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Monday, July 25, 2011

Is This How It Begins?

Two Saturdays ago, when I got back from a gun class, my wife mentioned to me that a young black guy had been shot by San Francisco PD.  It was something about this kid not paying a bus fare, and the cops just shot him down.  He was unarmed and just gunned down in the street.

My first thought was, "This is going to blow up."  Police shootings have been getting a lot of press, and killing a young, black kid for not paying a bus fare was unconscionable.

Then some more information started coming out.  First, it seems that the kid wasn't unarmed.  The police said they were returning fire as the kid was running from them.  The problem was, there was no gun.

Oops, yes there was.  There was video of some guy picking up a gun at the scene, and reports that the police had recovered it.

Oops again: the video of the guy picking up "the gun" doesn't look much like a gun.  It could just be the angle of the grainy video, I don't know.  And the gun is still officially unrecovered.

Now, the SFPD is saying their officers didn't even kill the guy.  He was hit with one bullet in the leg (sounds like it was a through-and-through shot) and with another in the back of the neck that then entered his brain.  The fatal wound was caused by a .380 caliber bullet.  The SFPD is VERY carefully pointing out that it was not fired by a department issued gun, as those are all .40 cal.  I've yet to hear anyone ask if any of the pursuing officers had a personal back-up gun chambered in .380....

The police investigation is saying that the fatal shot was self-inflicted.  From the back of the neck?

Now,  the kid wasn't some innocent fare skipper.  As it turns out, he had recently been paroled from a Washington state prison.  For child rape and child prostitution.  He was also wanted for questioning in the murder of a 19 year old pregnant woman.

So, on one hand, the SFPD has either rid the world of a maggot that would have likely continued in his evil ways - or he did it to himself.

On the other hand, this is very disturbing to me.  The idea of someone committing suicide by shooting themselves in the neck just doesn't pass the smell test.  Who else but the SFPD would have shot him?

And where's the gun?  The object that was picked up was done so right in front of an SFPD officer (go to Youtube and search "Bayview shooting" to see all the different "takes" on what happened).

Now for the point of this post - I think this is the kind of event that can very easily set things spinning out of control.  Ye olde Civil Unrest.

A few days after the shooting, there was a large demonstration that resulted in over 40 arrests.  The Chief of police then held a meeting with people from the neighborhood, and he got shouted down, and ended up walking out.

People are pissed.  And anxious.

If you listen to a number of the Youtube videos, at least in this one predominantly-black, poor, crime-riddled SF neighborhood, there is a LOT of anger towards the police, the media, Jews and whites.  Lots of anger.

Right or wrong, it's there.

Tinfoil hat or just connecting the dots?  I was listening to the radio coming home late last week, and the subject was the recent crack down on illegal aliens by the administration.   Earlier in the week, they had done a number of raids and arrested a bunch of illegals.

A black guy called in and was saying this was a bad idea.  The host was saying that the jobs taken by the illegals were the kinds of jobs that were historically taken by teenagers, and black teenagers have a horrible unemployment rate.

The black guy said he didn't care.  He said that right now, we didn't need a NEW class of unemployed (the illegals) who had an additional problem in that they wouldn't have the money to get back home.  He said he believed you'd just end up with a bunch of very pissed off, very poor people that would erupt into violence.

Hmm, sound familiar?

Both the caller and the show host were discussing how surprised they were that THIS administration was taking THIS action at THIS time.

I must admit, I was surprised as well.

Is it just a coincidence that the administration is taking actions that could lead to violence, right at a time when they are getting their butts kicked at the budget table, their popularity numbers are in the tank, and the economy is in a shambles?  If the angry blacks and the angry Hispanics erupt at the same time (the two groups have no love lost for each other) does this give the administration cause for some sort of martial law?  Or is that getting too tin-foily?

I've mentioned in the recent past how my gun classes are all getting sold out, and how they are trending towards husband/wife or whole families taking the class.  Perhaps this has got me being a bit more sensitive to this subject.

Also, there have been a rash of robberies at coin shops, banks, grocery stores and other businesses.  One of the coin shops was our primary competitor across town.  Their front door was kicked in at 5am and the bad guys grabbed over $2000 in silver.

I was shocked to learn that every piece of their inventory isn't put in a safe each night, and that they apparently don't have a camera system.  We empty every display case each night, and leave them lit so the bad guys can see that there's nothing to take.

Accept The Challenge

Keep on your toes.  We've got politicians on both sides of the aisle screaming at each other in public over the public debt deal.  Tensions are high.

The administration sends their stooges on TV to tell everyone how great things are, and how we've "turned the corner," yet they trip over their tongues when asked for specifics.  We're getting weary of their lies.

If this debt thing isn't extended, and cuts start happening to social programs, I fear we're going to have spontaneous violent outbursts, followed by staged large-scale demonstrations by unions, community organizations and similar socialist organizations.

If this happens, figure banks, police stations, state/federal government buildings and similar places to be the early targets.  If the unrest is extended, any business with anything of value is a target - grocery stores, Big Box stores, jewelry/coin shops, gun shops, liquor stores, etc.

You know the drill:  Have some cash, have some guns and ammo, have some food and water.  Be prepared to be mobile.  If a riot sweeps thru your area, be ready to move at a moment's notice.  Can you live out of your car or truck for a few days while things blow over?  If your only plan is to "bug in," that's not much of a plan.

Flexibility and adaptability are the keys to survival, and that's the primary goal, right?
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Andrea said...

What a mess. That's about all I can say.

Politicians suck. I can say that too.

We avoid crowds and have food and gusn stored, but not much in terms of an evacuation plan. I don't have anywhere to evacuate to and I don't want to become a refuge. We're rural, but we're sandwiched between a couple large cities, so our evacuation routes are very limited.

Chief Instructor said...

Andrea, my town is basically half suburban and half rural. Huge tracts of homes which melt into massive farms and orchards. The further east we go from our home, the more rural.

My worry is that we would not be the only ones thinking this way. I PRAY that if TSHTF, most folks would be sheeple, and migrate towards government "care" facilities while we go the other way. We've got a great friend whose family owns massive orchards where we can hold up.

This is a medium-term solution at best, though. There are decent roads into the area (for the 'U-pick' season), and if food were scarce for an extended period, the sheeple would make their way there shortly.

Andrea said...

I live between 2 villages with populations of 300-400, very rural, mostly farmland. Our county seat has a pop. of 60K. Unfortunately, we're an hour each way between a couple of major cities and near to a major highway.

The thing that is in the back of my mind is how easy it would be for Indiana to close their state line and Cincinnati/Newport to close the bridge. Evacuation in either direction would be iffy so we may just head into the woods behind our house. Primitive camping, anyone???