES.—Nothing in this section shall be
11 construed to affect existing law or authorities, relating to
12 the detention of United States citizens, lawful resident
13 aliens of the United States or any other persons who are
14 captured or arrested in the United States.
Well, isn't that special?  They conveniently left out the whole Snatch-and-Grab paragraph that relates to US citizens.  Hell, they didn't just leave it out, they actually falsified the information that they are presenting as fact.

The law of the land - the Constitution - is being undercut, and all of The Elites are getting on board to rubber stamp it.  As the numerous articles written on the subject have noted, this merely codifies what the Supreme Court has already said is A-OK. 

American citizens accused of being terrorists give up their Constitutional rights.  Not convicted Americans, accused Americans.

The Constitution spells out how it's supposed to work.  Article 1, Section 9 -
The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion, the public safety may require it.
So, it appears as though The Elites in DC are going to use the "public safety" portion of the habeas corpus clause the same way they're using the commerce clause to force us to buy health care insurance, or control the crops we grow on our own property for our own use.  Rebellion will be defined as anything that goes counter to what The Elites prescribe.

Nice and tidy, huh?  The government merely needs to allege you're a terrorist, and you go away with no ability to have your day in court.

How's your view from the Glue Factory?

Accept The Challenge

The Elites are in the Bread and Circus' phase.  Keep us - The Ignorants - fat and happy by giving us free food, housing, schooling, clothing and a little spending money.  Keep us occupied by using your compliant Media to keep our pea brains amused - reality shows, video games, et al - while the very fabric of America is re-woven.

The money for the Bread will eventually run out and the real pain will begin.  The Elites will clamp down to maintain control.  Dissident voices will be silenced as, "Enemies of the State" and will simply disappear.

I think we're going to all fall into one of 4 categories:  Elites, Ignorants, Rebels or Sympathisers.

The Elites will be the equivalent of the old Politburo and their minions - the local "political officer" seen in China and the former Soviet Union.

The Ignorants will be the folks that, "go with the flow" and are generally supportive of the Elites.  They'll be Elite wannabe's.  They'll rat you out at the drop of a hat if they think it will get them more bread or an upgrade in social status.

The Rebels will actively resist the Elites.  They'll be underground - think "French Resistance" during World War II.

The Sympathizers will walk and talk like the Ignorants, but will be supportive of the Rebels.  They'll keep their head down, and supply the Rebels with intel and financial/material support.

Start thinking about which category you'll select.  All have risks, all have rewards.  Plan accordingly.

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GunRights4US said...

My soul is right with Jesus and there's nothing I fear - including Leviathan. I intend to rebel.

Anonymous said...

I agree. If terrorists or enemy combatants are caught in the U.S. they should go free, be given welfare and the dream act.

Adam said...

Now, please correct me if I'm wrong about this. If you continue reading and you go to Section 1032. Look at 1032(a)(2). He mentions those being held under Section 1031.

Now look at Sec 1032(b)(1). It states "UNITED STATES CITIZENS.—The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States."

Someone smarter than me needs to look at it. But if they follow Sec 1032, then it wouldn't apply. So is there something different? I haven't looked at all the speeches or anything else to see what those voting for the bill are stating and what they believe it says.

Chief Instructor said...

Guns, I hear ya, brother.

Anon, cool. You, Iran, Libya, China, Syria, South and Central American banana republics and tons of other repressive regiems all think the same. Who needs habeas corpus? If the government arrests you, they must be right, otherwise they wouldn't have done it. No need for those messy and expensive trials.


Adam, 1032 is where a lot of the stink is coming from. The government is not REQUIRED to "disappear" US citizens, but they're not precluded from doing so, as the Constitution requires. If they want to do it, they may.

Adam said...

Okay. I get what you are saying. What are the senators, etc saying about it? Are they thinking they can disappear US citizens?

Chief Instructor said...

There were senators from both sides - Rand Paul and Diane Feinstein - who (among others, I believe) that put forth amendments to either remove the two sections in their entirety, or to clarify that US citizens could not be snatched up. All were defeated.

Dave, RN said...

I have a hard time beleiving that anything bad is going to happen, or that changes will take place slowley over decades. I'm 51 and I don't see "things" changing drasticaly in my lifetime.
Then there's that still, small voice that says "maybe..."
So I have a shotgun, pistol CCL, Mosin Nagant and a sardine can of ammo. some gas inthe garage, a propane cookstove. A months worth of food. And about $9,000 worth of physical silver in various forms.
STill, I shoudl do more. But I've no real support from anyone in my family. At least I've done a little.

Adam said...

So I followed my own advice and started looking at the speeches. Apparently the Senators want the absolute indefinite detention of US Citizens without applicability of your Constitutional Rights. Here is a youtube link to Sen. Lindsey Graham's speech.

Chief Instructor said...

Dave, I look at prepping as insurance. I don't expect my house to burn down, but I insure against it. Still, I do feel things will go sideways. I've personally positioned myself with the assumption the dollar will crash. I don't see how a government policy of devaluing the dollar and obscene spending can turn out well.

It took a while to get my wife on-board. It's not the normal way of looking at life and ultimately, retirement. It's every man and woman for him/herself after the Nanny safety net tears. Educate in small bites, not bit gulps.

Adam, Graham is a dirty bastard. There was comment after comment he made that I could write posts on. His bottom line is, the Constitution is irrelevant in the name of safety. He's nothing more than the ringmaster for a band of cowards.