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Monday, October 24, 2011

Just An Angry Man

I've been angry lately.  More than normal.  I seem to have difficulty ignoring the almost constant flow of utter insanity that comes out of the various media outlets I follow.

I get pissed off when King Barry holds a press conference telling us how he's such a stud for killing Gadaffi in Libya.  Huh?  I thought we weren't there, it was NATO, blah, blah, blah.  Yet there he is, damned near carrying his, "Mission Accomplished" banner.

I get pissed off when the Main Stream Media fawns over the Occupy folks.  They excuse their filth, their law-breaking, their anarchy-driven message, their anti-Semitism.  We Tea Partiers followed the law, left our meeting places cleaner than we found them, and were simply demanding a return to Constitutional principals.  We're painted as out-of-touch haters, racists and elites.

I get pissed off when ass-hats like Russell Simmons and Warren Buffett act as champions to Tax The Rich, yet when cornered with the question, "Why don't you just write the government a bigger check?", they shine you on, and the press lets them get away with it.  Simmons was on Al Sharpton's radio program this past weekend, and said he wouldn't give more money to the government because they'll piss it away in the "War Machine".  No shit, Sherlock.  And on the Welfare Machine.  And the Regulatory Machine.  And the Protect Unions Machine.

Much of this, I can slough off.  Then there's stuff like this.

Here in Northern California is a city named Richmond.  It's an armpit.  It always has been, at least in my lifetime.  When you have to drive through Richmond, you do so quickly, with your windows up and doors locked.

Needless to say, they've got gang problems.  Want to hear their latest "idea" on how to cure the problem?

Pay them off.

Yep, if you're a gang member and you agree not to shoot anyone, you can sashay your ass down to City Hall and pick up an "atta boy!" check.

Let that settle into your brain:  If you're a criminal, we'll pay you not to commit a crime.

Someone want to tell me how you audit/verify that?  If they're still writing checks, that must mean that all gang crime is gone, right?  My BP shot up 40 point just thinking about that...

Anyways, it seems that the scheduling secretary messed up, and two rival gangs showed up for the payoffs at the same time.  Oops.  These criminals all got into a fist fight [link].   (I wonder if they still got their checks?)
Seven men from different parts of the city brawled in a third-floor suite that houses the city’s Office of Neighborhood Safety around 12:30 p.m. Friday, department director Devone Boggan said.

He said all of the men involved in the melee are enrolled in the office’s “Operation Peacemaker” fellowship and happened to show up at the office at Richmond’s Civic Center at the same time unexpectedly.
Operation Peacemaker?!  THAT got milk shooting out of my nose!  My version of Operation Peacemaker would be arming all citizens with the namesake single-action revolver...

If the insanity of this payoff program isn't enough, look at the response after this fight.  You MUST watch the video on the page above.  The SOB director is one of those smug bastards that riddle government.  He actually gave his staff instructions to NOT cooperate with police to identify the punks that destroyed tax-payer financed property.

They destroyed property, broke the rules for the program, left the scene of a crime, and the director of the program wants to turn a blind eye.

Why isn't he in jail for Obstruction of Justice?

You know what?  If I lived in Richmond, I could actually get behind a program that provided anger management, and other skills to gang members (run by a private charity, of course).  You can attend the classes for free, or even attend one-on-one counceling sessions.  But I sure as hell wouldn't set up the program to give these bangers money to pay for this stuff.  Does anyone actually believe they're going to spend the money on classes?  Really?

Hey, didya hear where the country's most affluent citizens now live?  No, it's not Richmond, but the idea is the same.  Washington, DC citizens are now richer than those in Silicon Valley [link] -
The report shows that the National Capital Region edged out Silicon Valley to become the most affluent U.S. metropolitan areas. The typical Washington metro household earned $84,523 in 2010, compared to a national median income of $50,046. Income in the D.C. area registered a 0.8 percent drop, but that didn’t faze government bureaucrats, who kept getting automatic raises. For federal workers, total compensation with benefits jumped 3 percent in 2010 to an incredible $126,369. A separate study showed that nationwide, inflation-adjusted median household income fell 6.7 percent between June 2009 and June 2011. Figures like this feed the perception that government personnel are no longer public servants but a self-serving, privileged class.
How'd you spend YOUR 3% raise?  You got one, right?

I just want to vomit.  You will make more money sucking off the public teat than going out and inventing something.  Creating something.  Manufacturing something.

How do you say, "Take us now, we're ready for the plucking," in Mandarin?

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These liberals who spout the, "Tax the rich" pablum drive me crazy.  Now, I'm not rich.  I'm not even close.  I don't even know any rich folks, but that's beside the point.

