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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Off To The Wilds

I'll be heading to the Yuba River today for some fly fishing with my brothers and some friends.  Things are NOT looking good, though.

Because of the enormous snow pack in the Sierra's, the water flows are huge.  You normally want to fish in water that is around 1500 cubic feet per second (CFPS).  I've fished water going 3000 cfps, and did OK.

Right now, the Yuba is moving at 10,000 cfps!

What this means is that we will most likely not  be doing the dry flies - top-water fishing.  We'll be 'nymphing' - using sub-surface flies that mimic the bugs as they are coming out of the river bottom.  It's a whole different technique and is something I've only done once before.

Because of the velocity of the water, being in waders is most likely out of the question, so it will be fishing from the shore.  Much more challenging and it takes away a number of techniques for nymphing.  Oy!

Hey, more skills development, right?

I'm going to be bringing a set of walkie-talkies as well, and will see how they work out in the river.  My portable water filtration system will be in tow, as well as a small fanny pack full of just-in-case survival gear.  The fly fishing vest has a very nice zippered section in the back of the vest that also will get stuffed with things we may need in a survival situation.  If the fish aren't biting, I may find the time to practice some emergency techniques out in the wild.

Back in a couple of days, hopefully with some pix of gi-normous trout which were fooled by you know who...

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Shy Wolf said...

Good luck fishing- are you going after Steelhead or trout? (I prefer Steelhead and Chinook.)
Hate to be the bearer of 'bad tidings', so don't shoot the messenger, but- do you have any knowledge of this...

Interesting, to say the least. Or is the expression properly, "The plot thickens"?

Chief Instructor said...

We were going after trout. Zero, zip, nada. The water was way to high and way too fast. We'll be back, though. Clearly some great fishing areas once the water returns to normal levels.

Regarding the OTC trading, this won't directly affect my biz, but it could indirectly affect it by messing with the spot price of PMs. If there is lower trading - via new government regulations - it would logically drive prices downwards. This would be very beneficial to the fedgov, as it would make PMs less attractive when compared with greenbacks.

suek said...

Saw an ad the other day on the Bass Outdoor World for a new Foodsaver/Game preserver gizmo - it runs on 12 volts, and has a connector to plug into your car jack...!

Chief Instructor said...

Wow, I really like the looks of that. I've got a power inverter that I carry in my car, but if the amperage draw is too high, it craps out on me. I like the idea that I can plug it into the cig lighter and it works (plus working with regular 120V household current).