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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do Something About It

We deserve what we've got.

As a nation, we are pitifully complacent.  We know when something is wrong or a lie, but we just blow it off as no big deal.  We're too busy.  We have other appointments.  Our calendar is full.

Look at some of the things that are in the news right now -

NAACP racism charge against Tea Parties:  Their charges are made up out of thin air.  They carefully word their statement to give themselves plenty of wiggle room, but they know that the story that hits the papers gets the point across that they think the Tea Party is full of nothing but racists.

Never mind the fact that they can't produce a single piece of evidence.  With our press and their race-based genuflecting, it is sufficient for them to simply hint at racism, and it makes front page news.

If you believe in the Tea Party ideal or movement, you have nothing to lose by calling them on their BS.  These bald-faced liars are going to call you a racist anyways, regardless of the veracity of their charges.  I've written before that if the new definition of racist is someone who believes in smaller government and more local control, then count me in.

Why isn't the press all over the administration regarding how they have a press black out on access to the Gulf area, and how the government is actively restricting the clean-up efforts?  Where are the reporters whose job is to challenge government officials?

We briefly hear about the government not allowing skimming barges to collect oil because they haven't had their life vests fire extinguishers counted?  Huh?  Why the SUDDEN safety consciousness?

The last I read, that huge oil-sucking ship ("A Whale") is still "undergoing tests" in the Gulf of Mexico.  Some lame excuse about how the Coast Guard questions its effectiveness.

So what?  Maybe it won't be as effective as advertised.  Maybe it will be a total bust, break up into a million little pieces and sink to the bottom of the ocean.  Would we be any worse off?

No.  The Gulf would still be full of oil, but now it would have an artificial reef for the fish.

And look at the almost Sybil-like dual personality of the DOJ with regards to illegal immigration.  They sue Arizona over their law that cuts-and-pastes from the federal law.  They say they must stop the "patchwork" of state laws -
"This is about who in our constitutional system has the authority to formulate immigration policy," said a senior DoJ official on a conference call with reporters Tuesday afternoon. "And as the Supreme Court has explained, and we believe the constitution makes clear, constitutional and federal law do not permit the development of a patchwork of [immigration laws] throughout this country."
Great.  If that's your position, then why wasn't the first thing you did was to go after all of the states and cities that have "Sanctuary" laws?  These laws are in DIRECT DEFIANCE of federal law, yet you choose to go after a state that has laws that are in DIRECT SUPPORT of federal law.

And by the way, where in the Constitution does it specifically prohibit the states from enforcing or enacting immigration laws for IT'S own borders?   If it's not prohibited, then the Tenth Amendment allows states to apply their "patchwork" of laws.  THAT IS THE WHOLE IDEA OF THE CONSTITUTION!

Do you think a reporter at a large news paper or TV network has asked those questions?  And even if they have, why has the story been buried and replaced by the latest story about some drunk starlet going into rehab?

We have to get off our butts, people.  This laissez faire attitude Americans have had over the past 40 years or so has come back to bite us.  Hard.

Look what Montanan's are doing with this perverse law that wants to teach children sexual positions.  People are getting out and challenging it.  Big time.

Click that link, and look what these bastards want to teach our children.  It really gets interesting with the 5th and 6th grade curriculum.  I'd be going nuts.

Accept The Challenge

Show up.  Be counted.  Get involved.  Do Something About It.

This site is all about taking personal responsibility.  Our passivity is killing us.  Literally.

Use your voice, your dollars and your vote to get things changed.  If you do nothing, YOU are to blame.  There is no one to point a finger towards other than yourself.

Write a letter to a lazy reporter, a megalomaniac government official or corrupt organization leader and send a copy to another group so that they might "spread the word" or take action.  Send a copy to news organizations that are more likely to support - or at least report - the truth of the matter.

Write your local newspaper and tell them about an upcoming event and how you expect them to cover what is going on, or you'll drop your subscription.

If there is a rally, be there.  Bring your signs, bring your fliers, bring your voice.  Be clear on how you expect your elected officials to act.

If there is an election, vote.  Volunteer for the campaign of the persons you support.  Help your person raise money.  Educate others about why you're getting involved.  And if the new guy/gal fooled you and was nothing but a lying piece of garbage, do the same thing all over with their next opponent.

Withdraw your support for clubs or groups to which you now pay dues.  Tell them what you expect to happen, and if it doesn't happen, the cash will end.  You'll stop paying dues, you'll vote against them and you'll stop making donations or stop buying their fund raising products.

When your membership renewal comes due, send it back empty with a note saying you're spending your money with a group that acts as you want them to act.

Unless you like the idea of being told what kind of fat you can eat or the amount of salt allowed in your food, where you are allowed to provide for your own personal defense, being painted as a racist for saying what you believe in - even when race is not an issue - or having your membership dues applied towards laws which harm this country, get off your butt and Do Something About It.

I'm tired of the whining.  Get active or get lost.

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suek said...

Start educating yourself on the "Recall" laws for various offices in your political environment.

For example, in my state, we can recall board members. If I lived in that Montana district (or state - I don't know the level of the particular school board) I'd be organizing/pushing for a recall of the entire board - _NOW_!! In California, you can recall school board members - locally, at least. You can recall the Governnor - we already know that. You cannot recall your National Senators or Representatives, as far as I know. I don't know about _state_ legislators.

So...find out _who_ you can recall, and what the laws are. It's never cheap, but my guess is that in Montana, at least, money would flow into your coffers!

suek said...