These liberals, like this idiot Paul Krugman,  refuse to tell the whole story when they get on their "Fair Share" bandwagon.  I think the rich would be happy as all hell to just pay their fair share.  What those like Krugman always leave out of their speel is this:

The top 1% earn 20% of all income in the US.  They PAY 38% of the taxes.  Basically, they pay DOUBLE their fair share.

Instead, this is what we hear [link] -
According to new estimates by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, one-fourth of those with incomes of more than $1 million a year pay income and payroll tax of 12.6 percent of their income or less, putting their tax burden below that of many in the middle class.
Most puddin' heads read that and want to riot in the streets. Economic Justice For All!!

What Krugman left out was the other 3/4 of those with incomes over $1m and their grotesque burden. Apparently, they need better accountants.

And, of course, he left out the fact that over 50% of Americans pay NO income tax whatsoever. Guess who's making up the difference. Look in the mirror...

More, "Too stupid..." stuff -

In 16 states around the country, it is legal to grow, possess and smoke "Medical Marijuana".  The federal government has no Constitutional power to limit intrastate commerce, or to restrict what people choose to put in their bodies, so the states can do as they wish in this regards.

LOL!  Sorry, I slipped into a fantasy sequence for a second there.

Anyways, the feds are flexing their muscles for their highly successful War On Drugs campaign (again, LOL).  They're cracking down on growers and dispensaries.  Big time [link] -
Across the Central District of California, which stretches from Santa Barbara to San Bernardino counties, many of the 38 clinics have closed because landlords, threatened with criminal charges or seizure of their assets, were given just 14 days to evict their clients, a period that expires Friday. Other districts in California gave pot dispensaries more time to comply.
These bastards drag out their tired old reasoning:  It's a gateway drug, it's bad for kids, it's a scourage on America, blah, blah, blah.

So what?  No one is forcing you to smoke pot.  I ask all Anti-Druggers the same question:  If pot/meth/coke/heroin were suddenly re-legalized, would you try it the next day?  Me neither.  I'm not stupid.  And the stupid people can already obtain whatever drugs they want, but they have to get them from illegal sources.

The real reason, of course, is that the War On Drugs is the Narco Cops Full Employment Act.  They'd have to give up all of their cool gear if pot were suddenly re-legalized.  The prison unions, as well, would suddenly find their members out of work if you had a sudden drop in inmates.  We just can't have that, now, can we?
Illegaly distilling your own alcohol is even more insane - if that's even possible.  You are not allowed to take a bunch of legal ingredients - water, sugar and yeast - combine them to make alcohol, which is also legal.  Then take that low-grade alcohol and distill it to make stronger alcohol - which is also legal to purchase, possess and consume.

You can go to the store and buy it, but you can't make it yourself.  The BS reasoning is that you're too stupid to make it right, and you'll end up blind or dead.  We all know the real reason - taxation.

Let the stupid people abuse drugs and alcohol, like they do right now.  Some will die, some will ruin their lives, some will see the error of their ways and straighten up.  The key is, you must let the people feel the consequences of their decisions.  No government bail-outs.

Regardless, our society will be more free, and better off.  We'll have smaller government, smaller jails, and examples to show children of, "That's what happens to you when you abuse drugs."

Win, win, win.  Unless you're a big government proponent with cool tactical gear.

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Tracy Dear said...


"How do you say, "Take us now, we're ready for the plucking," in Mandarin?"-- sh! they'll hear you. Did you hear the Kathleen Madigan stand up routine where she says "get you a Rosetta Stone and learn you some Chinese before they get here. Cause they're coming. I was at the opening ceremonies for the Olympics...the Chinese have got their act together on a level that is frightening. I don't think it's going to be too hard to kick our fat American (butts) off couches watching Sports Center. You
wake up and there's a Chinese family in your living room just staring at you. "You get up. You go home now." "I am" "no no no not anymore. We buy you house when you watch Superbrowe."

Anonymous said...

The police know who the gang members are and they know what crimes they are committing. Yet on any day you can find the police sitting in their car with a radar gun waiting to give you a $200 ticket for driving 25 mph in a school zone or 5 mph over the speed limit on the highway. Why do they not go after the gangs?? Simple answer it doesn't make them any money and it costs the justice system money. The DA and courts limit trials because of the costs and the police are being tasked to "make" money for them with traffic stops. My solution: Give each policeman a bonus of $1000 for each gangmember they bring in who is convicted of a serious crime. And allocate money for the DA's to spend ONLY on prosecuting and sentencing (not letting them off) gang members. Maybe then we could make our cities safe.

Joseph said...

Why is it life is becoming more of a sitcom than TV?

Foreigners' Sweetener: Buy House, Get a Visa
source: WSJ

Anonymous said...

