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Monday, March 14, 2011


Sure wish I owned stock in companies making Potassium Iodide pills.  Glad I don't own any stock in companies that insure Japan.
I'm not all that worried about the nuclear fall-out from the Japanese nukes, but have decided to jump on the bandwagon and get some Potassium Iodide tablets.  The CDC recommends an adult take 130 mgs for each day of actual or suspected exposure.

What changed my mind?  Prevailing winds.  I made an assumption that I'm glad I researched.

I assumed that since the world rotates in a counter-clockwise fashion (looking down from the North Pole), that the prevailing winds would be coming from east to west.  That means the fallout cloud would have to travel over most of Asia, Africa and Europe, THEN pass over the Atlantic, get scraped and diluted while traveling over the North American continent before it reached me here in the SF Bay Area.

As it turns out, the earth's winds go in two different directions depending where you're located on earth.  If you live between the 30 degree North and 30 degree South latitude lines (the center section of the earth), I was correct.  The winds generally blow east to west.  However, if you're above 30 North or below 30 South, the winds blow from west to east.

Guess where the bulk of the US falls?  Yeah, above 30 North.

That means that fall-out from Japan is only a bit over 5,000 miles from where I live.  And it can get here virtually unimpeded over open ocean.

The prices online are all over the board.  I decided to go with  Why?  I've bought stuff from them in the past, and I was satisfied with the results.

Seriously, what's up with all of these massive earthquakes?  Chile, Haiti, New Zealand, Japan.  I checked out Wikipedia, and we've had tons of earthquakes north of 7.0 on the Richter Scale in recent years.  I know we have earthquakes all the time where no one is injured, but it seems like we're having a bunch of bad ones where lots of people are killed or injured.

 I've been busy with other preps as well.

I'm trying to grow some wheat sprouts.  If things get jiggy on us and veggies aren't available, the enzymes we need to efficiently digest food aren't available.  We can get these enzymes from fresh sprouts.

I'm following these directions.  It will take between two and four days to get two cups of sprouts from a quarter-cup of wheat berries.  I started this last night, and virtually all of the berries have little white sprout-lets and one green one has already emerged.

I'll post some pix and let you know how they taste after they're done.

Speaking of farming (?), I helped a buddy today plant 6 rows and one mound of potatoes.  I dug up this section of his backyard, made the rows (the mound is off to the right of the frame) and planted the seed potatoes -

We got 7 seeds per row, and three in the mound, for a total of 45.

About those seed potatoes:  They were saved from his crop from last year.  I know, I know, you're supposed to only use certified, disease-free seed crop, but, it's what he had!  I just hope I didn't do all that digging for nothing..

Earlier in the week he hired some folks to do the same thing in his main beds -

You can see the tomato cages in the foreground.  He's got spinach, onions, rutabagas, cauliflower, carrots and radishes.  Around the corner, he's got zucchini interspersed with his flower beds.

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Terrie said...

WOW what a wonderful garden and what a wonderful use of backyard space! As far as the nuke situation in Japan ..I'm glad to see those disaster chasing reporters from all the main stream media are getting their lifetime exposure to they don't even know it again!

suek said...

This seems to be the most complete report I've seen so far. It's a long report - first half is relevant to the topic, the second half might be relevant to some...

Andrea said...

Can I just sit here and drool over that garden for a few minutes? There's just nothing better than freshly dug earth, especially on a warm sunny day, with the soil cool beneath your bare feet. Sigh. I'm so ready for spring.

Chief Instructor said...

Terrie, yeah, his garden set-up last year ended up being pretty inefficient. He swapped some things around and it looks to be a very good set-up this year.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the spud-patch turns out. I dug down a good 12 inches, they made the mounds, so there should be plenty of good, loose soil for the 'taters to grow.

About the reporters, yeah, I'm all dewy-eyed... ;-)

Sue, I have been hearing so much contradictory information, I just don't know what's the truth. The Japanese government is known for REALLY hiding the truth from their citizens, so it's tough to tell what's real.

The economic ramifications will be interesting to see. Right this second, gold and silver are getting hammered (gold's down $34). The Dow Jones is down around 200 points.

I understand the stock market being down, as US companies that do biz in Japan will be hurt. I don't understand why precious metals are down. A number of articles I read said it was because investors are liquidating to get into cash.

Why do that? Perhaps to be able to buy stocks in companies that will benefit from the Japanese mess. I dunno.

Andrea, it's cool walking down the rows, reading the tags to see what's going to be sprouting in no time at all. There's something in his soil that is magic for tomatoes and for turnips (which I left off the list). I don't know what they have in common, but they sure love his soil!

suek said...

I think I mentioned that stock book I read a long time ago...
"Heads You Win, Tails You Win". Generally, his philosophy was that you buy ownership in a good solid company, expecting growth of your money due to growth of the company. His opinion was that if you want to make money buying and selling stocks on the market, you might as well go to Vegas.

Anyway, according to his theory, if you had stock in a good solid stock and the price went down, and if you saw no reason for the stock to go down ... buy more while the price was low!

suek said...

>>good solid stock>>

good solid company...


Russell said...

We are too far to have to worry about fallout. Even though it seems 'unimpeded' dilution/precipitation etc will breakdown most of it. Even Cherynobl which was much worse didn't get very far from the main destruction zone.

But, as always, it's never a bad thing to be prepared.

suek said...

About his tomato cages...Maybe those work for him, but I've found that type insufficient. It probably depends on whether you have the type that is determinate or indeterminate. I have the Park Seeds tomato cages and really like them, ( )although I lust after the Texas Tomato cages. Can't really justify them...but for three years now, I've "drooled" and considered buying them.

Here's your totally off-topic but worthwhile link of the day:

Chief Instructor said...

Sue, yep, right now, me and my partners are looking at this dip in silver, in particular, as a buying opportunity.

I don't know about the tomato cages. He used them last year, so I'm guessing they worked for the type of plant he has. I'll ask him about the other type you mentioned.

Thanks for the link. I'll take a look later.

Russell, I got an email from a guy where he informed me that Iodine 131 has a half-life of 8 days. It takes the jet stream 9 days to get to the west coast! I'm looking into it, but what I've read so far has been confirmed.

Isn't it interesting that the MSM hasn't mentioned that the US mainland is basically out of harms way regardless of how bad it could get in Japan?

Doesn't make good TV, I guess. And of course, they wouldn't be caught dead taking any of the boogie man out of nuke energy.

suek said...

Here's another one to keep an eye on...

True report or false??? I don't know. If it's another kind of nuclear explosion. Combine it with the Gunrunner thing, and you have exposed governmental corruption of ginormous (as my kids would say) proportions.