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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Socialist Mindset and Implications

As I've said before, the socialists are much better at propaganda than libertarians and conservatives.  Wisconsin is the perfect example.  The governor was elected by running on the platform that he was going to get their financial house in order.  Slash and burn the state budget.

He's now doing what he said he'd do, but the socialists have had time to re-group.  They commandeered the state house and have (once again) co-opted the media.  Loving depictions of hardworking state workers, just trying to make ends meet.

Opinion polls in Wisconsin now show that the same people that elected him, think he's a bad, bad man.

Unreal.  Did they think this gut-wrenching fiscal make-over was going to be pleasant?

Ya see, they don't care.  Socialists are socialists, whether they're employed by the state or by private companies.  Their goal is to suck the life-blood from the system (for state workers, that would be the life-blood of you and me).  They have no concern for the financial health of the body which feeds them - they only want to "get theirs" - everyone else be damned.

Take from The Man and share the wealth.

I saw this segment on Glenn Beck last week.  This angers me beyond the words I can type.

Workers remove dictators by taking control of the place where they work.

Sounds like what's going on in Wisconsin, no?

I saw news coverage of some idiot doing a chant of, "Who does the work?"  and the soft-headed crowd would reply, "WE DO!"  On and on and on.

How about this, cupcake:  If you don't like your job, quit.  If you don't like your boss, quit.  If you don't like any businesses, start your own.  Hell, your unions dump tens of millions of dollars into political campaigns to get politicians in their pockets to tell businesses how they have to operate. 

Why not have them use your union dues to start "investing" in small business to be run by the workers?  It would be the best of all world, wouldn't it?  Union money invested in union businesses run by union workers.  You must be getting light-headed just thinking about it!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the reason they don't do it, you frigging pinheads, is because they know it will fail.  They have seen what happened in the former (key word there) Soviet Union.  If you don't give a business owner AND the workers a profit motive, they won't work hard.  Efficiency is not a consideration.

Why work hard and strive for excellence when, regardless of how many hours you work and what skills you you bring to the job, you'll still be paid the same wage as the loafer standing next to you on the People's Assembly Line?

It's a very simple concept that seems to be beyond your mental capacity.

What are the implications here?

The states and the federal government are broke.  There is simply no more money left.  The federal government brings in about $2.2 trillion, and spends $3.8 trillion.  The Republicans are proposing "serious" cuts of at least $100 billion.

Don't make me laugh.  That's just over 2.5% of the budget.  That's not serious, it's a joke.  And the Dems are fighting THAT tooth-and-nail.

The feds can keep printing up Monopoly money, but I don't know how much longer that can last.  They promise there will not be a QE III, but no one else is buying our debt.  I'm not buying their promises.

At the very least, it will exacerbate our rising inflation.  If that happens, the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates.  Doing so will absolutely crush businesses who need credit to survive.

You've heard about the $2 trillion in cash that American business has squirreled away?  Those that have done so will at least have a chance in hell of self-funding their ongoing operations.  The majority of others will wilt and die off.  Along with the jobs they provided.

If the states don't get emergency loans or some sort of assistance from the federal government, those peaceful protesters in Madison will morph into angry mobs, slashing and burning and taking what they feel is rightfully theirs.

Accept The Challenge

It's nearly Game Time, folks.  Weeks, months or years?  I don't know, but it seems like it will be sooner than later.

One of the key things I'll be doing over the next few weeks and months is de-centralizing my storage of PMs, ammo, food, equipment and guns.  I preach to not keep, "all of your eggs in one basket" and I've been letting my own practices slip.

I've got some geographic dispersion, but not enough.  I'll be fixing that.

Assess your situation.  Where are the holes in your plan?  What do you need to get done?  Skills, medical and dental treatments, "rainy day funds", food, equipment.

With gasoline and food prices climbing, use this as an opportunity to make some changes in how you operate.  What foods can you substitute in your diet that will give you the same nutritional values, but cost you fewer dollars?  Protein for protein, carb for carb, fat for fat.

Look for sales!  I just bought 10 pounds of boneless pork "carnitas" meat for only a little over the cost of a bone-in pork butt.  It's now home canned as ground Italian sausage that we use in pasta sauce and this killer potato soup my wife created.

With things like powdered milk, use spices and flavorings to mask the odd flavors (go HERE for some more ideas).  I'm trying to re-create my wife's sausage/potato soup with home storage foods - dehydrated spuds (hash brown style), onions, garlic and milk, plus the canned sausage.  If it's any good, I'll post the recipe.

Get creative and knowledgeable while you can.

And please folks, get to the range and practice your shooting skills, ESPECIALLY your weak-side shooting.  You are just as likely to have to shoot around a right-hand corner as you are a left-hand corner.  If you're not proficient at shooting from both sides, half of the time you'll be needlessly exposing too much of your body to the bad guys.

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Tracy Dear said...

I would love to hear more about why you like to have geographic separation of your preps. I do also, but I feel paranoid-conspiracist when I do. How far is far enough?

Shy Wolf said...

Howdy, Chief- I think one answer to your query about the taxpayer not supporting Walker after his election is the typical mindset nearly all of us have: "It doesn't matter who we elect, it'll be 'business as usual'." And now they've discovered Walker actually meant what he said, they're not only surprised, they're miffed- as the revolt is proving- that he's actually not doing 'business as usual'.
Really, I gotta say Walker has my vote no matter what office he runs for. Heck, I may even move to WS! (OK, kidding there: if I'm only moving 90 miles, I may as well stay home.:D )
Time frame for the revolting people is going to be some time this summer, I think- once gas gets so high the welfare babies can't afford to drive for their convenience store goodies and drugs, there's gonna be hell to pay. Double the intensity when they can no longer afford to pay WalMart prices for those same goodies.
May we live in interesting times.
Oh, wait: we ARE living in interesting times! Kewl beans, Man!
Hmmm. WV is: 'hamidi'. Mooslim takeover of the 'net?

Chief Instructor said...

Mama, I've gotten over the "wow, you're out there, dude" crowd. Don't care. Most are now doing some sort of preps, though!

Anyways, I spend about 50% of my time in the county where the PM biz is. This is also the county where I teach my gun classes. The other half is where I live. Most of my preps are in my home. The two counties are separated by bridges using one route, and levee roads using the other route.

So, if there's a significant natural disaster, I could be in trouble. Any kind of major political issue could leave me high and dry if I can't get back home. And then there's the issue of robbery, fire, etc.

I just need to get my stuff more spread out!

Sly, I think you're gonna be right about this summer. Many freebee's will be ending, one of them being free/reduced tuition. I'm guessing we'll see student protests that will be joined by "civil rights" groups and other that are used to getting their way with the politicians.

Interesting times, indeed...

suek said...

About that "almost game time" statement:

Be sure to read the comments...