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Monday, October 17, 2011

Images of America

Coming to a town near you.  This happens to be in Sacramento, Ca -

Can someone again explain to me how a woman is supposed to protect herself against 3 young males unless she has a gun?  And how you're supposed to do that in a state where your ability to be granted permission to protect yourself is at the whim of an elected official?

Did you notice the real stud - the guy who threw the left-hook that put her down?  He had a work badge around his neck.  On one site, someone made note that it was an Apple, Inc., access badge (they've got a plant in close-by Elk Grove).

So, it's not like they were doing this for money.  It was sport.

Put those rabid dogs down.

I found this simple little line in a bigger article on the "Occupy" protests -
Five other people wearing masks were arrested as demonstrators marched through Manhattan to Times Square.
WTF?  How can you arrest people for wearing masks?  What might be the charge?  Flagrantly wearing a mask while exercising your First Amendment rights?

Was this mask-wearer arrested as well?

I'm pretty sure the motto - if not the expected "tone" -  of police departments is, "To Protect and Serve,"  not "Supress and Intimidate".

Hey, with Holloween coming up, NYC has got to be a fun place.  Venture outside with a scary mask, end up in the joint.  That's if you're able to navigate your way through the maze of checkpoints. 

Nice... if you like a police state.

More California insanity.  Did ya hear?  The youth drug epidemic has been solved.  We're banning gloves.  Really.

You've got to listen to this puddin' head.  THIS is the face of California politics.


No pix:  I'm liking Herman Cain alot.  My one concern is one of the "9's" in his 9-9-9 plan.  The one that establishes a national sales tax.

If those maggots in DC get the national sales tax, we be screwed.  Pelosi & Company will melt into a hot pool of Commie Love - and it would have been handed to them by someone who appears to be a decent guy. 

Any hope of keeping the Commerce Clause contained to its stated limits - sales between states and with other countries - will be forever lost.  The Clause has already been used and abused, and this would simply render it irrelevant.

If I haven't already pissed you off with my heartless callousness, this should put you over the edge.

I have this personality flaw:  I genuinely believe that I'm responsible for myself.  I know, I know, it's out of touch with today's times, but it is who I am.

I think this should apply to everyone.  If I make a mistake, it's up to me to fix it.  If I make a correct decision, I get to benefit from it.  It's simple.  Some might say simplistic, but I can live with that.

There are others that don't agree with me.  Most vote Democrat.  That's painting with a broad brush, but I've found it to be generally true.

It is their belief that we're all responsible for each other.  Shared sacrifice.  Economic/social/gender justice.

In short, socialism/communism.

I found this site [link] that has pictures of folks participating in the Occupy (fill in city name) protests (have you heard - they're not 'protesters' they're 'occupants' - LOL).  I was scanning the pix, and getting more and more pissed off as I proceeded. 

Take this one, for instance (click to enlarge) -

Here's some Tough Love from ol' Uncle Chief Instructor -
  1. You got a Masters in something for which there's no demand?  You DID do some sort of market survey before you went to school, right?  You didn't go get one of those unmarketable degrees like 'ethnic studies' or 'protest dogma' or 'gender studies' did you?  Ah, cupcake, you've been led down the liberal garden path.  Lots of jobs for accountants, sales, marketing and the like.  Ain't as sexy or as interesting while chattin' up your buds at a bong-fest, but it helps keep meat on your bones.
  2. Landmark research?  4.0 GPA?  LOL, BFD!  What can you DO to earn my business money?  It doesn't sound like you can DO anything (other than whine).
  3. Can't find a job?  Naw, WON'T find a job is more like it.  Craig's List is full of jobs.  Maybe not the one you had dreamed about as you closed your eyes and clicked your ruby-clad heels, but they're there.  Take one, today, build some marketable skills, build some contacts, and become an adult.
  4. $92K in loans for a degree that didn't provide you with skills the market demands?  Hmm, maybe you're too stupid to get a job.  YOU SPENT NEARLY $100,000 ON SOMETHING YOU LIKE BUT CAN'T SELL?!  Let that sink in, then go out and get any job you can land.  Today!  YOU can't be too picky.
  5. You want to do what you studied to do.... ain't that sweet.  I want to sit around the pool all day sipping Jack and Coke while I [REDACTED CONTENT].  Guess what, cupcake?  Ain't gonna happen as long as I want to provide for myself and my family.  Sucks, huh?
  6. Finally, contact Jesse Jackson, Jr.  He has proposed that the government pay all 15 million unemployed people $40,000 per year to do stuff we need.  Like cleaning up parks and stuff.  I'll bet if you asked really sweetly, he'd see if he could get your college debt eliminated as well.  The nice Democrats are like that.

  1. See above.
  2. 42 hours a week?  Let's see.... the last time I worked 42 hours a week was ...... NEVER!  Princess, would things be better if you could work, say, 20 hours a week and make a couple million a year?  I hope you've got a hell of a fastball, and a wicked slider.  Otherwise, get your ass out of your mom's basement and get another job.  Ask for some OT.  REDUCE your spending (THERE'S a radical concept, huh?).  Become self-reliant as soon as is possible.
  3. Hug and kiss your mom.

