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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thinning The Herd

I was going to do a post today on the wing-nut that took over the Discovery Channel yesterday.  The guy was a big "save the earth" guy.  I was going to discuss how the earth has a way of cleansing itself if things get too far out of kilter.

Housing density too high?  Nature creates some bug to wipe out thousands or millions of people (black plague, etc).  Too many humans on earth?  Hello extended droughts.  This guy was basically calling for all humans to die so the bugs and "froggies" (his word, not mine) could thrive.

Read his manifesto.  It's a trip.

I believe that if humans cross the line too far - waste resources, foul the air, land and water or grow too large -  nature will slap us upside the head, "thin the herd" and put everything back into balance.

As intelligent beings, it is our job to manage our resources wisely.  That doesn't mean calling for the slaughter of "parasitic human infants" or imposing strawman legislation like Cap and Trade which will cripple our economy.

We have brains.  Use 'em.

Then, I got sidetracked.

I was reading the comments to an older article in my local online newspaper.  It was about the Open Carry movement in our area.

A commenter had made note of a big Open Carry event being held later this month at a local church.  Some pinhead, "tod", then posted this comment -
Ahhh....A church. That's the perfect place to hold a meeting that supports the so-called "God-given" right to bear arms. A place of peace and worship is definitely the perfect locale for promoting open carry and for bringing weapons. Do y'all bring your weapons each time you come to church? I'm sure your fellow parisheners would appreciate a heads-up about that so that they can decide whether or not to take the kiddies on Sundays.
After taking a deep breath and making sure all of my words were appropriate for a family newspaper, I responded with the following -
tod - yeah, no one would be so sacrilegious as to open fire at a church service.

Oops. Wow, that was THIS weekend right here in California. How could that be? Guns aren't allowed in churches, right?

Maybe the crazy people and criminals don't care that it's a church. Or a restaurant. Or a family park. Maybe they pick the areas that they know our government as deemed as "gun free zones" because there will be no chance of defense.

And why do you think that worship, or eating a meal or watching a movie are mutually exclusive from providing for your self-defense? Do you have some sort of force-field that keeps away bad people and crazies when you're engaging in these activities?
After I posted it, I started to reflect on the Discovery Channel nut, and what I had planned to write about nature, "thinning the herd."

Guys like tod are going to be "thinned out" in the future once they run across some bad guys.  They live in this make-believe world full of unicorns and kittens. 

Life is VERY good, but bad people exist.  They simply refuse to acknowledge this fact.  They don't see that the Human Nature of some folks is rotten to the core.

I think Darwin was pretty close to being right on point:  Survival Of The Fittest.  Adapt or perish.

Not directly related, but along the vein of Whack-Jobs Living Among Us, did you hear about the guy that the police here in Northern California recently shot and killed?
Efren Valdemoro, 38, was shot and killed by California Highway Patrol officers Tuesday night after refusing to drop a meat cleaver, CHP Sgt. Trent Cross said. A high-speed chase upward of 100 miles per hour for Valdemoro, wanted in the death of a 73-year-old man last weekend, ended in a market inside a Richmond strip mall.

Inside the car, officers found the dead body of Valdemoro's girlfriend, Cindy Tran, 46, who suffered severe head and neck injuries, Cross said. Tran called a relative Tuesday evening saying that Valdemoro kidnapped her from a salon in Vallejo, Calif., said Vallejo police spokesman Lt. Abel Tenorio.
Believe it or not, THAT'S not the weird part.  Two other ladies were also missing and they had ties to the crazy dude.  The police went to one of the ladies homes' and saw a bunch of flies buzzing around.

They entered the home and found the two bodies.  They also found the husband of one of the dead ladies - alive and well - sitting in the home, uhm, otherwise occupied -
Investigators on the missing-persons case searched Allen's home Tuesday afternoon after noticing numerous flies in the house earlier and found the bodies — one in the backyard and one inside the house, Tenorio said.

They also found chemicals used to make explosives in the home.

Allen's husband, Charles Rittenhouse, 72, who was home when the bodies were discovered, was arrested on suspicion of explosives possession and was being questioned in the women's deaths, Tenorio said.

Rittenhouse is a chemical engineer who works in nearby Fairfield, Tenorio added.
This sounds like a Quenton Tarantino film!

Accept The Challenge

I just don't understand some people.  Commenter "tod" has no desire to protect himself, and derides people that want that ability, as nuts.

How can you come to such a conclusion?  Has our society so "sheep-ified" its citizens that the thought of providing for our own defense is now considered as an extreme position?

Please, do something.  Learn how to shoot and safely provide for a gun.  Buy some pepper spray or a Taser.  Figure out what works for you and your lifestyle.  Practice with all of your self-defense tools and always have some sort of defense with you.

Keep your head "on a swivel" - be aware of your surroundings.  Take a safety awareness course.  Almost all local police departments offer some sort of safety course.  The NRA has a great program called, Refuse To Be A Victim.  Go to their site and find out if it's being held near you.

Do something.  Don't be a "tod".

I don't want to be "thinned out" until I'm fat and old.  Well, fatter and older ;-)

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GunRights4US said...

