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Monday, June 21, 2010

My Letter To The NRA

Chris Cox
Executive Director

I just received your "explanation" regarding the fire-storm you've been under by NRA members. 

Your explanation was a weak, pathetic attempt at CYA.  Your membership is angry as hell.  You would be well advised to listen - and understand - why we're upset.

In your explanatory letter, you and others attempted to explain that the NRA had no intentions to ever support the Disclose Act.  Nope, not us, how'd you ever get that impression?

You provided a copy of your May 26th letter to Congress, supposedly as proof of this. 

I am writing to express the National Rifle Association's strong concerns with H.R. 5175, the DISCLOSE Act, as well as our opposition to this bill in its current form.

Sorry, but that's not what I got from the letter.  I got the impression that you wanted a special "carve out" for the NRA.  The whole "in its current form" was the clue.

Now, that might make sense to you - after all, you do work for the organization.  What has got us all upset is that we Americans are NOT single issue people.  We care about each and every right of ours that gets trampled.  Since you jumped into the First Amendment fray, we don't expect you to act like a typical politician and only protect your little slice of America.  We expect you to stand up for all Americans - NRA members or not.

If you truly had no intentions of getting a special exemption from Congress, as soon as it was reported that this was being considered, you should have IMMEDIATELY issued another press release stating that you didn't support ANY version of the bill that would restrict the 1A rights of any American - including NRA members.

Instead, you waited 3 weeks and issued this pathetic attempt at damage control.

Be clear:  If you EVER pull a stunt like this again - sacrifice any American right so that the NRA can retain it - you will be down at least one more member.  I'm guessing by the panicked tone of your email letter that a number of members have already pulled the plug.

Remember that next time.

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MikeH. said...

Bravo Sir... Bravo!!!

I can't help but believe a management change is in order, starting with LaPerrie and Cox.

It appears to me that the NRA, under their direction, has moved out of the gun rights advocacy business and into the roll of a MONEY advocacy business. And, it has become too comfortable a position for certain management members.

The NRA needs to get back to basics with a backbone.


Joseph said...

CI, if you mentioned it elsewhere please forgive me lapse of memory however is there a reason you are a NRA member vs GOA? Or do you do both? Maybe something about strength in numbers?

Chief Instructor said...

Mike, yeah, they are getting too "cutesy" and playing politics. They need to listen to their membership - these half-measures are unacceptable.

Joseph, I'm a member of both. I think the NRA does an exceptional job when it comes to gun safety education and promotion. The NRA-ILA is weak and watery on 2A rights. They need to have a stance much more akin to the GOA.

Anonymous said...

I am one who has already pulled the plug; the guy on the phone did not even ask why.