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Friday, July 16, 2010

Simple Math

Simple Math

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Anonymous said...

And as usual it is worse then stated. The administration is using Keynesian economics which was never a real economic theory but in fact was a fraud perpertrated by avowed socialist/communist whose intent was to take advantage of cyclical downturns to amass power and change policies. Without the stimulus we would most likely have come out of a cyclical recession sooner. But better then that if they had reduced taxes and created a more stable environment for business we would probably had a full scale recovery. The sad part about keynesian economics is thatsince it delays recovery it allows even more harmful polices to be implemented by the government who can always claim we need more of the distasteful medicine to fix the problem.

MikeH. said...

The really sad part is, the "jobs created" figure is an over-inflated sham put out by the Zero regime. I suppose, in contrast, that means the amount spent per job figure is an under-inflated sham.

I'd ask where the money went but I have a low self esteem condition that is triggered when people laugh at me.

Keep up the good work, Chief.


Chief Instructor said...

Anon, exactly. It is nothing more than not letting a good crisis go to waste - expand government while you have the chance. We just needed to take our lumps and move on.

The financial fix bill is another expansion that will do nothing to correct the structural problems with our "private" banking system. Just like the Obamacare - with its little hidden agendas now coming to light - the same will happen with finance.

American Banking was just nationalized.

Mike, I was listening to the radio yesterday afternoon, and some lady called in about a highway project that was already underway, suddenly had a "Paid for with stimulus dollars" sign attached to it. The municipality took the federal dollars, applied them to the road project, and transferred the road dollars and moved it somewhere else. Obama now says those road jobs are stimulus jobs.

Total scam. And people slurp it right up.