I have noticed in the last 6 months a lot more anger and even bitterness. and from a lot more people and within my family. We are in awe at the crap this president gets away with, far more than Bush even dared think about, not that he was without blame. But he admitted when he got it wrong. Obama prides himself over his wrongs. If he gets caught he just blames Bush to this very day. and so does 2/3 of our nation. Unbelievable. and his wife is still on vacation somewhere unless she does her 10 min. PR thing on the lawn doing jumping jacks or growing a carrot in between jaunts. I used to have hope but not so much anymore.
I still have prayer and I still have my own backyard/community to make a better place. It's either that or give in. and I won't do that.

suek said...

"Illegaly distilling your own alcohol is even more insane..."

Are you certain of this? Years and years ago, I took Enology in college, and the rules then were that you could manufacture for your own use something like 200 gallons of beer and/or wine, and some quantity of distilled alcohol - I don't remember the exact quantity - per household.

As for the "let them smoke pot - it's their life"...have you ever seen films/news reports about Yemen? The people there do virtually nothing all day - just chew some material that's a mild intoxicant. The poverty and crime are terrible.

Which is to say - in some respects I agree with you, but to be honest, I'm not sure I'm ready for the consequences.

I absolutely agree on the gang member thing, though. I think that the biggest problem we have is simply not enforcing the laws - equally without exception. Corrupt LEOs or others in government at any level to get double punishment time.

Heh. Word verify is "supes"...

Chief Instructor said...

Mama, I need to try and find that bit. Reality always has a way of giving us those nervous giggles...

Anon 6:37, re-legalize any drug you wish to ingest, and the bulk of organized crime goes bye-bye. At least their primary funding source. Yep, they'll find another prohibited act/substance to scalp some money from, but at least this one will be gone. And we'll have all that room in the prisons that previously held the dopers.

Joseph, when I first heard that, I double checked to make sure it wasn't an Onion bit. I thought the Dems hated the rich. Buy your way across the border. Unreal. Did you see, though, that they can't work while they're here. So, they don't just like the rich, they like the uber-rich.

Anon 8:14, yeah, haven't heard much of the First Lady's Garden of late. Too much dirt under the manicured nails, I'd guess.

I've noted before that I think we're irrepairably screwed, and that all of this stimulus, et al, just keeps buying us a bit more time to prep.

SueK: I saw you did a comment, but it hasn't yet shown up. If it's not still lost in Blogger-land in a couple of hours, I'll copy and paste it, and respond.

Anonymous said...

I think you are dreaming if you believe making drugs legal will end crime. In theory I would accept letting adults consume whatever they want as long as they don't cause problems for others and themselves. But in reality they will cause problems for others and themselves and we all will pay for it. I don't want to pay health care for people who harm themselves on drugs. I don;t want to pay welfare for somepone who is so highn they cannot or will not work.
But when it comes to minors your theory falls apart. I can only assume you don't have children. Drygs destroy lives and children are too inexperienced to recognize the risks and will become trapped in a death spiral with drugs.

Chief Instructor said...

Anon 7:29 - of course I don't think that by legalizing drugs, crime will disappear. What it WILL do is to allow law enforcement to concentrate personnel and finite resources on crimes against persons and property. If I choose to sit on my front porch and poke a needle full of heroin into my arm, I am harming no one. I am infringing on the rights of no one. Yet, I would be arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated. For what? Because some bureacrat talked some legislators into enacting laws that reinforced their vision of the world?

Absolute insanity.

Regarding having to pay a druggie's health care: You apparently don't drop by here often, because I have been very clear that I am talking about adults, and you are responsible for your own choices. If you get drunk, crash your car, and are permanently disabled, that should be YOUR problem, not society's. Personal responsibility is the key to a free society.

Look what we've built: Because Nanny is responible for your health care, they can tell you what to eat, what drugs to ingest, what liquids you may consume (evil unpasturized milk is VERBOTTEN), etc.

And save the "It's for the children" speech for someone who's heard the Cry Of The Right before. I've got two adult boys - 22 and 24. Just by not being locked in our house 24/7, they had access to any drug. Pot, alcohol, meth, coke, heroin, E, Oxy - you name it. So did every other kid in the neighborhood and in their school. Some students/friends tried everything on that list, a couple lost their lives because of it.

Every one of those drugs was illegal (at least for students). And every one of them was readily available.

I am certain my boys tried something, but they knew there would be consequences for their actions if they continued. Dad would kick their ass, then kick it out of the door.

I trust the judgement of the individual more than I trust the judgement of the government. Apparently, you don't.

I cherish personal freedom and responsibility. You apparently don't cherish that either.

I don't recall the exact phrase, but I hope those shackles weigh heavily upon you.

Chief Instructor said...

Suek had posted a comment, but for some reason it didn't post. I got a copy in my email, so here it is, in italics, and my reply below:

"Illegaly distilling your own alcohol is even more insane..."

Are you certain of this? Years and years ago, I took Enology in college, and the rules then were that you could manufacture for your own use something like 200 gallons of beer and/or wine, and some quantity of distilled alcohol - I don't remember the exact quantity - per household.