  1. Hey, at least you don't have $92k in college bills!
  2. OK, do this:  Take this nickel.  Hold it between your knees, only removing it when you need to pee or poo.  Viola!  No more babies!
  3. If you REALLY love that soon-to-be-baby, you'll give it up for adoption.  You can't take care of yourself, let alone another human being.  Both you and your baby will then have a chance to be positive, contributing members of society.
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Marine 83 said...

Nice. I could not agree more. These are the same idiot that will be demanding your preps be "redistibuted" when things go bad and you have food and they don't. Just look at the pictures posted areound the net. Commies, Nazies, Anarchists, Union Scum, and dreadlocked hippie bastards all joined together to demand someone elses wealth be given away. Keep up the good work Chief Instuctor.

Chief Instructor said...

Marine, yeah, my preps will get redistributed with a lead welcoming committee.

I was initially supportive of what they were doing - exercising Constitutional rights. But they have devolved into groups of stereotypical liberal whiners wanting someone else to fix their problems, instead of fixing them themselves.

Andrea said...

Is it bad that I just want to go through with a sharpie marker and correct their grammar? $100,000 debt and graduated this-that-or-the-other and they can't write complete sentences with proper grammar. Time to flip burgers.

Shy Wolf said...

Judging from all such letters I've read on various sites, there isn't one OWS participant who didn't graduate at the top of their class and can find a job. Suma cum loudly is probably what that frecklefaced baby girl graduated at. She could sell her jewelry and probably pay the property taxes for her mother.

Anonymous said...

For the Occupy Wall Street crowd: Who did you vote for? Let me guess ... Obama. Well there 'ya go! Obtaining an education is pointless if you can't reason.

Joseph said...

It appears those punks in the first video are getting their just reward. This is one case where I'm cheering for police.,0,2766304.story

Anonymous said...

My son is a junior in college. He was delivering flyers for 15 cents per flyer for some cash. Now he's parking cars. I'm not whining, he went out and got these jobs on his own. He drives a 1994 honda in almost perfect conditiob that's paid for. He will graduate with a grand total of $0 of debt and a few thousand in savings. He'll do ANY job for a check! His goal is to be totally self suffeciant (us paying no school or living expenses) by the time he is a senior. Ans no, we are not rich. My wife works part time as an admin assistant and I'm an RN.
The diffrence? We raised him that way.

Chief Instructor said...

Andrea, I've known so many people that went to college just because everyone else was doing it. Most would have been better off going to a trade school, or the military, .... or remedial English classes ;-)

Shy, LOL! Amazing, huh? Everyone's an honor student, and none can find jobs. I'm sure it has nothing to do with grade inflation. Naw, couldn't be...

Anon 7:44, nope, it's all Hope, Hope, Hope for Change. Funny thing is, hope takes no effort. Click your heels, and wish it so. It's a great scam. As you noted, no reason is involved. Our kids are all being taught how to follow instructions, not to think for themselves.

Joseph, yeah, they've caught the first maggot, but I think the bastard who decked the woman is still at large. He's an epic coward. It will be interesting to see what kind of justice is served. Any bets the NAACP will show up protesting how these poor, misunderstood youths are just victims of society?

Anon 6:29, well done! We told our two boys that they were on their own when it came to college. My wife and I pinched pennies when they were in grade school to put them in private school so they could get an actual education. We fibbed a bit and helped them in JC right after high school, but they were largely on their own, and they appreciated the education THEY paid for.

It's all about self-sufficiency. When you earn something, you appreciate it more.

Dustin Tarditi said...

I went to college to become a film major... I had to change majors to keep a merit ROTC scholarship I earned after my sophomore year, as the ROTC classes conflicted with my core classes. I graduated with a 3.0 in Political Science and received a commission as an Infantry Second Lieutenant with an annual salary of about $19K per year.

I served in the US Army for 4 years active duty, and IRR for several more. I have no student debt.

My wife and I drive older cars, but have no car payments. I work, my wife invests her time raising the children and managing a safe, loving, home for them.

I save for retirement which has lost value annually for the past 10 years. Our home has lost value, but since we put money down and made capital improvements, it is, fortunately still worth a bit more than the mortgage on it. I contribute to social security, of which, I am likely to never see a penny.

We are grateful to God for our health and liberty - the latter of which is being eroded daily by people who seem to value neither.

I am the 99%.

Shy Wolf said...

On 'liking Herman Cain' and his 9-9-9 plan- have you noticed how he intends getting the minority/black vote now? His 9-9-9 plan for them is actually a 9-0-9 plan where the 'poor' (I read that as 'ghetto core') won't have to pay their share of taxes.
As I've been saying: Cain is just another version of the Dark Lord with better education and some 'real world' experience.

Chief Instructor said...

Dustin, it's all about planning and adapting. Most of these protesters have a plan ala Europe: I want a gov't job, one week of a month, and retire will full pay and benefits at age 50. While you're employed, spend every dime you've got, 'cause Nanny's Got Your Back. I'll pass.

Shy, so far, to me, he seems legit. If he starts hemming and hawing, and backing off his message, I'll change my opinion.

Even if his plan were really 909, things would be much better than they are now. I'm not a "lesser of two evils" guy. I want something that will make actual change. This seems like it might work.

Time will tell...