I fail to understand the sheeple mindset. It is beyond my grasp. Your comments in reply to Tod's lunacy were right on target (as usual). Kitten and unicorns, butterflies and rosebuds; they must live in a fantasy paradise.

Andrea said...


He had a real issue with babies, didn't he? I bet that anger stems from the fact he couldn't get a date.

I mean, c'mon. How can you not like babies?

suek said...

I understand the "no weapons and religion" thing. It's one of those contradictions - Christians are supposed to be peaceful and peace loving. Not supposed to do violence. Turn the other cheek.

However - self defense doesn't fall into that category - of violence, I mean. In fact, it could be argued that a man has an obligation to defend his family and his neighbor.

My son - who spent a bit of time in Iraq - says the "turn the other cheek" thing is taken the wrong way. He says that there are two ways to strike the cheek - with the palm of the hand or with the back of the hand. Striking with the palm of the hand is aggressive, striking with the back of the hand is an indication of disrespect - women and children are struck with the back of the hand. I think the gospel says "if a man strikes your left cheek, turn to him the other", and that would mean that if he strikes you in disrespect, turn the other cheek so that he can take a shot at an aggressive action, to which you can respond aggressively.

I don't's an interesting theory - but one that would certainly change the inherent meaning of that part of the gospel!

Chief Instructor said...

Guns, mentally, they live in that world, not the real one. No one wants violence, but to pretend it doesn't exist and leave yourself vulnerable is just insane.

Andrea, a twisted individual, for sure. American babies are the worst! Each one of those parasites will use the resources of 30 "other" babies.

Let's say that's true. What he doesn't mention is that our babies aren't taking food or resources out of the mouths of "other" babies. We just have the technology - food production - to feed our babies.

For that, we're supposed to feel guilty. Not.

Sue, I've got a link somewhere to a religious website that quotes chapter and verse about the biblical right to defend oneself.

The pacifists always quote the "turn the other cheek" verse, but conveniently leave out the others.

Andrea said...

If you should happen to find that link, I'd love to see it.

suek said...

>>What he doesn't mention is that our babies aren't taking food or resources out of the mouths of "other" babies.>>

When I was growing up, my parents harped on the "clean plate club"...we were supposed to eat what we were served. All of it. My husband, on the other hand, got lectured on the "starving Armenians" ... how grateful _they'd_ be if only they had the food he was declining to eat. And of course, the issue of how you'd get it to the "starving Armenians" was never raised. Needless to say, he was not permitted the option of "they can have it". A second part of that is the actual "starving Armenians". It was never real for him...but there really were starving Armenians - but that little fact of history kind of evaporated. We never learned exactly _why_ the Armenians were starving.

We have been incredibly fortunate to live where, when and how we have for our lifetimes.

Anonymous said...

From the tone of the "manifesto," sounds like the guy was a certifiable nut and needed some kind of meds. Make me wonder how many are as close to the edge as he was...

I live in Northern Virginia and work in DC, so wasn't that far from Silver Spring, Maryland where the Discovery Channel building is. From what I've heard, Maryland gun laws are a real PITA and all handguns have to be registered. My guess is there are a lot less concealed carry permits in that state (unlike VA, where it's easy to get).

Proud father of two filthy children

Chief Instructor said...

Andrea, I'm PRETTY SURE this was the site. It looks differently from when I last visited, but they could have done a make-over:

Pretty good as well -

Sue, in our household, it was all of the starving children in China! Too funny.

You are right, we are truly fortunate to live where we do.

Suburban, yeah, certifiable indeed. You make a great point: We have so many people "doped up" nowaday that if the balloon went up, it would be psycho - literally - within days. After a few weeks - wow.

Yeah, I'm a proud pop of two "parasitic human children" myself. Big 'ol boys. Instead of just 30 times the resource-suckers, I'm guessing they sucked up 40- or 50-times "their share".

How did the rest of you manage to survive their locust-like pillaging!?

suek said...

Heh. Wait till you get physically set up...I'll send one of mine a-pillaging!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic? The left was hoping that some nut would commit violence in the name of Limbaugh or Beck so they could blame them for rabble rousng. It would have been even better if there had been a connection to some militia group. But instead the inconvenient truth is some nut was motivated by Al Gore to take hostages and declare his desire to kill all humans. Isn't that just ironic? I bet the Southern Poverty Law Center didn't see that one coming!!!

Chief Instructor said...

Sue, we'll have security!

Anon, ironic indeed. And you won't hear the MSM babbling a word about it. He wanted to save the world, not some dusty old document from 1787.

Anonymous said...

I found this post while watching news story on the suicides from bullying in the news a lot lately.

Got me to thinking. Is there a "thin the herd" dynamic in play with respect to population control?

Think about it. In our day (30+ years ago) the schools weren't as populated. If we were stuck in a mine with only 32 others, we'd very likely not bully anyone. But put 10,000 people in that cave and it is definitely going to happen.

Is any of this due to some deeper, genetic instinct? As we perceive our population getting too big, we lash out. And we lash out on any available group - choosing the one that might be most acceptable at the time from societal norms standpoint. Because while it might be gays or muslims today, I am sure it will be another group(s) a few years from now, and so on. Is it less about the actual perceived morality of a set of people and more instinctively about the numbers?