As for the "let them smoke pot - it's their life"...have you ever seen films/news reports about Yemen? The people there do virtually nothing all day - just chew some material that's a mild intoxicant. The poverty and crime are terrible.

Which is to say - in some respects I agree with you, but to be honest, I'm not sure I'm ready for the consequences.

I absolutely agree on the gang member thing, though. I think that the biggest problem we have is simply not enforcing the laws - equally without exception. Corrupt LEOs or others in government at any level to get double punishment time.

Heh. Word verify is "supes"...

Jimmeh Carter passed a law in (I think) 1979 that gave individuals the ability to brew 100 gallons per person, or 200 gallons per household of beer or wine each year.

Home distillation is still illegal unless you get a license to make it for fuel. You've got to add some crap to it to make it undrinkable.

Every drug that is illegal right now was not criminalized until the turn of the 20th century. We managed to gain our freedom from England - twice (1812), free the slaves, do a little thing called The Industrial Revolution and lots of other amazing things, all without being told what to ingest. Once we passed those laws, we got Prohibition and Al Capone, and the grotesquely expensive and totally ineffective War On Drugs. It was the first of MANY steps towards centralized control of the individual.

Bitter is not the word said...

I've had it. I continue to be amazed at the stupidity of "our" so called federal government> They are experts at rewarding people for doing the wrong thing. Have children you can't afford, no problem here is a check from money we stole (taxes) from someone else (here is a news flash for them I have my own children to feed and I do not ask for any help), food stamps and welfare/medical care to illegal emigrates same thing break our laws and get paid and on it goes. I do not want their kind of "help". War on Drugs is a joke and a HUGE waste of taxpayer money. You should be able to walk into any pharmacy and get anything you want. It is my body and my life to do as I CHOSE! We have the most people in prisons of any nation in the world! We are becoming a police state. They cannot even secure the damn borders. TSA is a joke and has not "caught" a single terrorist! Fusion Centers, endless wars, endless taxes, endless laws, endless foriegn aid that does nothing for us, endless expansion of the federal government that invade my God given rights and my wallet and on it goes. I AM SICK OF IT!! I am sick and tired of working my ass off to give it to those that do NOTHING! I am SICK of my government abusing me at all levels. We need a federal balanced budget ammendment and a MUCH small federal government now!!! We need to take away the Federal Governments credit card before they destroy us with it. They should defend the borders, provide for a stable currency and leave everything else to the individual States as the founding fathers of our great nation intended. I fear for my children's future.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:37,

As a police officer, I can tell you that no one tells us "go write tickets because the city gets money." That's just naive thinking. I conduct traffic enforcement typically because I'm bored while waiting for calls to come in. In fact, when our bosses "strongly suggest" we should go write more tickets. I usually refuse to do so because they are "making me." Most of the people I work with are the same way. Of course there are those who would rather write a ticket than answer a call, take a report or follow up on a crime.

As for knowing who the gang members are. Of course we try to find out who they are and what they are doing. But in between trying to raise someone else's kids because they can't handle their 8 year old, my hands are tied most days. We don't have enough people and typically don't have the time to get out with gang members and catch them doing stuff. There are many days when I don't even do a traffic stop because of a lack of time.

And if you knew how many people are actually caught in the act of committing a crime, you'd be shocked at how low it is. The other thing you have to realize is the total lack of cooperation people give us. With victims who don't want to prosecute, witnesses who don't show up to court, and an overloaded court system, convictions are pretty rare.

Chief Instructor said...

Bitter, I hear ya. The problem is, it won't be stopped until it crashes. Goverment at all levels is addicted to your wallet, and they have no incentive to cure the illness. Quite the opposite.

WE must adapt, since we can't directly change the spending, the unconstitutional expansion, et al. Consider ways to hide your assets so they can't be taken "for the greater good".

I believe we'll eventually get out of this mess, but I don't know if it will happen in my lifetime... and I figure I've got another 30+ years.

Anon 10:03, I'd believe the "not told to write tickets" assertion if I didn't see local PD - everyday - sitting in their cars with radar guns. They'll be at one spot for 2 or 3 days, then move to another spot. I can't believe that every city I go through has the entire city as a "we've been getting speeding reports on this street from concerned citzens".

They're there to pay the bills. That's not what we're paying them to do. I'd prefer they drive through gang-infested areas, if for nothing else, than to let the bangers know, "we're watching".

suek said...


My enology studies were considerably before the days of Jimmy Carter...!

I'll have to do some research, I guess! I'll let you know if I come across anything interesting and reasonably official.

suek said...

Haven't found anything yet. Well, did find this interesting site. Scroll down to legality. It basically says any home distillation is illegal, and the probability of having a "knock on the door" if you were to buy or attempt to buy distillation equipment.

Interesting site, though.