Oh yeah...and I'm going to be looking into how - or what - can be done to insure voter verification. California has a _lot_ of illegals - no doubt about that. Do many vote? With the motor voter law, I'm guessing yes - but I don't know. How do you insure that your local registrar deletes dead people from the election rolls, those who have moved, and those who aren't entitled to vote (felons). Where can you get that info.

More stuff to learn about!!

Andrea said...

OMG @ the sex ed stuff! I didn't learn some of that stuff til I was 25....and had been married for 5 years! If I lived in that district, I'd be yanking my kids out of public school post-haste!

Groundhog said...

To paraphrase Sir Winston, our form of government is the worst, except for all the others. About 20 years ago, a lot younger and full of pee and vinegar, I got involved with my local county party. What I saw discouraged me so much that I have not even considered being directly involved politically until now. Personally, I think if you are worth a crap as a human being, it's a mighty sacrifice indeed to go into the American political scene and try to fight for what's right. I'd even go so far to say that what is more likely to happen is either succumbing to their whim or eventual secession or armed revolt. Just because those routs are easier and people tend to take the course of least resistance (note, I didn't say "better" just easier or at least perceived so than trying to fix what we have). I think that most of the people we need in office are out in the world busting hump to try to make a decent living for their families.

We used to educate kids on our political system enough that they actually had some idea of what kind of government we had and how we could work to change it. I doubt that even half could identify what form of government we have now even on a multiple choice test. You are right. There is a LOT of work that needs to be done. I just seriously wonder if we can still pull it off as a nation. The best hope I see right now is that people are finally getting pissed off enough that they ARE starting to do something.

Chief Instructor said...

suek, great suggestions. Knowing how to recall the incumbents would be great knowledge.

Re: Voter verification - I know that right now, there is no verification. In fact, the law says you cannot ask for verification (absolute insanity).

At the elections we just had, I saw on my voter form that it said to bring that to the polling place.

I purposely left it at home. When I got to the polls, I gave them my name. One of the guys asked for ID, and I said, "No". The supervisor came scurrying over and told him that he could not ask that question.

I sure as hell will not be ID'd if illegal aliens aren't ID'd.

Andrea, isn't that simply amazing? I listened to a San Francisco radio station last night and the host was very calmly and clearly explaining why this was such a great idea, and how, since WE KNOW parents won't teach this stuff to their kids, that it falls on the shoulders of society to do the teaching. It's for the children

The management of the station got a very pointed letter from me this morning...

Groundhog, I know that persoally, I could never run for public office. I was a "wild thing" in my 20's, and it would be too easy to discredit what I was saying with ad hominen attacks.

Plus, I speak too plainly - my PC gene must be defective!

But I can sure as hell be behind the scenes doing what I can to get good people elected.

Education: My wife is a 5th grade teacher in a private school. It is awesome how much real history and civics they get taught.

Kids in our public schools are clueless. No idea about what a democracy means, what a republic means (and which one the US is) or how the Constitution is SUPPOSED to work.

Keep 'em dumbed-down, and they are very pliable and compliant...

I, too, wonder if it's too late. We may be so far down the road that only a full-on crash/rebellion/revolution gets this fixed. I really don't know.

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party was set up by the Democrats who linked arms and walked from one building to the capitol building. But with cameras rolling for the grand march nothing happened!! So the congressmen took the underground passage back to the other building so they could again walk amongst the Tea Party. You all saw it. The "black leaders" walked as close as they could to the crowd one even holding up his camera to capture something, anything. But again nothing happened so one of the "black leaders" decided he needed to "deem" that someone made racial slurs. After all if there are no racists in the tea party then lets make believe there are and the popular media will go along with it. Before Nov 2nd this name calling will get a lot worse. Now they are trying to make hay out of some sign carried during a tea party showing Pelosi with a Hitlers mustache. Go ahead and google "hitler" and "Bush" and see how many times the Democrats did this to GW. Where were the sensitivities to name calling back then??? This is just the beginning...

Chief Instructor said...

Anon, it was a total scam. It was a walkway full of reporters with recorders and cameras yet somehow not a single one was able to get the "offenses" on tape. Really?

Congress has a penchant for holding hearing - why don't they hold a hearing and ask those congressmen - under oath - to say what happened and to name their assailants?

But they're too smart for that. They know that they don't need to expose themselves to lawsuits, censure or ridicule by doing so. The merely need to make the assertion, and race baiting organizations such as the NAACP will run with it. The Government Scribes (the press) will gleefully print it up and the pundits will thoughtfully wring their hands and ask why the Tea Partiers hate so much.

They have a world class propaganda machine. Hat tip to 'em. They've got their act together, and a plan of action that is working to a tee.

Anonymous said...

If we are lucky enough that the Democrats lose either/both the house and senate then they way would be open for various congressional committees to investigate some of the shady things that have gone on for the last 18 months (two years by then). I don't want them to take any time away from repealing some of the legislation inflicted on us during this time but I'm sure there will be some time left in their busy schedule. I would also favor a special prosecutor to investigate the presidents unconstitutional coverup of justice dept. corruption and racism. I hope there are some "lions" out there running for office. I am so tired of the flock of "lambs" now known as Republicans.

Chief Instructor said...

Anon, I hope the Repubs win at least one of the houses of congress just so they can stop legislation from making it to the White House. Gridlock is all I'll hope for.

For them to take both Houses, they might be able to repeal Obamacare and other garbage, but I'm don't know if they can realistically do it.

Honestly, I don't yet trust them to do what's right.