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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Graft and Guns

Hallelujah!  We've been saved.  Both houses of congress and the prez signed off on the debt ceiling bill and the world is once again humming along, smooth as can be.

THIS JUST IN!  Apparently, the rich bastards with money - you know, the ones that don't pay their fair share of taxes - disagree.  They all sold their stock and bought precious metals.

Waddup, dog?  I thought this "deal" was a give-away to the rich guys, and they'd be celebrating in the streets with this gift granted them by King Barry.  That's the impression you got when listening to the MSM after the deal was announced this weekend.

They're acting like they think this will negatively affect the dollar, the economy and the jobs market.  How can that be?  King Barry said the boo-boo was all better now...

The picture up top (h/t to GunRightss4UsAll for the link) is from this posting [link] at providing us with a visualization of what millions, billions and trillions of dollars look like.  This picture, in particular, is what our national debt - roughly $15 trillion - looks like in $100 bills.

It's an eye-opener.  Wait until you see what the pile looks like when you've got all of our unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare and the rest of the mess included.

We Be Screwed.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!  Man, it sure hurts when a commie calls you out.  From Ruskie dictator Putin -
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is comparing the U.S. to a parasite following the debt limit debate -- quote -- "they are living beyond their means and shifting a part of the weight of their problems to the world economy. They are living like parasites off the global economy and their monopoly of the dollar."
Now, Vlad, baby, it is OUR dollar to monopolize, nyet?  The rest of your commie rant?  Spot on...

I got an interesting email from a woman who is signed up for this weekend's gun class.  She's wigging out!

I send all of my students a release form that basically says that they'll be around guns with live ammo and they could end up hurt or dead (wow, don't you wish attorney's could write that succinctly?).  She wanted to know if I do the class on a private basis, because she's afraid of being around so many newbie gun users.

I told her that when you're at a public range, you have no idea of the experience level of all of those shooters around you.  You're going to have professionals to novices, confident shooters to idiots showing off to their girlfriends (I keep my eyes GLUED to those guys when I'm in the range).

I explained that with this class, everyone will have just finished 2 1/2 hours of safety training.  No one in the range will be more conscious of the safety rules than she and her fellow classmates.

I told her I do teach the class on a one-on-one basis, but it will cost her about 3 times the amount of the class with other students.  And you just don't get as much from the private lessons.  Having fellow students pose questions and vent their fears or concerns has a LOT of value.

We'll see what she wants to do....

Speaking of guns, I was working from my house today, and had an old episode of Perry Mason on the tube.  I was on the phone with one of my brothers, when I started yelling at the muted TV screen.

Some Bozo was shooting a pistol off the back patio of his home, when some lady walked up (his 'personal secretary' I presume).  He still has the gun in his hand and flashes the muzzle right across her chest as he is gesturing while sitting down.

Not two minutes later, another guy with another gun is greeted by some other guy, and he basically does the same thing.

Holy crap!  Drove me crazy.  Always the Chief Instructor, I guess... ;-)

Another interesting tidbit from the show:  During the trial, Perry makes note that there was only one murder bullet, but two murder guns (queue dramatic music).  The bad guy switched the slide and barrel from the murder gun and put it on the same model of gun that was owned by his client.

The interesting note was the comment that Perry made while selling his idea - "I went down to the store and bought this gun today..."  What?  California used to be a free state?  Be still my beating heart...

I sent my above-mentioned student some statistical information on gun safety.  If you haven't been there in a while, drop by Gun Facts [link - PDF].  They have a buttload of gun-related facts - all of which are included with citations so you can verify any fact presented with your own two eyes.

My favs are the Accidental Death and Concealed Carry sections.  I love seeing gun-grabbers stumblin', bumblin' and fumblin' when you present them with facts, and not "It's for the children!" stories.

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