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Friday, July 8, 2011

All Worked Up

Where are the Republican voices?  Perhaps I should say, where are the Fiscal Conservative voices?

I keep seeing stories like this one, and they're driving me bat sh#t crazy.  In summary, it's saying that if we don't raise the debt limit, the only outcome is a default on our debt.


How our obligations are paid from the available funds is 100% driven by the Executive office.  They are the ones that can pull some bucks from this program to pay for that program.  They are the ones that get to choose which bills are paid, and which ones are not.  They are the ones that can shut down federal programs or keep them open.

Yet somehow, they've got the majority of the mouth-breathing press and a good chunk of the public believing that if the Administration doesn't get the limit raised, we'll default on our debt, OR we won't make our Social Security and Medicare payments.

Why aren't the fiscal conservatives screaming at the top of their lungs, BULLSHIT!  The administration could choose to stop 100% of payments to the FDA, the DOL, the EPA, the DOE, the NEA, the DOT - pick any (all?) three lettered agencies not authorized by the Constitution, and shut them down first.

Then move on to the "We're here to fix your poor choices" departments.  All of HUD (why is it MY responsibility to subsidize the housing for my neighbor?), and every loan program subsidized by the federal government - college, homes, small businesses - whatever.

If you chose to get pregnant, impregnate, not get a college degree, not get a skills certificate or even if you had some dirt-poor bad luck, it's not my responsibility to get you back on your feet or give you a lift-up.  Especially when my taxes are taken from me at the point of a gun.  I really abhor coercion, and taxation is the epitome of it.

When I give of my own free will, I get a great warm feeling towards those I'm helping.  When my money is stolen, I am resentful.  Guess which feeling I have the most?

Look at this:  The Office of Child Support Enforcement.  It's part of the Department of Health and Human Services (SHUT IT DOWN!!).  It's mission is as follows -
The mission of the Child Support Enforcement Program is to enhance the well-being of children by assuring that assistance in obtaining support, including financial and medical, is available to children through locating parents, establishing paternity, establishing support obligations, and monitoring and enforcing those obligations.
Ahh.  It's For The Children.  Gag me with a spoon.  The federal government has no authority to delve into whether some scumbag mother or father is not keeping a roof over their kid's heads.  None.  It may be assumed by a state or a local community, but the federal government is Constitutional prohibited (tenth amendment - again) from doing this.

Yet there it sits.

So cut all of this crap out first, then start cutting to the bone if need be.

Seriously, you want to fund Big Bird before grandma gets her check?  OK, but it's YOUR choice, Barry.  YOU live with the consequences.

But the Republicans and the Fiscal Conservatives have got to sell it that way.  And fast.

This is typical of the clap-trap being spewed by the Administration and their Government Scribes -
The gap between spending and revenue is much too big to be closed by budget cuts alone. With fervent conviction but zero evidence [bite me - .ed], Tea Party Republicans believe otherwise — and Establishment Republicans, who know better, are afraid to contradict them.
Hey, Stuck-On-Stupid-dude:  They're afraid to contradict them because they know they'll have their butts thrown out of office if they do so.  There's even a chance they actually believe in the Constitution and are upholding the Oath Of Office they took.  Crazy, huh?
“I’ve met with the leaders multiple times,” Obama said, referring to House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. “At a certain point, they need to do their job.” The job he means is welcoming fantasy-loving Republicans to the real world, and it has to be done.
They need to do their job?  Barry, Barry, Barry.  You're clueless about what that means.  You envision your job as doing whatever ass-kissing and favor-granting as is necessary to get re-elected.  Nothing more.

At least some of the newly elected representatives - with a handful of stalwarts that have been around for a while - want none of this.  They see their job as making the federal government once again Constitutional.  The first step is to balance the budget.  The next is to shrink this bloated behemoth down to a manageable size.

And do you believe THIS crap? -
The stakes are perilously high, but Obama does have a doomsday option: If all else fails, he can assert that a section of the 14th Amendment — “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law . . . shall not be questioned” — makes the debt limit unconstitutional and instructs him to take any measures necessary to avoid default.
How in God's Name they can read this portion of the 14th Amendment and twist it around to mean that Barry can borrow as much as he likes, is beyond any logical concept.

Seriously, this may be the back-breaking straw.  If he essentially anoints himself King Barry and proceeds to writing checks, it may be enough for Americans to FINALLY push back with physical violence.

Hell, he may just do it.  Why not?  He has thumbed his nose at Congress with his war in Libya.  They kinda told him to stop, and he pushed their faces in the dirt.  And laughed.  He said the law doesn't apply to him.

Sounds kinda Kingly to me...

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Anonymous said...

Right on! Seperate the SS administration from the budget and put a real accountant in charge and force it to live within it's revenues. Then the entire rest of the federal government (constitutional mandated functions) could be run on about $900 billion. That would be DOD, the congress, the courts, the presidents office, FBI, and a couple of required programs. Everything else should go away along with the employees. Do away with student loans and grants. How did we get into this business anyway.
Another suggestion: refomr welfare in two phases. 1)Overnight change the law so the maximum total payments any individual or family could get would be the equivalent of 40 hours a week at minimum wage, about $1280 a month. That would include health care, welfare, food stamps, babysitting, everything. Then after 3 months to get set up require that everyone still on welfare must then work 40 hours a week at minimum wage in place of welfare. It's time to end the gravy train.

Dustin Tarditi said...

At a macro level: "I cannot live within my means and have maxxed all my credit cards to support my spending addiction - solution: I need to get more credit cards and demand my employer pays me more money."

Problem solved...?

Chief Instructor said...

Anon, Constitutionally mandated federal government? Be still my beating heart!

I agree with what you're saying regarding current unconstitutional programs: Phase them out. I don't think a "cold turkey" is realistic. The key is that it needs to be legislated - our laws must be changed - it can't be a one-year budget deal (which is how I think Barry and Congress are going to try and do this).

"We're going to cut a zillion dollars over 10 years" will be the sales job, but we all know that future Congress' are not bound by current year budget intentions. Only if the law is changed do we have a chance of real change occurring.

And HELL YES, if you're receiving any form of welfare, you need to show up daily to do some sort of public works. Pick up trash, clean public bathrooms, paint public buildings, etc. No work, no pay. Simple concept.

Dustin, you have perfectly summed up our government's perspective on how things ought to be run. No consideration of cutting your spending, only figuring out ways to perpetuate the current "lifestyle".